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1.My father seems _______busy today, so I must help him.

A.be B.to C.to be D.being

2.We_____to the part yesterday afternoon.

A.went B.go C.goes D.goed 3.Do you enjoy photos?

A.to take B. take C.taking D.takes.

4.I didn’t go to the mountains the bad weather.

A.so B.because of C.because D.but

5.I don’t want to go to the museum,it is too _____.

A.relaxing B.boring C.bored D.beautiful

6.Do you have ____to say for yourself?

No,I have ______to say.

A.something ; everything B.nothing ; something

C .verything ;nothing D.anything ;nothing

7.How often do you go shopping ?

_______,I don’t like shopping at all. A .Usually B.Never C.Hardly D .Always

8.Tina often eats junk food ,_______she knows it’s bad for her health .

A.although B.so C.and D.or

9.How many hours do they exercise every day?


A.twice a day B.two C. once D often

10.Please drink some milk ,It’s good ______your health.

A.to B.for C.at D.with

11.My father is healhy ,because he often_______

A.run B.exercises C.plays D.sleeps

12.China is famous ____the Great Wall. A. for B .as C.from D.of

13.She is a ________ girl. A.ten year old B.ten years age C .ten years old D.ten-year-old

14.He is not good at _______a bike.

A .ride B.riding C.to ride D.rides

15.Tom’s parents _______teacher.

A.are all B.are both C.all are D.both are 16.Who is the ______at math,Jim,lucy or Tom? A.good B.well C.better D.best 17.The more you smile,the ___you will fell.

A.happy B.happier C.happily D.more happily 18.Jack runs as as Sam.

A.faster B. fast C.more fast D.fastly 19.The supermarket is the my home,I usually do some shopping in it.

A.closest B.farthst C.closest to D.near

20.It is very important for us ________ more knowledge.

A.learn B.learns C.learning D.to learn 21.The Yellow River is the longest river in China..

A.two B.twice C.second D.twices

22.Jenny is one of ______girls in our school.

A.creative B.the creative C.much creative D.the most creative


23.The Changjing River is ______river in China.

A.long B.longer C.the longest D.ther longer

24. How do you ______your summer vacation?

A.like B.likes C.konw D.think of

25.His hat is similar ________mine.

A.on B.to C.in D.at

26.You are thinner than ___________.

A.mine B.my C.me D.I

27.CCTV—13 often plays _________around the world.

A.new something B.something new C.anything new D.new anything

28.Father often tells me _________too much time on computer games.

A.don’t spend B.not spend C.not to spend D.not spending

29.Remember _________off the lights when you leave the classroom.

A.turn B.to turn C.turning D.turned

30.Could you tell me how _______to Beijing Zoo? Ok,you may take Bus No 27. A.get B.gets C.getting D.to get

31.They are not twins;________,they look the same.

A.however B.because C.but D.as

32.Anna is ________smart_______ everyone likes her?

A.too;to B.enough;to C.enough;that D.so;that

33.I think English is_________

A.more important B.more and more important

C.important and important D.much important

34.He ________soap operas ,He think they’re boring

A.doesn’t stand B.isn’t stand C.can stand D.can’t stand

35.My mother ______me______healthy.

A.want; is B.want; is C.want; to D.wants; to be









五.句型转换。(每小题2分,共10分) 1.Vera visited the Great Wall last Sunday (改为一般凝问句)

______ Vera ______the Great Wall last Sunday?

2.We have a Chinese lesson on Monday、Wednesday、Thursday and Friday. (改为同意句) We have Chinese lessons ______ _____ a week.

3.I think his father is taller than him ) (改为同意句

I think he _____ ______ ______ _____ his father

4.This bike is different from that one(改为同意句)

This bike isn’t the ___ ___that one

5.This pen is cheaper than the other two.(改为同意句) This pen is _____ _______of the three


1. Mary _________(read) a book yesterday.

2.He decided _______(go) there by car.

3. I want to go _________(shop).Would you like to go with me?

4.This story is very __________(interest).

5. How about _________(play)basketball now?

6.Lily is ________(outgoing) than Lucy.

7.She is very funny and often makes me________(laugh).

8.Now only 10 _______(precent) of the people go to bed befor 10 o’clock.

9 .I expect _________(meet) my best friend in the meeting.

10.In the new movie, Jim ________(act) a farmer.


八.作文 (共15分)


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