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《Unit 2 What time do you go to school》课件1(人教新目标)

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Section A(1a-2c)

Aims and language points:
Teaching aims (教学目标) 1.学习时间的表达法,以及如何询问时间。 2. 能熟练使用时间的表达法。 3. 能掌握并使用目标语言What time do you usually …? 来询问对方的作息时间。 4. 能够准确的使用时间表达法以及频率副词usually, never和always来表达自己的日常作息时间安排。 Language points (语言点) 1. 词汇:1)名词n. dress, brush, tooth, shower 2)副词adv. up, usually, never, early 3) 动词 v. dress, brush, shower 4)数词 num. forty, fifty 5)词组 get up, get dressed, take a shower 2. 句型:What time do you usually get up? I usually get up at six thirty.

Warm-up and revision

What time is it?

It’s eight o’clock.

It’s eleven fifteen.

It’s half past three.

It’s twenty to seven.

It’s ten past six.

It’s nine twenty.



to 分钟数超 过30分

past 分钟数不超过 30分

half past

1. 点钟数+分钟数 6:10 six ten 7:25 seven twenty-five
2. 分钟数+past +点钟数(分钟数不超过30分) 6:15 a quarter past six 7:20 twenty past seven 8:30 half past eight 3. 差分钟数 + to +下一点钟数 (分钟数超过30分) 8:45 a quarter to nine 9:50 ten to ten

What do you usually do every morning?

take a shower

get dressed

get up

What do you usually do every morning?

eat breakfast

brush teeth

go to school

1a Match the activities with the pictures

c 1. get up______ d 2. go to school_____ b 3. get dressed_____ f 4. brush teeth______ e 5. eat breakfast_____ a 6. take a shower____

1b Listen and match the times with the actions. Draw lines from the clocks to the pictures.

1c Student A is the interviewer. Student B is Rick. Ask and answer questions
about Rick’s day.

A: What time do you usually take a shower, Rick? B: I usually take a shower at six forty.

2a Listen to the conversation and complete the sentences.

two Jim has ______brothers two and __________sisters. one Jim’s family has _____

2b Listen again. Complete the shower schedule for Jim’s family.

Name Time











A: B: A: B: A: B:

You have a big family. How many sisters and brothers do you have? I have … How many showers do you have? We have … But we have a shower schedule. What time does Bob take a shower? He takes a shower at …

2c Now talk about yourself.

A: What time do you usually …? B: I usually … at … A: I always … at … B: I never … so …

Oral: 1. 朗读并熟记第7页的单词和句子。 2. 背诵2a听力材料。

Written: 抄写第7页的单词和句子。

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