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湖北省孝感市孝南区肖港初级中学2012-2013学年七年级英语上册 Unit 7练习题

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Unit 7练习题


1.Tom likes this g _______T-shirt, but I like blue one.

2.The dress is very s _______, I want a big one.

3.I want a pair of I_______ pants, these pants are short.

4.—What color is the sweater?

—It’s w _______.

5.—Is that y _______ backpack yours?

—No, my backpack is black.


A: Can I help you?

B: (6) ____________________________

A: What do you want?

B: (7) ____________________________

A: What color do you like?

B: (8) ____________________________

A: Sorry. We don’t have green pants.

B: Do you have black pants?

A: Yes, we do. (9) ____________________________

B: How much are they?

A: (10) ____________________________

B: OK I’ll take them.


11.—How much is the bag?

—It’s_______(19) dollars.

12.We have good skirts for_______(12) dollars.

13. _______(谁的) store can I buy a red dress in?

14.We have pens at a very good _______(价格).

15.Lucy_______(买) school things at Huaxing Store every week.


16.We have skirts _______ red, orange and green.

17.The trousers are on sale_______ 45 dollars.

18. _______ girls, there are good skirts in our store.

19.—Do you have shoes _______ sports?

—Yes, we do.


20.Where can I buy clothes _______ a good price?


21.What is the price of the oranges?

_______ _______ are the oranges?

22.What can I do for you?

Can _______ _______ _______?

23.I didn’t have money to buy the computer.

I_______ _______ the computer.

24.We have green shoes and yellow ones at the store.

We have bags _______ _______ ______________ at the store.

25.We sell shoes for 2 yuan each at the clothes store.

You can _______ shoes _______ the price of 2 yoan each at the sports store.

六、完成对话。 A: 26 I help you? B: 27 , 28 .I 29 a skirt. A: 30 31 do you want?

B: Red. A: 32 you are. B: 33 34 is it?

A: 15 dollars. B: 35 36 37 . Thank you. A: 38 39 40 .

26. _______ 27._______ 28. _______ 29. _______ 30. _______

31. _______ 32._______ 33. _______ 34. _______ 35. _______

36. _______ 37._______ 38. _______ 39. _______ 40. _______


( )41.—The clothing is______________ sale, so it’s______________.

—Let’s. go and see.

A. for; dear B. on; dear C. on; cheap

( )42.—How many students are there in your class?

—We have _______ students in our class.

A. fourty-four B. four-fourty C. forty-four

( )43.—Can I help you?

—_______. I want a pencil.

A. Thank you B. You’re welcome C. Yes, please

( )44.—Thank you very much.


A. Here you are B. Not thanks C. You’re welcome

( )45.—How much_______ the pants?


—_______ twenty yuan.

A. is; It’s B. are; They are C. is; They are

( )46.—What_______ do you need?

—Black and white.

A. socks B. pants C. color

( )47.—Do you know the girl _______green?

—It is my cousin.

A. in B. at C. on

( )48.—The dress is very cheap, I will _______it.

—Here you are.

A. buy B. like C. take

( )49.—We have socks _______ all colors _______$ 2 each.

A. at; in B. in; at C. at; at

( )50.Please come to the computer and see ______________ yourself.

A. in B. at C. for


Near my house there is a store—Walmart. It’s big and there’re 51 of things in it. If you want to 52 some apples, oranges, bananas and pears, you can come to 53 house. Most of them are very 54 .Apples are 55 6 yuan one kilo. Oranges are just 3 yuan one kilo. But 56 are very expensive. 57 are 15 yuan one kilo. But if you buy two kilos of strawberries, you can 58 25 yuan. Every day all kinds of fruits are on 59 . Come and get some fruits for 60 .

( )51.A. lots B. lot C. many

( )52.A. sell B. buy C. sale

( )53.A. vegetable B. fruits C. meat

( )54.A. expensive B. cheap C. dear

( )55.A. only B. always C. often

( )56.A. strawberries B. orange C. tea

( )57.A. It B. They C. This

( )58.A. get B. sell C. pay

( )59.A. get B. sale C. sell

( )60.A. you B. your C. yourself


Hello, everyone! Welcome to Lucy’s Clothes Store. We have skirts in all colors. They’re very cheap. Please have a look at this red one. It’s only $ 10. We also have socks in five clolrs for $ 5 each, red, blue, black, green and white. Do you need pens for school? We have great pens for only $ 2. Thank you.

( )61.How much is the skirt?

A. $ 5. B. $ 10. C. $ 2. D. $7.


( )62.How much is a pair of socks?

A. $ 10. B. $ 2. C. $ 5. D. $ 5.

( )63.I’ll buy a pen and a pair of socks. How much are they?

A. $ 2. B. $ 5. C. $ 10. D. $ 7.

( )64.What does the store sell?

A. Skirts. B. Socks. C. Pens. D. A, B and C.

( )65.Do they have white skirts?

A. Yes. B. No. C. Yes, I do. D. I don’t know.

十、句型转换。 66.These pants are 35 yuan. (对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ are these pants?

67.Can I help you? (改为同义句)

_______ can I _______ for you? 68.She likes blue. (对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ does she like? 69.I want a cup of tea. (对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ you want?

70.How much is this T-shirt? (改为同义句)

_______the _______ of this sweater?


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