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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练7

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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练7(无答案)


班级______ 学号_______ 姓名________ 成绩________ 家长签字_________


1.慈善步行______________________ 2、需要更多的食物______________________

3、为……训练___________________ 4、完成做某事__________________________

5、支持他们______________________ 6、有意义做_____________________________

7、需要帮助的人___________________ 8、一个残疾人____________________________

9、一个无家可归的人_________________ 10、盲人_________________________________

11、把……组成______________________ 12、给……提供___________________________








( )1. Look! The little boy is standing ______________ to his mother.

A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing

( )2. —Why not go and join the Charity walk? — .

A. It’s a pleasure B. Never mind C. Good idea D. I think so

( )3. The Great Wall is _______________ as the longest wall in the world.

A. know B. known C. knows D. knew

( )4. It’s ___________ of you to help me solve the problem.

A. important B. necessary C. impossible D. kind

( )5. The colour of this book is different from _____________of mine.

A. it B. one C. that D. this

( )6. They were all tired, but ______________ of them stopped working.

A. any B. none C. neither D. no

( )7. —Do you have enough men to carry the clothes? —No. I think we need ____ men.

A. another B. two others C. more two D. two more

( )8.Oxfam Trailwalker______ in Hong Kong every year since 1981.

A. is held B. has been held C. holds D. held

( )9.This school is known_______ a Hope School. A .by B. for C. to D .as

( )10.You can’t finish______ the work even if you keep working without______.

A. do ; sleep B. do ; a sleep C. doing; sleep D. doing ; a sleep 1

( )11. I have no time _____ with you and I have to work hard _____ ready for the exams.

A. to chat; to get B. chatting ; getting C. to chat; getting D. chatting ;

to get

( )12.—Thank you very much for showing me the way to the station.


A You’re welcome B That’s too boring

C That’s right D I’m glad to hear that

( )13. The bridge is too long for us to ____.

A cross B across C cross it D a cross it

( )14. ____ necessary that you get to school on time every day.

A That’s B It’s C This is D You’re

( )15. The computer room should be ____.

A keeping clean B kept cleaning C kept clean D kept cleaned

( )16. ____ is wrong to copy other students’ homework.

A plays B That C It D There

( )17. It is bad for your eyes ____ computer games too much.

A plays B to play C play D to playing

( )18. Although he was a child, he tried to find ways ____ people ____ life more.

A to help, enjoy B help, enjoy

C to help, enjoying D help, enjoying

( )19. —How many members are there in the team?

—Eight this term. But there will be ten ____ next term. I’m not quite sure.

A at all B at last C at least D at once

( )20. —What do you think of tomorrow’s football match?

—____ difficult for us ____ the match.

A We’re, to win B We’re, winning

C It’s, to win D It’s, winning

( )21. — Is your brother a League member?

— Yes, he ____ the League three years ago. He ____ a League member for three


A joined, has been B has joined, has been

C was joined, is D joined, was

( )22. I ____ a newspaper ____ the telephone rang last night.

A. read, while B. was reading, when

C. read, when D.was reading, while ( )23. Jack, I think you _____ finish the work before watching TV.

A. don’t need B. needn’t to C.need D. need to ( )24. I hope you ____ to our house next Sunday. A. to come B. coming C.can come D. must come


( )25. It’s impolite to ________ others. A. learn from B. look down on C. give seats to D. greet


1. The elderly __________ (take) good care of in our country.

2. There are three ________ (toothbrush) in the bathroom.

3. The streets now are ________ (flat) than before.

4.There is much _________ (rain) here in spring.

It is much ________ (rain) here in spring.

Look at the sky, it ____________ (rain) soon.

5.The last train __________ (get) to the station in ten minutes.

6. A trail means a route that ____________ (follow) for a special purpose. 7.Hangzhou is _________ (know) as a beautiful place.

8.Why ______ they _________ (group) into six age groups?

Please work in ___________ (group).

9.I’ve made a __________ (decide) to join the ORBIS.

10.You need ________ (clean) the room.. The room needs __________ (clean).


