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湖北省孝感市孝南区肖港初级中学2012-2013学年七年级英语上册 Unit 5练习题

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Unit 5练习卷


1.My father doesn’t like playing tennis.(改为肯定句)

My father _______ _______ tennis. 2.Our school has a chess club.(对画线部分提问)

_______ _______our school _______?

3.Thm has a gold watch.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ Tim _______ a gold watch?

4.I play sports every morning.(改为否定句)

I _______ _______sports every morning.

5.There are old bikes under the tree.(改为单数)

There_______ _______ old _______ under the tree.

二、填词补全对话。 Li Lie: __6__me, Tom. Do you have__7___ eraser? Tom :Sorry. I __8__. Li Lei: Do you think David __9__one? Tom: I think so. You can ask ___10___.

6. _______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______ 10. _______


My name is Tony. I 11 two good friends at school. They 12 Ann and Paul. We are good 13 . We all like (喜欢) sports. Ann is a girl. She likes playing tennis very much. She thinks (认为) it is 14 . She often 15 tennis after school. And she 16 play it very well. Paul is 17 . He likes playing basketball very much. He thinks it is fun. He doesn’t like playing tennis and he thinks it is 18 . I like playing tennis, 19 I like playing basketball, too (也) . We play sports 20 .

( )11.A. have B. has C. am

( )12.A. is B. am C. are

( )13.A. boys B. girls C. students

( )14.A. interesting B. boring C. difficult


( )15.A. play B. plays C. playing

( )16.A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t

( )17.A. boy B. a boy C. a girl

( )18.A. boring B. easy C. relaxing

( )19.A. but B. and C. /

( )20.A. everyday B. every day C. day


21. _______ (do) Jim have a soccer ball?

22.Ed often_______ (watch) basketball games on TV.

23.My brother_______ (have) a great sports collection.

24.I like _______ (play) sports very much.

25.Lucy wants_______ (go) to the park.


I have an uncle. He likes soccer ball, baseball, volleyball, basketball and m 26 . He p 27 baseball and basketball very well. He often watches sports games o 28 TV. He plays sports every day. He often says (说) , “Let’s play?”He joins (加入) t 29 clubs: basketball club and baseball club. He has 12 tennis r 30 , 10 baseballs, 3 volleyballs, 2 basketballs and one soccer ball.

26.m_______ 27.p_______ 28.o_______ 29.t_______ 30.r_______


Hello, everyone. My name is Jack. I’m a middle school student. I am a soccer fan (迷) . I play soccer after school every day. My father is a soccer fan, too. He plays soccer very well. I like playing soccer with my father very much. We have a great collection of 15 soccer balls. But my mother and my sister don’t like soccer. They only watch TV at home. They say many TV programs (节目) are very interesting.

( )31.What sport do Jack and his father like?

A. B. C.

( )32. _______ plays soccer very well.

A. Jack B. Jack’s father C. Jack’s mother

( )33.Does Johnson play soccer with his father?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. We don’t know.


( )34.How many () soccer balls do Johnson and his father have?

A. Many. B. 15. C. We don’t know.

( )35.Do Jack’s mother and sister play soccer?

A. Yes, they do. B. We don’t know. C. No, they don’t.


( )36.—Let’s play ping-pong.


A. No, I don’t B. That sounds interesting C. OK! It’s boring

( )37.—_______ your father have a car?

—Yes, he _______.

A. Does; do B. Do; does C. Does; does

( )38.They don’t have _______ color pencils, but I have _______.

A. some; some B. any; some C. some; any

( )39.He likes soccer, hut he doesn’t _______ it on TV.

A. look B. play C. watch

( )40.Let’s stay at home and _______ computer games.

A. plays B. to play C. play

( )41.Mr. Black doesn’t like the lecture (演讲) . It is _______.

A. interesting B. boring C. relaxing

( )42.His sister _______ have a volleyball. But she _______a basketball.

A. don’t; have B. doesn’t; has C. doesn’t; have

( )43. _______ that man _______two baseballs?

A. Do; have B. Does; have C. Does; has

( )44.I play _______ basketball with my classmates after school.

A. the B. a C./

( )45.We need one ping-pong ball and two _______.

A. ping-pongs bats B. ping-pongs bat C. ping-pong bats

八、句型转换。 46.We have a big TV in our house. (对画线部分提问)


47.Kate has some money in her pocket. (改为否定句)


48.My father watches TV every day. (改为一般疑问句)


49.Gina doesn’t play golf with her friends every day. (改为肯定句)


50.brother, a, have, ball, Peter’s, tennis, doesn’t(连词成句)




Football is a very popular game in China. There are eleven 51 in a team. Many young people like it. Yu Lei is a middle school student. He is 52 at football. Tomorrow is Sunday. There is 53 to do. So he wants to 54 a football game. He would like Nick to go 55 him. Nick is 56 America. He is good at football, too. He likes 57 football games very much. 58 he says the American football is 59 ours. It’s not round. The football in China has 60 name, in English it’s soccer.

( )51.A. balls B. play C. players D. games

( )52.A. fun B. good C. bad D. exciting

( )53.A. anything B. nothing C. something D. everything

( )54.A. have B. take C. play D. watch

( )55.A. before B. behind C. with D. for

( )56.A. leave B. in C. from D. for

( )57.A. taking B. watching C. playing D. teaching

( )58.A. But B. And C. So D. Then

( )59.A. like B. different from C. far from D. the same to

( )60.A. another B. other C. others D. one another


David loves sports. He does some sports every day. After school on Mondays, he goes running with some friends for about half an hour. Then he goes swimming before he goes home for dinner. He also plays in his school team. On Wednesday he plays football at school and on Friday evening he plays in the table tennis team. On Saturday and Sunday morning he goes swimming again. He also rides to school every day except Sunday. On Sunday afternoon, he does his favorite sport— sleeping.

( )61.When does David do some sports?

A. On Monday B. On Sunday C. Every day D. Everynight

( )62.What does he do before dinner on Monday?

A. Going swimming. B. Playing tennis.

C. Playing football. D. Reading some books.

( )63.When does he go swimming?

A. On Monday. B. On Saturday. C. On Sunday. D. All above.

( )64. _______, he doesn’t ride to school.

A. On Monday B. On Wednesday C. On Sunday D. Saturday

( )65.What does Paul love?

A. Sports. B. His family. C. His school. D. His friends.






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