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flashcard, vocabulary, aloud, pronunciation, specific, memorize, grammar, differently, frustrate, frustrating, quickly, add, pronounce, spoken, slowly, mistake, comma, challenge, solution, realize, matter, afraid, complete, secret, learner, term, trouble, fast, soft, essay, influence, friendship, lose, disagreement, development, adult, unimportant, face, soldier, psychologist, airplane, terrify, on, insect, candy, chew, gum, chat, daily, comic, death, cause, himself, patient, exactly, attention, waste, pierce, license, silly, earring, instead of, stay up, concentrate on, study, design ,present, at present, opportunity, volunteer, local, experience, member, mess, old people’s home, sleepy, reply, newsletter, obey, in the way, achieve, race, realistic, taught, importance, care about, succeed, point, million, medical, research, tie, worry, what if, pimple, energetic, confident, permission, herself, bother, not in the slightest, annoy, fairly, plenty of, get along with, circle, listener, knowledgeable, represent, let down, come up with, rest, aid, first-aid, nearby, shelf, come out, cover, press, deep, downstairs, correct, burn, knee, pain, hurt, offer, refuse, helpful, treat, burn, spotty, belong to, author, picnic, hair band, possibly, drop, symphony, optometrist, appointment,

crucial, make up, final, anxious, worried, owner, Oxford University, chase, sky, helicopter, creature, catch, unhappy, extremely, interview, noise, wind, neighbor, footstep, garbage, mystery, director, monkey, escape, bark, smell, finger, lift, stone, ant, ocean, dishonest, pretend, use up, attempt, net, turn off, polar bear, Vietnam, prefer, lyric, gentle, dislike, remind of, heart, string, sink, fisherman, latest, entertainment, feature, photography, gallery, photographer, display, on display, photograph, interest, class, whatever, miss, suggest, energy, okey, pro, con, honest, course, suit, suit sb fine, expect, sweet, taste, to be honest, be bad for, actually, fry, mainly, stay away from, be in agreement, itself, laboratory, type, cancer, barbecue, increase, risk, biscuit, main, exclamation, tag question, contraction, tasty, vegetarian, shock, tiring, educational, peaceful, fascinating, thrilling, take it easy, Florida, trek, Amazon, jungle, fall, Niagara Falls, touristy, spotlight, consider, lively, sight, including, tower, Eiffel, cathedral, Notre Dame Cathedral, church, convenient, underground, general, in general, wine, translate, pack, light, Ace Travel, eastern, provide, firm, spot, Confucius, sail, Pacific, finding, thousands of, as soon as possible, continue, programming, translator,

reporter, willing, be willing to, quite a few, dream of, sportspeople, conclusion, hold on to, attitude, clean up, hunger, homeless, cheer up, give out, clean-up, sign, advertisement, put off, set up, establish, think up, major, commitment, elementary, veterinarian, coach, take after, fix up, repair, similar, put up, ask for, hand out, call-in, strategy, work out, website, disabled, organization, fill, pleasure, blind, deaf, unable, cannot, imagine, shut, carry, help sb out, specially, fetch, at once, support, appreciate, donation, part of speech, pronoun, adverb, preposition, conjunction, donate, invent, calculator, be used for, scoop, adjustable, heel, battery, operate, battery-operated, slipper, heat, bulb, light bulb, microwave oven, crispy, salty, sour, by mistake, chef, sprinkle, by accident, beverage, according to, ancient, legend, bush, fall into, remain, notice, produce, pleasant, mixture, in this way, pie, flying disk, bakery, Bridgeport, Connecticut, throw, taste, lemon, cookie, abacus, binoculars, century, rank, active, indoors, create, wooden, knock into, divide, aim, basket, metal, hoop, shoot, below, backboard, guide, towards, court, Berlin, develop, popularity, rise, risen, worldwide, association, equipment, by the time, gotten, oversleep, go off, rush, run off, on

time, lock, relative, broken, break down, fool, costume, embarrassed, empty, show up, exhausted, April Fool’s Day, announce, Mars, convincing, panic, set off, authority, reveal, hoax, flee, fled, spaghetti, farmer, sell out, girlfriend, marry, thrill, get married, ending, embarrassing, a piece of, restroom, shampoo, drugstore, cafe, department store, escalator, magic, fresh, block, oak, uncrowded, slide, water slide, clown, staff, organized, dress up, market, lend, park, alright, direct, order, wonder, lead, trouble, offend, certain, structure, hand in, shake hands, custom, bow, kiss, Cali, Colombia, relaxed, drop by, Lausanne, Switzerland, land, after all, towards, greet, Peru, wipe, napkin, make a noise, stick, rude, point, get out of one’s way to do sth, make sb feel at home, manner, table manners, be/get used to, fork, full, lap, elbow, gradually, particular, compliment, toast, unfamiliar, spoon, knife, crowd, rubbish, seek, chatline, online, type, mostly, abbreviation, form, homophone, phrase, combine, symbol, punctuation, mark, emotion, emoticon, colon, bracket, beside, e-mail, riddle, learn by oneself, experiment, proper, pleased, queue, normally, whose, lagoon, scientific, therefore, pink, lighting, hard, serve, fair, campaign, endangered, slogan, mysterious,

shiny, skin, product, lookout, beauty, toothpaste, stardust, advertising, pros and cons, aim, aim at, specifically, instance, for instance, list, confusing, misleading, truth, at times, to start with, tense, home-made, schoolbag, purple, purse, guilty, taste, saying, thought, count, bathing suit, towel, water, guidebook, clean out, refrigerator, garage, suitcase, get back to sb, chop, wood, light, well, farm, anyway, award, wave, scene, hit, appear, lead singer, some day, be off, poem, cupboard, turn, mail, ancestor, root, overseas, homeland, government, so far, southern, villager, thanks to, strongly, purpose, step, look forward to, manatee, furry, enormous, playful, aggressive, gray, spotted, kangaroo, chimpanzee, cheetah, mangrove, swamp, habitat, aquatic, feed, underwater, vegetation, weigh, pound, polluted, present progressive, present simple, infinitive, passive voice, present perfect, suitable, tiny, cage, disgusted, educate, care for, urge, expression, recycle, built, stuff, pull, glue, roof, discard, tile, fence, can, recently, planet, society, president, inspiration, spare, model, material, business, plastic, certainly, proud, flag, national flag

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