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贝斯特寒假初二下英语测试题 班级 姓名 成绩

一、基本词汇 6、Please -------- the lights when you leave the classroom 1、收集( ) 2、公共的 ( ) 3、是否( ) A turn up B turn off

4、获胜( ) 5、录音机 ( ) 6、打败 ( ) 7、You will find the post office -------- the road 7、在······之中( ) 8、几乎不( ) A in the end of B at the end of

9、庆祝( ) 10、孤独的( ) 8、Helen enjoys playing tennis rather than ------- 二、 基本词组 A to swim B swim

1、收拾 ( ) 2、一直( ) 9、Mother didn’t go to bed ------- she comes back 3、小心 ( ) 4、连接. ( 5、发生. ( ) 6、其余的. ( 7、重播 ( ) 8、面对面的( 9、叫醒 ( ) 10、除······之外( 三、基本句型及交际用语 1、他对各种昆虫都非常感兴趣。 He ---- --------- ------ all kinds of insects. 2、他们的学校与我们的不同。 Their school ------ ---------- ------- ours. 3、真遗憾! That’s ------ ------- 4、她用太多的时间打扮自己。 She spends ------ ----- time in dressing herself! 5、结果,他在这次考试中没有及格。

-------- ------- ----------, he failed in the exam. 四、单项选择 1、What will you do if it ------ tomorrow?

I’ll stay at home and watch the game on TV. A rain B rains 2、Don’t keep the boy ------- in class. A stand B standing 3、Congratulations you on ------ the football match ! A beating B winning 4、-------- your pronunciation when you read the words A Look out B Look out for 5、Don’t keep them ----- for long A wait B waiting

) ) ) ) Thank you

A while B as soon as

10、Do you feel like --------- or shall we go by bus? I prefer to walk, but we have -------- a taxi, for time is short. A walking; to take B to walk ; take 五、句子翻译



2、我们不应该将所有的时间都用在自己的爱好上。 ______________________________________________ 3、他的腿怎么了?

________________________________________? 六、用方框内所给词的适当形式填空 1、-----What could you like to do __________ the month? ----- To watch football games.

2、I’m sorry I _________ much of your time just now.

3、When Henry was young, he __________________ painting.

4、Mary was _______________ her bedroom when Linda called her this morning. 5、My friends help me with my English _______________ .

6、It’s seven o’clock. Please _____________ the radio. I want to listen to the news.

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