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1. (sb’s) attempt to do企图做某事

2. 2. sense of humour 幽默感

3. 3. on the/one’s way to在?的路上

4. 4. present the lecture 开讲座

5. 5. know sth. by heart 记住

6. 6. lead sb. to (some place) 把某人带到?

7. 7. join in? 参与某事

8. 8. be in trouble 遇到麻烦

9. 9. at the wheel 开车

10. 10. offer to do sth.主动提出做某事

11. 11. consider sb a genius认为某人是天才

12. 12. drive sb (to some place)开车送某人(去某地)

13. 13. in the audience在观众席上

14. 14. it’s a/one’s pleasure to do sth 做某事是 一件愉快的事情

15. 15. pay no attention to (doing) sth不注意,不留意

16. 16. side by side 并排,肩并肩

17. 17. be direct with sb. 对某人直率

18. 18. from that day on 从那天起

19. 19. in return 作为回报

20. 20. instruct sb in sth. 教授某人?

1consideration (n.) -- consider (v.)

2. curious (adj.) -- curiosity (n.)

3. humour (n.) -- humorous (adj.)

4. invite (v.) -- invitation (n.)

5. distance (n.) -- distant (adj.)

6. perfect (adj.) -- perfectly (adv.)

7. applaud (v.) -- applause (n.)

8. please (v.) -- pleasure (n.)

9. puzzled (adj.) -- puzzle (n./v.)

名词+动词不定式 部分表示能力、愿望、决定、计划、原因、方式等抽象名词后可以用不定式进一步说明名词的具体内容,如:ability, effort, need, promise, request, chance, hope, plan, with, 等。通常这些名词的同根动词或形容词后也接不定式

Einstein’s attempt to explain how the universe works made him famous.( attempt to do)

His ability to get on with people is his chief advantage.他能和人相处是他的主要优势。(be able to do sth)

I don't trust his promise to come for a visit.我不相信他来访的诺言。(promise to do sth)

Reading A

不定式做定语 当不定式中的动词与所修饰的名词或代词构成动宾关系且动词为不及物动词时,需用“不定式+介词”的结构,这种情况下的介词不能省略。 Eg. I need a pen to write with.我需要一支笔写字。(to write with a pen)

Give me some paper to write on.给我一些纸写字。(to write on some paper)

There are some things to be grateful for.有一些事应该为之表示感激。(to be grateful for some things) ?

疑问词+动词不定式 疑问词who,what,which,when,where,whether,how后可接不定式构成不定式短语,在句中作主语、宾语、表 语等。如:

I don’t know where I can park the car. =I don’t know where to park the car. (做宾语)

I wonder whether I should go there. =I wonder whether to go there. (做宾语) Where to hold the meeting has been decided yet. (做主语)

The problem is how to collect money. (做表语)

经常在这种结构中使用的动词有:consider, decide, discover, explain, find out, forget, hear, know, learn, observe, understand, wonder等。



to attend his wedding?

2. You’. It is a little cold outside.

3. . But he will never give up.

4. to us.

5. a new play.

6. future people will live on the moon.

7. zoo by subway this


8. .

9. 10. you in English.


1. We all think Edison was a 天才)。

2. When we talk about the (宇宙), we mean the sun, the moon, the

earth and the space between them.

3. 好奇心) drove him into the cave to see what happened.

4. (站台) should I go?

5. I shared a 曲奇饼干) with my brother.


1. Einstein’s driver was a man (call) Han.

2. He received lots of (invite) to talk about his ideas about the


3. We should tell the (true), we ought not to tell the lie.

4. It is a (please) to talk with you.

5. Han enjoyed (drive) Einstein very much.

6. To my surprise, he gave me a painting 二、完成句子

1. 我们必须把课文背诵下来。

We must the passage .

2. 我们去旅游的时候是爸爸开车的。

Our father was when we went traveling.

3. 她没有注意她父亲的说话。

She her father’s words.

4. 他决定从那天起认真学习英语。

He decided that he should work hard at

English 5. 他们喜欢晚饭后肩并肩地散步。

They like to take a walk after supper.

6. 他帮助我学生英语,作为回报,我帮助他学习数学。

He helped me with my English. I helped him with



1. Kate would like to instruct me English after school.

A. with B. in C. for D. by

2. It was that all of us want to see it again.

A. such a wonderful film B. so wonderful film

C. so a wonderful film D. such wonderful film

3. Eight a lucky number in China.

A. considers B. is considered C. is considering D. considering

4. Mr Green is extremely strict teacher.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

5. ---My watch doesn’t work. Could you repair it, please.

---Sorry. But the workers in that shop may be A. polite B. friendly C. clever D. helpful

6. This Sunday the whole family go to visit the old lady, but they

are not sure yet.

A. would B. could C. have D. may

7. You are so rude. That is people try not to talk to you.

A. because B. why C. so D. though

8. How much did you on your new bike?

A. take B. cost C. spend D. pay

9. Tom is the first student into the classroom.

A. comes B. to come C. having come D. came

10. The boss got a new driver John.

A. calls B. calling C. is called D. called

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