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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练5

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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练5(无答案) 牛津

班级______ 学号_______ 姓名________ 成绩________ 家长签字_________

一. 选择题

( )1.Enough money must be given ________ our work.

A to carry on with B to go on C to carry on D to carry out with

( )2.It was ____ that I could hardly say a word.

A such bad news B so bad news C such a bad news D so a bad news

( )3. We often see films ______.

A on a video B in the video C on video D in video

( )4.UNICEF is _____ of the United States. It _______ in 1946.

A a part of , was set up B a part of , set up C part of, was set up D part of, set up

( )5.It’s nice _____ you to help me and it’s necessary ____us to help others.

A of, of B of, for C for, for D for, of

( )6.ORBIS doctors did many operations _______.

A during visiting to Africa B when the visit to Africa

C during the visit to Africa D When visiting to Africa

( )7. —Are you hungry now? --____I have just had two bowls of rice.

A Not a bit B Not a little C Yes, I’m D very much ( )8.Miss White has _____ education that she is not able to get a job. A so little B such little C so a little D such a little

( )9.There are forty students in my class, 80 percent of them ____ girls. A is B was C are D were

( )10.___ who has been late must come to the teachers’ office.

A Somebody B Someone C Anybody D Something


1.We should receive good ________./The child can __________ well.

The book is very _________, you should buy it.(educate) 2. The boy _________(punish) because of his mistakes soon.

3. We shouldn’t laugh at his _________ (ugly)

4.The person is __________(blind) in the right eye. Because of the ________(blind), he’s


5.If I _______(give) another ten minutes, I can finish the work completely.

6.$3000 isn’t enough, more money _________(need).

7.What do you think ________(do) to save his life already?

8.Treatment means something ________(do) by a doctor to make sick people feel better.

9.Wood is used _________(build) houses./We used to __________(live)in old houses.

He’s used to __________(speak) to like that.

10.The life we were used to _______(change) a lot .



My mother ___ _____ ______ ________ _____ ______every day.

2.病人应该被友善对待。 Patients should _____ ______ ________ __________.

3.我们所需要的是知识和技术来继续我们的工作。 ________________is knowledge and skills to ________________ our work.


I __________________________help ______________________________.


He is __________________________ boy that ______________________.


My father ____________________________________________________.


This question is _____ ______ that ______ _______ _____ ____it.


_______________________________________________is our duty.

四.完形填空 One day, a boy found the cocoon(茧) of a butterfly(蝴蝶) and brought it home. A few days later, the boy saw a small ___1___in the cocoon. He sat and watched for several hours as a butterfly struggled to make ___2___body through that little hole. Suddenly it stopped.

So the boy ___3___to help the butterfly, thinking the butterfly might be ___4___. He took a pair of scissors(剪刀) and cut the hole ___5___. The butterfly came out of the cocoon, but it ___6___a little different. It had a weak body and small, thin ___7___. The butterfly didn’t start to fly. In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling(爬行) around with a weak body and thin wings. It was never able to fly.

The boy acted with___8___but he didn’t understand why it could be like this. When a butterfly crawl out of the cocoon, it must struggle. The hard work of ___9___out of the cocoon makes the fluid(液体) from the butterfly’s body into its wings. It helps the butterfly be ___10___to fly. If the butterfly never has to squeeze(挤压) itself out of the cocoon, its wings will never get the fluid and it can never fly.

___11___struggles are what we need in our lives. If we lived our lives without any problems, we would never learn or grow. We would not be ___12___ we could have been and we would never fly.

In our lives, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, and sometimes even ___13___ growth, without it, there’s no way of life. We can’t avoid ___14___ or problems. So, next time you are ___15___ a problem or difficulty, remember the butterfly. Struggle a little–then fly!

( )1.A. hole B. worm C. tail D. snake ( )2.A. it B. it’s C. itself D. its

( )3.A. decided B. asked C. showed D. ordered

( )4.A. afraid B. interested C. surprised D. grateful

( )5.A. slimmer B. bigger C. shorter D. smaller ( )6.A. touched B. sounded C. looked D. smelt

( )7.A. wings B. feet C. eyes D. head

( )8.A. success B. excitement C. kindness D. humour ( )9.A. get B. getting C. to get D. got

( )10.A. ready B. quiet C. glad D. used

( )11.A. Somewhere B. Something C. Some time D. Sometimes

( )12.A. as helpful as B. as weak as C. as strong as D. as creative as

( )13.A. repeats B. recommends C. requires D. represents

( )14.A. happiness B. difficulties C. pleasure D. hope

( )15.A. served with B. growing into C. bringing in D. faced with

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