Mr. Yorkwell was blind when he was seven. He had seen many doctors but none of them could do 1 for him. He could never see the world 2 . Now he has a seeing-eye dog. A seeing-eye dog can help a blind man 3 along the streets. He is called a seeing-eye dog __4 he is the eye of a blind man.

One day, the bus was full of people 5 Mr. Yorkwell 6 the bus with his seeing-eye dog. There were no seats for Mr. Yorkwell at all. He stood 7 so many people before a few bus-stops passed. Then , one man got up and 8 his seat and got off the bus. The dog took little __9 there. The dog began to push the people on each side with his __10 . He pushed and pushed until the people around moved away and there was enough place for 11 people. Mr. Yorkwell sat down and the dog got up on the seat 12 Mr. Yorkwell’s. He lay down and put his head on the blind man’s 13 . Soon he fell asleep. People around were not 14 with him and all 15 at this.

( )1. A. nothing B. anything C. everything D. things

( )2. A. again B. once C. always D. still

( )3. A. run B. jump C. play D. walk

( )4. A. why B. that C. because D. what

( )5. A. when B. while C. before D. since

( )6. A. got off B. got on C. stopped D. waited for

( )7. A. among B. between C. above D. after

( )8. A. took B. started C. lost D. left ( )9. A. house B. seat C. room D. place

( )10. A. teeth B. eat C. eye D. nose


( )11. A. one B. two C. many D. all

( )12. A. under B. above C. beside D. behind

( )13. A. head B. foot C. leg D. back

( )14. A. angry B. sad C. happy D. sorry

( )15. A. spoken B. smiled C. worried D. learned


Bob always took the newspaper to Grandpa White's home last before going home. Grandpa White's was at the end of the road. Bob liked Grandpa White. He was often waiting for him near the front gate with sweets or a nice cake. Besides, he often asked Bob about things he was doing - about what he was going to do for the summer and what he liked to do.

The thing that Bob didn't like about Grandpa was his never-ending stories about his boyhood (童年)in California. Bob never asked to hear about Grandpa's boyhood, but he couldn't get away. After Grandpa's wife died in October, Bob could see that Grandpa was lonelier than ever. He would often join Bob halfway along the road and walk along with him as he gave out the papers. Grandpa seemed to have all day, and Bob often was late getting his papers to his customers (订报者), Bob didn't want to complain (抱怨),but the customers were unhappy.

1. When he took the newspaper to Grandpa White, Bob would often receive______.

A. old newspapers B. sweets or a cake

C. some money D. a paper with questions for him to answer

2. Which do you think is true?

A. Bob lived with Grandpa. B. Grandpa had many stories about his boyhood.

C. Grandpa didn't like to read newspapers. D. Bob took the newspaper to Grandpa first.

53. Bob could do nothing when________.

A. the customers got their newspapers late

B. Grandpa began to tell him about his boyhood.

C. he saw Grandpa feeling lonely

D. Grandpa asked him about the things he was doing

4. The reading mainly (主要) tells us that _______.

A. Bob was still a child. B. Grandpa liked to tell stories

C. the customers sometimes got angry D. lonely people need other people

5. The sentence "Grandpa seemed to have all day" means "_______".

A. Grandpa always seemed to like daytime B.Grandpa liked telling stories to Bob all day.C. Grandpa liked to stay with Bob all the time. D. Grandpa seemed to be lonely all day.l

六、首字母填空 When you go to the seaside,maybe you will find wind very often c 1 from the sea to the land in the early part of the day,but in the evening the wind blows in the o 2 direction.Why does this h 3 ?In the morning, when the sun rises,it begins to warm 4

the land and the sea.The land grows w 4 than the sea. So while the air a 5 the sea is cool, the air over the land r 6 and the cool air from the sea moves t 7 the land. When evening c 8 ,both the sea and the land become cool, but the land cools more q 9 than the sea.The wind now c 10 its direction.

1.c_________ 2.o_________ 3.h_________ 4.w__________ 5.a__________

6.r_________ 7.t_________ 8.c__________ 9.q___________ 10.c___________


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