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? Beijing



Hong Kong

New York City


Choose the pictures you have heard


have you chosen the right answers??

Conversation 1
boy: Where did you go on vacation,Grace? Grace: I went to New York City. boy: oh,really?Did you go with anyone? Grace: Yes.I went with my mother. boy: Did you go to Central Park? Grace:Yes,I did. It was really nice. boy:Did you buy anything special? Grace:Yes.I bought something for my father. boy:Oh,really?what? Grace:I bought him a hat.

Put the pictures in right order


Conversation 2 Gril: Where did you go vacation,Kevin? Kevin:I went to the beach. Girl: Oh,that's nice.Did you play the valleyball? Kevin:No,i didn't. Girl: Well,did you swim? swim?Kevin:Yes,I did.The water is really warm. Girl:How was the food? Kevin:Everything tasted really good! Girl:Did you meet anyone interesting? Kevin:Yes,I met someone very interesting people.

填词类 1.根据题目,判断是对人、地 点或是事物的客观评价,还是 自身感受,做到心中有数。

2.只需仔细听与之相关的细节, 抓住听力中的关键词。

fill in the blank
her vacation____

? ? ? ?

the people____ the fun park____ the food___ the stores_____

Fill in the blanks
her vacation____great

? ? ? ?

friendly the people____ exciting the fun park____ the food___ decilious the stores_____ expensive

Answering questions 回答问题类
方法:只需要听相关的细节 不必弄清 每一个单词的意思 回答时意思对即可

answer the questions
where did Lisa go on vacation?

what was the special thing in Lisa's trip?
Did she buy anyting for her best friend? Did Lisa like her vacation?

Answer the questions
? where did Lisa go on vacation? she went to Hong kong


what was the special thing in Lisa's trip?

. she went to a fun park


Did she buy anyting for her best friend?

yes,she did


Did Lisa like her vacation?

yes,she did .Everthing was excellent

Conversation 3 Girl:Hi,Lisa.How was your vacation? Lisa:It was great!I went to HongKong with my family Girl:Really?Wow!Did you do anything special there? Lisa:Well,we went to a fun park.It was really exciting. Girl:Did you go shopping? Lisa:Yes,I did. Girl:How were the stores? Lisa:Oh,they were expensive,but I did buy something for my best friend

Girl: And how were the people.Were they friendly? Lisa:Yeah,they were really friendiy. My parents have some friends there,and we had dinner at their house Girl:How was the food? Lisa: It was delicious.I lovee their home cooking. Girl: Did everyone have a good time? Lisa:Oh,yes,we did.Everything was excellent


on vacation New York City Central Park Hong Kong friendly exciting delicious expensive excellent go shopping have a good time

Listening Skills

?Crap the key words 抓关键词 ?Answering questions: listen to
the relevant part carefully



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