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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练3

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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练3(无答案) 牛津

班级______ 学号_______ 姓名________ 成绩________ 家长签字_________

一、 选择填空(20分) ( ) 1. Have you finished you homework ? Yes, I have finished it .

A. already ,yet B. yet , already C. yet ,yet D. already ,already ( ) 2. We invite experts to give us talks . A. from a day and night B. from time to time

C. from past to now D. from one to another

( ) 3. Don’t get off the bus it has stopped.

A. after B. when C. if D. until ( ) 4. The twins has studied in this school .

A. two years ago B. since two years ago C. for two yeas ago D. since two years ( ) 5. The child has come to school by bike his own.

A. in B. by C. on D. of

( ) 6. When ___you _____ your breakfast this morning? At 6.00.

A. have, had B. did, have C. are, have D. has, had

( ) 7. It’s ______ to sleep late and get up late. A. healthy B. healthily C. unhealthy D. unhealthily

( ) 8.— The changes are good for people.

—__ I like the present transport but I can’t stand(忍受) the pollution.

A. Yes, I agree with you. B. No, you are wrong.

C. In some ways, I agree with you. D. No, I agree with you.

( ) 9. —Hi, Peter, I haven’t seen your father for a few days.

—He to Shenzhen for a meeting.

A. went B. is going C has been D. has gone ( )10. Zhang Feng is a League member . He the League since 3 years ago. A. joined B joined in C .has been in D .has joined in

( )11. I’ll tell him the exciting news when he tonight

A returns B. returned C. came back D. will come back ( )12. It is to think about the problem in this way. Let’s think about it in another way.

A. use B. used C. useless D. useful ( )13. Hurry up! The film for ten minutes.

A was on B stared C has been on D has started ( )14. We screamed and laughed the whole ride of Space Mountain.

A at B of C through D for

( )15. —Look at the sign. It says “No Parking”. — .

A .Sorry, I don’ t see it B That’s all right C That’s OK D. Sorry, I didn’t see it.



He has visited many countries. He knows few foreign languages, but he can always find someone who knows enough English to understand what he says. Last summer he went to China. He enjoyed himself in China and liked Chinese food very much.

One day he went into a restaurant in a small village. He knew the Chinese word ‘rice’, so he ordered some rice. The village was famous for its mushrooms, and Jack thought they must be very fresh and delicious. He asked the waiter in English at all, so he could do nothing for Jack. Jack thought hard. When he saw a piece of paper on the table, he had a good idea. He took out a pencil and drew a picture of a mushroom carefully. The waiter looked at the picture for a long time, then he smiled and left. A few minutes later, he came back with a black umbrella in his hand.

( ) 1. What does ‘mushrooms’ mean?

A. 洋葱 B. 花菜 C. 洋伞 D. 蘑菇

( ) 2. The waiter didn’t help Jack because ______.

A. he had no mushrooms in the kitchen B. he thought the mushrooms were poisonous

C. he didn’t know English well D. he disliked the mushrooms

( ) 3. Jack asked the waiter for ______.

A. a pencil B. a picture C. an umbrella D. some mushrooms

( ) 4. The waiter smiled because ______.

A. the picture was beautiful B. he was very happy

C. Jack gave a gift to him D. he thought he understood Jack ( ) 5. At last the waiter came back with an umbrella, because ______. A. it is raining outside B. it is going to rain

C. the mushroom Jack drew looked like an umbrella D. Jack was good at drawing


A good dictionary is an i____ tool. It will tell you not only what a word m____ but also h____ it is used. A dictionary needs to be printed again about every ten years. Languages d ____ and a good dictionary must show these new changes. A new English dictionary will only tell you how most people use the language today. It will not tell you what is r____ or wrong. It may tell you the right time to use a word. If only a few people use a word, a dictionary will either tell you this or not list it. Every dictionary will tell you many interesting facts. If you type a word and the word is too long, look it u____ in your dictionary. All dictionaries show you where to break a word. And they a____ show you how a word is spoken. Every dictionary. Of course, tells you what a word means. But some words, like “get” or “take”, may have dozens of m____. 2

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