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Module 6 A trip to the zoo Unit 1 Does it eat meat 七年级上册

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Module 6 A trip to the zoo
Unit 1 Does it eat meat ?

上课教师: 黄宁妃

2 Listen and check (√)the words you hear in Activity 1

bear elephant giraffe lion √ monkey panda tiger zebra zoo

The bears eat meat.
A: Does the bear eat meat? (熊吃肉吗?) B: Yes, it does. A: Does the giraffe eat bamboo(竹子)?

B: No, it doesn’t .

A: Does the elephant eat
plants(植物)? B: Yes , it does.

A: Does the lion eat plants(植物)? B: No, it doesn’t. It eats meats.

重 点 短 语

来自·· ·· come from many kinds of 许多种类 such as 比如 What about ··好吗 ·· 也;而且 also 看 look at 我们走·· · Let’s go 在··前面 ·· in front of over there 在那边 look 看 也 too (被)叫做 called

They come from many different countries and they eat different food 他们来自许多不同的国家,吃的食物也各不相同。

难 点 句

Shall we go and see them? 我们去看熊猫吧? Can you see Lingling ? 你能看见玲玲吗?
She’s the black and white animal over there. 她是那边那只黑白相间的动物。 Is there a panda called Tony? 有名字叫做托尼的熊猫吗?

After listen, please answer the question.

1.Do lions eat meat ?
Yes, they do.

2.Do bears meat ?
Yes, they do.

3.Does elephant eat meat ?
No, it doesn’t. It eat plants .

4.Do pandas eat plants ?

Yes ,they do . Bamboo is their favourite food.

3 Now complete the table P-37 Animals
Lions Bears Elephants Pandas

Things they eat
meat meat, plants plants plants and bamboo

4 Underline the correct words P37
There are (1) other / many animals from different (2) country /countries in Beijing Zoo, (3) such /which as bears ,giraffes and pandas . The lions are (4) funny /dangerous, because they eat meat. The bears eat meats ,but also (5) plants /leaves. Elephants are (6) different /cute .They’re (7) tall / white and eat (8)plants /meat. Pandas are black and white and eat (9) bamboo /other animals. The (10) panda’s/guide’s name is Lingling.

1.学习了动物 名称的单词。 2.Does ·· ·eat meat 句型。 3.学习了课本 P36-3 的短文.

Protect animal duty
of everyone!


Homework 1.背课本P36 -1 单词 2.读熟课本P36-3 课文 3. 完成课本P37-4

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