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7A Unit 1导学案(1)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit1)

课题:Comic ~ Welcome to the unit

课 时 目 标

1. To get to know two comic characters and six students in Sunshine Middle School

2. To learn the greetings of meeting people

3. Self-introduction in English

Important and difficult points:

Vocabulary: oh, e-dog, master

Good morning / afternoon / evening !

I’m … What’s your name? My name is…

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too.

课 前 导 学


1. 当你在下午3点遇到你的朋友,你应该说:

2. 当你向别人介绍自己时,你应该说:

3. 当你与别人初次见面,你应该说:

4. 当你与别人道别时,你应该说:


1. What’s your name?

2. How old are you?

3. What’s the name of your school?

4. What class are you in?

5. Are you happy at school?

6. Do you study English hard?

课 堂 活 动

Step 1 Warming –up activities

1. Self –introduction

Good morning / afternoon /evening, boys and girls!

I’m Mr / Mrs / Miss … / My name is… I’m …years old. I’m your teacher .

2. Lead-in

Use everyday expressions for greetings and introductions .

The teacher asks one student some questions


“ Hi’, I’m…. What’s your name?”

Then ask some students to do it again . (about 4 students )

3. Practice

Let some of the students come to the front, ask and answer in pairs .(about 4 groups )

Step 2 Presentation

1. Introducing six new friends

T: Now you have many new friends .Do you want to make more new friends ? Show pictures on the blackboard .Let the students look at them .

This is Simon. This is -------.

2. Make six masks of the children and go on introducing six children’s names .( Let the students wear the masks and introduce themselves )

Ask six students to come to the front and play six new friends .

The students point to themselves and say ,

“ I’m Simon.” “I’m Amy.” “I’m ….

3. Pair work.

Let students get to know these six new friends and remember them . Practise

greetings in pairs .

Step 3. Greetings

1. Show a clock of different time .Let the students identify the time .

14:35 08:20 22:15 18:10

2. Let the students know when to say

Good morning /afternoon /evening / night

3. Let the students practice greetings at different time

Greet their partners and then introduce themselves

(Ask students to draw pictures of the sun , the moon , the sun set , a sleeping baby , say greetings to each other according to these pictures.)

4. Do written exercises part B on page 7 and then check it .

(write greetings on the book .)

Step 4 Presentation

1. Use a multimedia to let the students watch the cartoon between Eddie and Hobo.

2. Introduction

This is Eddie . This is Hobo . Eddie is Hobo’s master . Hobo is an e-dog .

3. Ask the students

Who is Eddie? (He’s the master .)

Who is Hobo ? ( He’s the e-dog) .

Do you like Eddie ?


Do you like e-dogs ? You can ask your mother to go and buy it for you .

Does Eddie like the e-dog ? How do you know ?

(show a real e-dog ) This is an e-dog . It’s very lovely .

4 . Learn new words

oh, e-dog, master

Step 5 Presentation

1. Let the students watch the cartoon and listen to the talk between Eddie and


2 .Let students read after the tape .

3. Find out the new words of this dialogue . Let the students read them first , then recite and write them down.

Step 6 Practice

Let the students read by themselves .

Recite the dialogue.

Step 7 Acting

Let the students practice in pairs .

Play Eddie and Hobo and act out the dialogue.

课 堂 反 馈


1. 一只电子狗 2. 我的主人

3. 你的名字 4. 读这本书

5. 照顾 6. 一些新朋友


( ) 1. This is _________________.

A. me B. my C. I D. your

( ) 2. --- Hi, Nancy.

--- __________________

A. Good morning, Millie. B. Are you Nancy?

C. Good night! D. Hi, Nick.

( ) 3. ---Are you my master?


A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I’m. C. No, I am. D. No, he isn’t.

( ) 4. Lily meets Jill at 7 a.m. , she should say ______________.

A. What’s your name ? B. Good afternoon.

C. Good morning. D. Good night.

( ) 5. I have _______ new _________ in my new school.

A. a, friends B. an, friend C. some, friend D. many, friends


三、从第II栏中找出与第I 栏相应的答语


( )1. Good evening, Millie. A. Bye-bye.

( )2. Hi, I’m Sandy. B. I’m Mike.

( )3. What’s your name? C. Nice to meet you, too.

( )4. Goodbye. D. Hi, I’m Peter.

( )5. Nice to meet you. E. Good evening.


1. I’m your master. (改成一般疑问句)

___________ _____________ my master?

2. Hello, I’m Simon. (改成同义句)

Hello, ____________ ___________ ___________ Simon. 对划线部分提问)

__________ ___________ __________ name?

4. Read this book. (改成否定句)

___________ read this book.

5. the, I , e-dog, love (连词成句)



A: Good afternoon! B: _________ _____________! A: __________ __________ __________? B: My name is Amy.

A: Are you Eddie’s master? B: No, __________ ___________. A: ___________ dog is it ? B: ___________ Millie’s.

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