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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练6

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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练6(无答案) 牛


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一. 选择题

( ) 1. Some people are not used to ____ before a lot of people.

A speaking B speak C spoken D be spoken ( ) 2. The sky is ___ clear ___ we can see thousands of stars with our own eyes.

A too, to B enough, to C too, that D so, that

( ) 3. The problem is easy ____ for us ____ work out.

A very, to B enough, to C so, that D too, to

( ) 4. Computers are used ____ scientists ____ working out different problems.

A as, by B to, for C by, for D for, to

( ) 5. This kind of machine ____ people clean the floor.

A is used by B used to help C used to helping D is used to help

( ) 6. We don’t know why ____ many students made ____ care less mistakes.

A so, so B so, such C such, so D such, such

( ) 7. You’re ____ smart that I don’t believe you can’t do ____ an easy thing. A such, so B so, such C so, so D such, such

( ) 8. Her voice sounds ____ that she may become a singer.

A such strange B so beautiful C so nicely D too wonderful

( ) 9. —Is there a school in this village?

—____. There used to be one but it closed.

A Yes B I’m not sure C Not now D Of course

( )10. The robber used a knife ____ the back door.

A open B to open C opens D opening

二. 用所给词的适当填空

1. We can help the charities by doing some _________ (volunteer) work.

2. I spend my free time _________ (most) reading novels.

3. I have got some information about ___________ (blind).

4. The doctor had a problem with the ____________ (operate).

5. Are you used to ___________ (get) up early.

6. A terrible accident happen to him yesterday because of his ________ (careless).

7. At last, they had the ___________ (agree).

8. I like to stay at home instead of _______ (invite) to the party at night.

三. 缺词填空

Which animal do we need m_________? Dogs? Horses? No! The a_________ to the question is cows. Why cows? Cows give us milk. And milk is one of our most important k_________ of food.

Suppose(假设) that all the milk cows make in one year were put i__________ bottles. And suppose these bottles were put side by side. The line of bottles would go all around the world 1

400 t___________. That is a lot of milk, less than half of it is used for d__________ and cooking. Most of it is u_________ to make butter cheese, ice cream and many other things. It takes many cows to give us that m__________ milk. But not as many as it used to. A cow used to give only about 1,500 quarts(夸脱) of milk a year. Now a fine cow may g__________ more than 3,000 quarts in a year. Why do cows give more milk today? Now farmers have better cows. The cows get better c__________ and better food.


Christmas is a season to spread(传播) joy. Can we spread this joy by caring a little more about nature and going green? Here are some good ideas.

Reduce the use of the decorative(装饰) lights. Make use of the eco-friendly(环保的)lights on the market. In this way you can save electricity. Reuse the wrapping (包装)paper to wrap the gifts. You don’t need to buy new wrapping paper every year. Also try using the same small decorations for your Christmas tree. Recycle(循环利用)all those decorations that your can not use any more. You can send out Christmas cards made from recycled paper. It’s a thoughtful way of going green for Christmas.(1)There are many charities selling these cards made from recycled paper.

There are some other ideal ways to go green for Christmas.

(2)You can _______ Christmas gifts by _________.You needn’t go to shops to buy presents for your family and friends. Homemade Christmas chocolates, handmade soft toys, homemade candles are wonderful.

If you have no time for gifts, you can also invite your family and friends over to have a home cooked meal. They can even help you with the cooking. This can make your relationship stronger.

Let’s use these green Christmas ideas to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas!



2.在(2)句的空白处分别填入一个适当的词使句意完整、上下文通顺。 ___________________________________________________________

3.回答问题:Why do we use the eco-friendly lights for Christmas?


4.在文中找出与This can help improve your relationship.意思相近的句子。


5.在文中找出最能表达该短文主题的句子。 __________________________________________________________


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