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初一下册Unit 4语法总结

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七年级英语Unit 4 I want to be an actor人教新目标版


一. 教学内容:

Unit 4 I want to be an actor

二. 语言功能:Talk about jobs. 谈论职业

三. 目标语言:

1. What do you do? I’m a reporter.

2. What does she/he do? She/He is a doctor.

3. What do you want to be? I want to be an actor.

4. What does she/he want to be? She/he wants to be a bank clerk.

5. Where do you work? I work in a hospital.

6. Where does she/he work? She/He works in a school.

7. Why do you want to be a newspaper reporter? Because it’s an interesting job.

8. Why does she /he want to be a policewoman/policeman?

Because it’s an exciting job.


1、 询问某人从事什么职业的句型有:

① What + is / are + sb? ② What + does/ do + sb + do?

③ What + is/ are + 名词所有格/ 形容词性物主代词 + job?

如:What is Mary?=What does Mary do?=What is Mary’s job?

What does he do? = what is he? = what is his job?

What do you do ?= what are you?= what is your job?


What do /does +sb.+want to be ?

如:What does your sister want to be?你姐姐想从事什么职业?

She wants to be a nurse.她想当一名护士。

3、 People give me their money or get their money from me.人们把钱给我,或者是从我这取钱。

4、 Sometimes I work in the day and sometimes at night.有时我白天工作,有时晚上工作。

5、 I like talking to people.我喜欢与人交谈。

6、 I work late. I’m very busy when people go out to dinners.我工作到很晚。当人们去外面吃饭时我非常的忙。

7、 Where does your sister work? 你姐姐在哪工作?

8、Then we have a job for you as a waiter.那么我们有份服务员的工作给你。

9、 Do you want to work for a magazine? Then come and work for us as a reporter.你想为杂志社工作吗?那么请来我们这作记者吧。

10、 Do you like to work evenings and weekends?你喜欢晚上和周末工作吗?

11、 We are an international school for children of 5-12.我们是一所招收5至12岁的孩子们的国际学校。

五. 重点单词和词组

1. 关于职业的名词 (jobs)

actor 演员 assistant 助理,助手 shop assistant 店员 doctor 医生 reporter 记者 policewoman 女警察 policeman 警察 waiter 服务员(waitress)

bank clerk 银行职员 police警察 nurse 护士 coach 教练 student 学生 teacher 教师 lawyer 律师 worker 工人 farmer 农民 runner 跑步选手 singer 歌唱家,歌手 writer 作家 driver 司机 president scientist painter robber driver coach dancer engineer工程师 computer programmer计算机程序员 airline pilot飞行员

professional basketball player职业篮球队员 cleaner清洁工 cook厨师

editor 编辑 diplomat 外交官 salesman(woman) 售货员 soldier士兵

policeman--policemen woman doctor-- women doctors thief-----thieves

例题 (1) The police _______ very hard.

A. work B. works C. working D. will work

(2) —I don’t know ______ she is.

-- Mrs Smith says she is a shop assistant.

A. where B. who C. what D. how

2. late adj. 迟的,晚的 be late for… 迟到??

She is often late for class. 她上课经常迟到。

I don’t like being late for school. 我不喜欢上学迟到。

adv. 迟的,晚的 一般放在动词后面

I work late every day. 我每天工作到很晚。

Better late than never. 晚做总比不做好。

例题 Mr Zhang is very busy. He often works ______ at night.

A. later B. lately C. late D. early

3. busy 忙的,繁忙的

be busy with sth. 忙于某事 be busy doing sth忙于做某事

I’m busy with my homework. 我忙于做作业。

I’m busy doing my homework. 我忙于做作业。

例题 I’m a teacher, and I’m always very ____ with my work.

A. free B. busy C. lazy D. boring

4. give 给 give sb. sth. =give sth to sb.

Please give me my pen= Please give my pen to me. 请给我钢笔。

5. dangerous 危险的 danger 危险

It’s dangerous to play football on the street. 在街道上踢足球很危险。

6. job可数名词 工作 work不可数名词 工作work with sb /sth与???打交道

He wants to find a good job.他想找一个好工作。

She doesn’t like her work. 她不喜欢她的工作。

例题 We have ______ for you as a teacher.

A. job B. work C. jobs D. a work

7. wear 穿着,戴着 用来表示状态的动词。

I like wearing white shirt. 我喜欢穿白色衬衣。

You must wear your uniform when you are at work. 当你工作时,必须穿制服。 put on 表示动作 穿戴

It’s cold, please put on your sweater. 天冷了,请穿上毛衣。

例题 She likes _____ a red coat.

A. wear B. to wear C. put on D. to put on

8. talk 谈论 及物动词,谈论??

They are talking today’s news. 他们在谈论今天的新闻。

不及物动词 talk to/with sb. 和??谈论 talk about 谈论??

The teacher are talking with his students. They are talking about the jobs.

talk with sb 与某人交谈(侧重与双方)

例题I often talk _____ history_______ my friend.

