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( )1.-What’s your telephone number?

-___________ 278-106.

A.I’m B.It C.It’s D.Is it

( )2.-Is that a ruler?

-No, ______________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.that is D.that isn’t ( )3. The girl’s name is Maria Schuartz, so her ___________ name’s Maria. A.last B.family C.first D.mother

( ) 4. —Does he play sports?

—No, ____. He only watches them ____TV.

A. he does, on B. he does, in C. he doesn't, on D. he doesn 't,in

( ) 5.– ________ is the TV? –It’s 2000 Yuan.

A. How many B. How much C. How about D. How big

( ) 6. I don’t have a new soccer, but I have ___ old one.

A. a B. the C. one D. an

( ) 7. –Can I help you? –_________.

A. Thank you B. Yes, please, I want a pen.

C. You’re welcome. D. I’m sorry.

( ) 8. –The T-shirt is only ten dollars. –I’ll ________it.

A. buy B. take C. sale D. sell

( ) 9. _____you _____a ruler?

A. Do, has B. Do, have C. Does, have D. Does, has

( ) 10. We have hamburgers, salad and pears ____ lunch.

A. on B. for C. in D. by

( ) 11. –Let’s _______baseball.

--OK. Let’s_______.

A. play; go B. plays; go C. play; to go D. play; goes

( ) 12. He is a boy. _____ name is Li Ling.

A.His B. Her C. He D. He’s

( )13. Tom and I ______ students.

A.am B. is C. are D. /

( )14 . This is _____ apple. That’s ______ pear.

A. a; an B.an;a C.an;an D.a;a

( )15.---_____ you like salad,Amy?--- ___________.

A.Does;Yes,I do B.Do;No,I don’t

C.Do;Yes,she does D.Does;Yes,she does

( )16 ._____are my cousins, and____is my brother.

A.This;that B.These;those C.Those;that D.That;this

( )17.Does his sister______a brother?

A.has B.have C.is D.are

( ) 18._________ your hat?

A. Where B. Where're C. Where's D. Where are

( )19 .I can’t find my bag. Can you help____?

A.I B.me C.my D.mine

( )20.This is a photo_____my family.

A.of B.with C.at D.to

( )21.What’s this English?

A、for B、in C、of D、on

( )22.My father’s mother is my .

A、aunt B、sister C、grandmother D、daughter

( )23.How do you spell it?

A、It’s a ruler B、A ruler C、R―U―L―E―R D、rulers

( ) 24.Those oranges on the desk.

A、are B、is C、am D、be

( )25.Jack _______ ice -cream.

A.like B.is like C.1ikes D.are like


I have a happy family. Look! Here is a of my family. The boy in bed is English boy. My is Peter. I am eleven years old. This is my sister. Her same school. are my father and mother. My father is a teacher. How old is my father? He is forty. My mother is nice. She cooks(做饭) for us every . We her so much. We are a happy family.

( ) 1. A. room B. ruler C. paper D. photo

( ) 2. A. him B. me C. boy D. my friend

( ) 3. A. an B. the C. this D. a

( ) 4. A. class B. school C. name D. number

( ) 5. A. They B. It C. He D. She

( )6. A. in B. on C. of D. to

( )7. A. This B. These C. It D. She

( ) 8. A. such B. very C. much D. please

( ) 9. A. day B. year C. hour D. minute

( ) 10. A. meet B. take C. love D. call



I'm a Chinese(中国) girl. My name is Li Ying. I'm twelve. I'm in No. 5 Middle School(第五中学). Chen Hong is my friend. She is thirteen. Mr Wu is my Chinese teacher and Miss Zhao is my English teacher.

( )1. Li Ying is a _______ girl.

A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. England

( )2. Chen Hong is ___________.

A. twelve B. thirteen C. eleven D. ten

( )3. My Chinese teacher is _________

A. Mr Chen B. Miss Zhao C. Mr Wu D. Mr Wang

( )4. My English teacher is _________

A. Miss Wu B. Miss Zhao C. Mr Wu D. Mr Wang

( ) 5. Li Ying and Chen Hong are________

A. teachers B. friends C. boys D. English


Jim is an American boy. He's thirteen. He is a new student in our class. Today he is in yellow coat. The man in black coat is his father. He is forty. The woman in white is his mother. She is thirty-six. His father and mother are teachers. The girl in the car is his sister. She's fifteen. She is in a green sweater. She is a student,too. She is in Grade Three now.


﹙ ﹚6.Jim is thirteen. His father is fourteen.

﹙ ﹚7.His father is in a black coat.

﹙ ﹚8.His sister is in a car.

﹙ ﹚9.Jim and his sisiter are students.

﹙ ﹚10.His parents are doctors.

五、从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏的匹配答语 (15分)

Ⅰ栏 Ⅱ栏

( )1. How much is the hat? A. Fine, thank you.

( )2. How are you? B. 587-4587

( )3. Hello. C. Nice to meet you.

( )4. Do you have a baseball? D. Good afternoon.

( )5. What’s your name? E. It’s in your grandparents’ room.

( )6. Nice to meet you F. Goodbye.

( )7. Goodbye. G. My name is Eric.

( )8. Good afternoon. H. Hello.

( )9. What’s his phone number? I. It is five dollars.

( )10.where’s the map? J. No,I don’t .I have a volleyball.



⒈Here you are 2.一些西红柿 ⒊考虑、思考 ⒋a pair of shorts ⒌ ⒍三个汉堡


⒎ boy (对应词)___________ ⒏your(人称代词主格) ⒐I am( 缩略式) ⒑big(反义词) _____________


1.Those are rulers.(改为单数句)

_______ ________ a ______.

________ is _______ ID card?

3.Tony, every, sports, plays, day. (连词成句) _______________________________. 对划线部分提问)________ ________ are you?

5. Does Tom like eggs for breakfast? (否定回答)

_______, _______ _______.

6. My teacher plays basketball. (改一般疑问句)

_______ your teacher _______ basketball? 划线部分提问 )

are these shoes?


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