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recorder, use, class A recorder is used in our English class every day.

football, play, world

Football is played all over the world.
use, for, photo Cameras are used for taking photos.

bank, rob yesterday
The bank was robbed yesterday.

satellite,send up, last year
A man-made satellite was sent up into space last year.

send to, hospital, right now

They must be sent to the hospital right now. a talk, give , soon
A talk will be given soon.

hamburger, already, eat up

Thehamburger has been eaten up already.

Football is played all over the world. A camera is used for taking photos. A bank was robbed yesterday.

A man-made satellite was sent up into space last year. The tree must be planted on the ground.

The ground will be covered with trees in a few years’ time.

They will be sent to the hospital right now.
A talk will be given soon. The food has been eaten up already.

被动语态:主语是动作的承受者 。

被动语态的构成:be +vt.p.p. 一般现在时—— am/is /are + v.p.p. 一般过去时—— was/were +v.p.p. 情态动词—— aux.v. (must/can/could /may…) + be + v.p.p. 现在完成时—— have/has +been+ v.p.p. 一般将来时—— will be/be going to be + v.p.p.

1. Many people speak English.
English is spoken by many people. 2. He bought me a new bike yesterday. I was bought a new bike yesterday. A new bike was bought for me yesterday. 3. The boss made him do the heavy work. He was made to do the heavy work.

1. 不及物动词(vi.) 如:happen, take place, appear, dissapear, … happened ?A traffic accident ________(happen) just now. 2. 连系动词(Link.v.) 如:be, look, seem, feel, sound, smell, taste, get, turn, become…

?Peking Opera ________ (sound) beautiful. sounds
3. 当此动词表示事物的自然属性的时候:

?The pen _________ (write) very fast. writes ?This kind of sweater _______ (sell) well. sells

1. Large numbers of plastic bags _________ are used (use) in the supermarkets every day. 2. _____ our country ____(send) up another Did send man-made satellite last year?
3. Must the old people ___________ (speak) be spoken to politely? 4. Her grandma was still alive when he was taken _________ (take) to the hospital. 5. English __________(speak) in many is spoken counties.

6. Three quarters of the world’s books are written ____________ (write) in English.
7. This kind of sweater __________ (sell) sells well. 8. _________ Lesson 50 ___________ Will be taught (teach) next week?

Fill in the blanks using right forms:
1. All the students __________(ask) to bring a kite with them last Sunday. were asked tried 2. Are many ways _______(try) to stop people from cutting down so many trees? 3. —What are on show in the museum? —Some photos _________(take) by American children. taken 4. This coat _________(wash) well. washes 5. Must the old people ____________(speak) to politely? be spoken warned 6. I’m

often _________(警告)not to copy others’ homework. disappeared 7. He couldn’t explain why dinosaurs ___________ (消失). 8. I’ll have my bike __________________(修理) tomorrow. mended/repaired stolen 9. Have you found your necklace ________(偷) last week? founded 10. The PRC was _________(成立) on October 1, 1949.

看图,写一篇以How to Plant a Tree?为题目的短 文,要求内容齐全,上下文连贯,展开合理想象。 词数:60—80。

你们学校附近有一个大图书馆,馆内有各种各样 的书,请你将这个图书馆的要求向你的同学作一 介绍,以便他们去那儿看书时能遵守规则。 1. 不要把包带进图书馆。 2. 看书时保持安静。 3. 一次可借四本书,不能将书转借给别人, 要按时还书。 4. 图书馆每天早晨8:00开门,必须在下午6:00前 离开图书馆。 要求:用英文写一篇60—80词左右的短文。

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