A. with, about B. about, with C. about, and D. to, and

9. money 钱 不可数名词 用some, much, a little, a lot of 修饰

The man has a lot of money, but he is not happy. 那个人有很多钱,但他并不快乐。 make money 挣钱

The man is out of work, so he can’t make money. 那个人失业了,他不能挣钱了。 例题 My sister is a bank clerk. She counts ______ money every day.

A. many B. a few C. much D. a little

10. as 介词 作为,当作

He works as a reporter. 他担任记者工作。

as 连词,按照

They do as the teacher says. 他们按照老师说的去做。

as…as… 像??一样

I think English is as difficult as math. 我认为英语和数学一样难。

He is as tall as his father. 他和他的爸爸一样高。

11. go out to dinners 出去吃晚餐

Shall we go out to a dinner tonight? 今晚我们出去吃饭好吗?

12. call up 打电话 call sb. up 打电话给??

Please call me up when you begin your work. 当你开始工作时,请给我打电话。

13. get sth from sb 从某人处拿取某物

You can get money from the bank.你可以从银行取钱。

You can’t get the book from me . 你不能把书从我这拿走。

14. work for 在??上班,为??工作

My aunt works for a hospital. 我的阿姨在一家医院上班。

例题(1) The girl wants to work______ a reporter.

A. for B. as C. at D.on

(2) I work ________ a big computer company.

A. for B. as C. in D.on

(3) Please come and work _____ us ______ a nurse.

A. for, as B. as, for C. for, for D. to for

15. in a/the hospital 在医院

in hospital 生病住院

--Where is Mr Green? 格林先生在哪里?

--He is in the hospital. His brother is ill in hospital. 他在医院,他的弟弟生病住院了。 例题 –Where does Mr Green work?

--He works______.

A. in hospital B. on hospital C. in a hospital D. on a hospital

16. work hard 努力工作 study hard 努力学习

17. want 想要

want sth 想要某物 He wants a book.他想要一本书。

want to do sth 想要做某事 She wants to go out.她想去外面。

18. 名词所有格

Tom's 汤姆的 my father's 我父亲的 the students' 学生们的

Lucy and Lily's room Lucy 和Lily的房间(两者共有的东西)

Lucy’s and Lily's rooms Lucy 和Lily的房间(两者各自拥有的东西)

六、Ⅰ、Useful expressions:

1. a shop assistant 一名店员 2. a bank clerk 一个银行职员

3. work in that restaurant 在那间餐馆工作 4. want to be a / an 想成为一个??

5. work with sb. 和某人一起工作;跟某人打交道

6. give me their money 给我他们的钱 7. give sb. sth. 给某人某物

8. get their money from me 从我这儿拿到他们的钱

9. get sth. from sb./sp. 从某人/某地得到某物 12. TV station 电视台

10. wear a white uniform 穿着一套白色制服 11. in the day 在白天

13. talk to sb. 和某人说话 14. meet interesting people 见有趣的人

15. ask them questions 问他们问题 16. ask sb. sth. 问某人某事

17. work late 工作得晚 18. be very busy 非常忙

19. go out to dinners 外出用餐;出去吃饭 20. police station 警察局

21. in a hospital 在一家医院里 22. an exciting/interesting job 一个刺激/有趣的职业

23. a newspaper reporter 一个报社记者 24. work hard努力地工作

25. meet people 与人见面;结交人 27. summer job 暑期工

26. have a job for you as a waiter 有一份做侍者的工作给你

28. talk with sb. 和某人一起谈话 29. write stories 写故事

30. work for a magazine 为一份杂志工作 33. other interesting people 其他有趣的人

31. work for us as a reporter 为我们当记者工作 call sb at + 电话号码 给某人打电话

32. a busy but exciting job 一份忙碌却刺激的工作

34. be in the school play 在校园剧中 35. happy children school 快乐儿童学校

36. an international school for children of 5-12 一个针对5到12岁儿童办的国际学校

37. children of ?(岁数) ??岁的孩子们

38. want a P.E. teacher to teach soccer 想要个体育老师教足球

39. want sb. to do sth. 想要某人去做某事

*40. so many 很多的;如此/那么多的

*41. at the TV studio 在这间电视录音室;在这家电视电影制片厂


1. I want to be an actor. 我想成为一名演员。

2.What does he do? 他是做什么的? He’s a waiter. 他是个服务员。

What do you do ?= what are you?= what is your job?

3.What does Anna’s mother want to be? 安娜的妈妈想成为什么样的人?

She wants to be a policewoman. 她想成为一个女警察。

4 .Sometimes ? 有时,?? I like talking to people.

people give me their money or get their money from me .

5. Where does your sister work? 你姐姐(妹妹)在哪儿工作?

I work late. I’m very busy when people go out to dinners.

I wear a white uniform and I help doctors. .Sometimes I work in the day and sometimes at night.

I meet interesting people every day and ask them questions.

If your answer is “Yes”, then we have a job for you as a reporter

Do you want to work for a magazine? Do you want to work with other young people? We are an international school for children of 5-12


1.wait(等待)--------waiter(侍者) an actor actress

2.people 、clothes 没有单数形式

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