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被动 语态

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Passive Voice



The twin towers were attacked ___________ (attack) in 2001.


have been infected The boy may _______________ (infect) with AIDS.

被动语态结构 am/is/are done 一般现在时 表格:被动态基本结构 was/were done 一般过去时 现在进行时 am/is/are being done



现在完成时 过去完成时

was/were being done shall/will be done would be done have/has been done had been done

Some people attacked the towers S V O

The towers were attacked S V by some people.

Oral practice--1. Change each Oral practice-主动句改被动句 sentence into passive voice:
1)A car knocked him down yesterday. ?He was knocked down by a car…. 2)Two doctors and ten nurses make up the medical team. ?The medical team is made up of…. 3)When I got there, they were cutting up a fallen tree. ?A fallen tree was being cut up….

4)We’ll put on the play next Sunday. ?The play will be put on next Sunday. 5)Workers are building a new teaching building in our school. ?A new teaching building is being built…. 6)They had completed the railway by the end of last year. ?The railway had been completed by the end of last year.

7)We should protect the earth. ?The earth should be protected. 8)You need to paint the wall. ?The wall needs to be painted.

几种特殊结构1.My uncle gave me a gift on my birthday. ?I was given a gift on my birthday. ?I ?A gift was given to me on my birthday. ?A gift

2.We often hear him play guitar. ?He is often heard to play guitar注意: see,watch,hear,notice,feel,make, listen to, look at等动词/短语后作宾语补语的不 定式都不带to;但改成被动语态后必须带to。

We should take care of the old people . The old people should be taken care of.

主动式表被动义 主动式表被动义 B ?The books ____ well. A. were sold B. sell C. have sold D. are being sold
?This kind of cloth ____ easily. C A. has washed B. was washed C. washes D. is washed

?1。动词 (表示主语的属性特征) + 副词 (well/ badly/easily/smoothly),用主动式 表被动义。 read,write,sell,wash,clean,wear,lock, open,cook,shut,dry,eat,drink,…

to eat ?The fish is not fit _______(eat).

?We find Englishis hard to learn _______(learn). to understand ?The article is difficult ___________ (understand).

?2.不定式在某些形容词后作状语,且和句 子的主语(或宾语)构成动宾关系时,用主动式 表被动义。 difficult,easy,hard,fit,pleasant,good, comfortable,light,heavy,safe,…

?I have a lot of homework to do ______(do).

?I’ll give him some books ______(read).

to read

?3.不定式作后置定语,与被修饰的名词构 成动宾关系,又和该句主语(或宾语)构成主 谓关系时,用主动式表被动义。

4表示状态特征的连系动词+adj./n.,用主动 式

表被动义。 表示状态特征的连系动词+adj./n.,用 主动式表被动义。 (look,sound,feel,smell,taste, prove, appear,make,...) ?The steel feels cold. 5 表示“开始、结束、运动”的动词用主动 式表被动义。

(begin,open,start,stop,end,finish,shut, move,run,...) ?The shop opens at 6 am. every day.

6. 作“需要”讲的 want/need/require后接动名词作宾 语时,用主动式表被动义;当然也 可接不定式的被动式作宾语。 ?Your jacket needs washing/ to be washed.

表示主语的属性特征的动词+副词 well/ badly/easily/smoothly,用主 动式表被动义

Quiz 1
C Quiz 1 1. The steel _____ cold.

A. is felt
C. feels

B. was feeling
D. is being felt

2. His plan _____ good. D A. has sounded B. is sounding C. is sounded D. sounds

Quiz 2
A. opens
C. is opened

A ?The shop _____ at 6 am. every day.

Quiz 2

B. opened
D. is opening

B ?Work _____ at 7 pm. today.

A. ends
C. was ended

B. ended
D. had ended

Quiz 3
?The pen ______ smoothly. B

A. was wrote
C. has writing

B. writes
D. is written

?This coat _____ easily. C

A. has washed
C. washes

B. was washed
D. is washed

Quiz 4
washing ?Your jacket needs ________(wash).

?The house requires repairing ________(repair).

Quiz 5
to eat ?The fish is not fit _______(eat).

to learn ?We find English difficult _________ (learn).

Quiz 6
?I have much homework to do ______(do). to give ?I’llread the boy some books _______(read).

Quiz 7
?There are many things to do ______(do). 口语中常用主动式 to be done to blame ?The boy is ________(blame) for what he has done.

2.Correct the mistake(s) in each sentence if any:
1)Two boys hurt while playing a ball. were hurt 2)The singer lived in London until he was sending to university. was sent 3)How long do you think the meeting will be lasted? will last

Correcting mistake

4)A fire was broken out last night. broke out 5)He had to travel by bus as his car was damaged in an accident a few days before.had been damaged 6)The large building that is now built will be a hospital. is now being built

7)Class is begun at 7:30 every day. begins 8)His plan is sounded good. sounds
9)Your coat needs being washed.

to be washed / washing

Multiple choice
B 1.An exhibition of paintings ____ at the museum next week. A.are to be held

B. is to be held
C. are holding D.will hold

2. I’m sorry,sir.Your recorder A isn’t ready yet.It ____ in the factory.
A. is being repaired B. is repaired

C. has been repaired
D. hasn’t been repaired

C 3.Every possible means ____, but none ____ successful.

A. has tried; has proved B.tried; proves
C. has been tried; proves D. is being tried; is proved

4.The question he asked is hard B ____ .

A. for answer
B. to answer C.to be answered

D. answering

5.In warm weather, fruit and A meat ____ long.

A. cannot be kept
B. don’t keep C. mustn’t keep


is not kept

B 6.He received a telegram ____: “Mother ill”. A.written
B. reading C. said

D. writing

7. --Did you hand him the letter yesterday? C --No, I ____ to him.
A. brought it B. took it

C. had it sent
D. carried it

A 8.Alice had a dress ____ last week. A.made
B. make C. to be made

D. to make

9.The teacher couldn’t make him ____ attention to because B the students were so noisy.
A. pay

B. paid
C. to pay D. to be paid

10.--When will the lecture begin?
D --When the students ____. A.have sat

B.sat down
C.will sit D.are seated

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