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6.country _____7.tooth______8.mouse_______9.boy_______ 10.foot_______

11.map______12.bag______13.bus______14.tomato_______ 15.baby_______

16.goose_____17.wolf______18.leaf_______19.potato_______20.watch______ 21pencil-box______22wife_______23Sunday______24.city_____25.dress____

26. Englishman_____27.match ___28.Chinese ________29. zoo _______

30 exam____31German _____32. house _____33. village ______

34. map ____35.policeman_____36. brush __37 family ____38. bus _______





58.photo_____59.piano______60.tomato_____61.Knife______62.thief_______ II.名词所有格练习(1分)

1. Mary的爸爸_____________2.Jack的家庭______________


5.These rooms are__________________. (露希的和莉莉的)


1. How many________ (sheep) are there on the hill?

2. There is some________ (food) in the basket.3. The baby has only two________ (tooth) now.4. There is a lot of________ (water) in the bottle.

5. There are five________ (people) in his family.6. Let's take________ (photo), OK?7. I have lots of________ (tomato) here.8. The________ (leaf) on the tree turn yellow.9. The_______ (child) are playing games on the playground now.

10. Their________ (dictionary) look new.

11. I see you have a few white________ (hair).

12. They are________(woman) doctors.

13. Can you give me some bottles of ______ (orange), please?

14. There are many________ (fox) in the picture.

15. I would like some apple_______ (juice). I am very thirsty.

IV. 阅读理解,根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。

There are forty-two students in our class. There are also two American boys. They are Jack and Mike. They are our good friends. They like watching TV, but they don't like playing basket-ball .They often go to school by bike. And I often go to school on foot. There is one English girl in our class. Her name is Lucy. She likes playing basketball and she also likes swimming. She usually does her homework in the evening. She often watches TV on Saturday afternoons. She is my good friend. All of the Chinese students are Yong Pioneer.

( )1、There are thirty-nine Chinese students in our class .

( )2、There are two American girls and one English boy in our class .

( )3、Jack and Mike are our good friends .

( )4、Jack and Mike like playing basketball .

( )5、Luck often does her homework on Saturday afternoons

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