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一.填空完成句子 (10小题, 每题1分, 共10分)

1.Let’s ________ (have) a piano lesson.

2.I have to ________(help) my sister.

3. I am going _______ (camp) this weekend.

4. Is Eric going to the _____? (音乐会)

5. For ________ (who) is he waiting? --- I don’t know.

6. Harry has soccer___________(train) every day.

7. This evening, I’m going to my________(sister) birthday party.

8. They’re _______ (go) to the dentist soon.

9. Can you play football______ us this afternoon?

10. I have ____________ (太多) homework this weekend.

二, 选择题 (20小题, 每题1分, 共20分)

( )1. Holly likes to play ___ piano, and her brother likes to play __soccer.

A. the, the B. 不填, the C. the, 不填 D. 不填, 不 ( )2________ today? It’s Monday the 14th.

A. What B. When C. What’s D.When’s

( )3. I study _____ my science test____ Thursday afternoon.

A. at; on B. on; for C. for; in D. for; on

( ) 4.Would you like ________ cake?

A. other B. the other C. another D. others

( ) 5.Mary is fishing with her grandpa ____________.

A. whole day B. whole the day C. the whole day D. the all day

( ) 6. I’m free _________22:00 tonight.

A. at B. till C. / D. on

( ) 7. Today is my birthday. Please _____ to my house for the party.

A. come on B. come out C. come over D. come in

( )8、Thank you for _____ me to your party.

A. invite B. invites C. inviting D. to invite

( ) 9--- Can you go shopping with me?

--- I’d love to, but I ____________. I have much work to do.

A. am not B. can C. can't D. don’t

( ) 10. --- Do you plan to take a vacation this month?

--- Yes, we ________ to Hainan and ______ here for a week.

A. go, stay B. going, staying C. are going, stay D. are going, staying Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

( )11、I was born ____ the morning of March 18th , 199l.

A. In B. On C. Of D. at

( ) 12.Bob can't come out to play because he ____help Dad in the garden.

A. can B. can't C. have to D. has to

( )13. We have a ________ day.

A. real busy B. really busy C. busy really D. busy real

( )14. He can go with you, but I ________.

A. am not B. can’t C. don’t D. not

( ) 15. --Happy Birthday, Mary. --_____.

A. The same to you. B. Thanks a lot. C. You, too. D. Me, too.

( ) 16. ---What day is it today? ---_________________.

A. It’s Sunny B. It’s Monday

C. It’s Monday the 1st D. It’s June 2nd

( )17. -Would you like a cup of coffee? ----________.

A. No, I don’t want B. No, thank you C. I don’t like it D. I wouldn’t

( ) 18. It is June 24th and ______ is June 26th.

A. tomorrow B. today

C. the day before yesterday D. the day after tomorrow

( ) 19. It’s________.

A. May 1st, at six, Friday B. at six, Friday, May 1st

C. Friday, May 1st, at six D. May 1st, Friday, at six

( )20. What’s the date today?

A. It’s Friday B. It’s Monday the 1st C. It’s June 2nd D. at six o’clock

三. .根据要求完成句子。(11小题,每题2分, 22分)

Can you come to my party on Sunday?

1.____________________________________. (肯定回答)

2.____________________________________.(否定回答) 划线提问)

_______ _______ he _______ us? 划线提问)

________ ______ the party?







8. Did you enjoy yourself at the party last weekend? (同义句) Did you _______ _______ at the party last weekend?

9. 来加入我们吧!


10. Mark can leave here.

______________________________ . (否定句)

______________________________? (一般疑问句)

11. 星期天, 他必须去学校。


四. 完形填空 (10小题,每题2分, 共20分)

Eliza comes England. She’s fourteen. She’s in China with her family now. She is a student Middle School. She likes her school and all of her classmates. She thinks they are very friendly to her. She likes Chinese, . But she ’t like to late.

In the evening she does

( ) 1. A. from B. in C. of D. with

( ) 2. A. in B. of C. at D. with

( ) 3. A. either B. too C. also D. and

( ) 4. A. can B. is C. can’t D. doesn’t

( ) 5. A. in B. of C. at D. every

( ) 6. A. of B. for C. in D. at

( ) 7. A. be B. is C. am D. are

( ) 8. A. one’s B. her C. she D. his

( ) 9. A. go B. is go C. goes D. want

( ) 10. A. sad B. good C. well D. happy

五 阅读理解 (5小题, 每题3分, 15分)

Dear Carolyn,

I’d love to see you next week, but I’m very busy. I’m stressed out! I have to study for my English test on Monday night. I’m going to the

dentist on Tuesday, and you have to see the dentist on Wednesday. My mother’s having a party on Friday, so I have to help her with that. What are you doing on Thursday? I’m not busy that day. Are you working in the afternoon? Can we talk on the phone or listen to CDs? Call me! 阅读短信,判断正(T)误(F)

( )1. David can’t see Carolyn on Monday night.

( )2. David has to see the doctor on Wednesday.

( )3. Dave’s mother is free on friday.

( )4. Dave is free on Thursday.

( )5. David wants to listen to CDs with Carolyn.

六 Writing (Andy邀你下个星期去他家,但你因有事无法参加,请你写

封信辞谢) ( 13分)

Dear Andy,











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