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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练2

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江苏省泰兴市西城初级中学八年级英语下册 同步训练2(无答案) 牛


班级______ 学号_______ 姓名________ 成绩________ 家长签字_________

一. 选择

( ) 1. Linda, you can visit Shanghai in ____ season, because there are many shopping centres


A some B any C many D four ( ) 2. ____ Chinese gardens in summer is a wonderful idea.

A Visiting B Visits C Visited D Visit

( ) 3. LiLei speaks English very well. He wants to learn ____ foreign language.

A the other B a second C the second D other

( ) 4. ____ Dick was watching TV, his mother was doing housework.

A While B When C Then D During

( ) 5. —____ will the meeting start? —____ 8.

A How soon, Until B How long, Until

C When, Not until D When, Until

( ) 6. —When ____ the film ____? —It ___ for ten minutes.

A did, begin, has begin B has, begun, has begun

C did, begin, has been on D has, begun, has been on

( ) 7. —How long ____ the rain ____? —It ____ two hours ago.

A did, stop, stopped B did, stop, has stopped

C has, been over, has been on D has, been over, stopped

( ) 8. The shop ____ every day. It ____ from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. A opens, opens B opened, opened

C opens, is open D is opened, is opened

( ) 9. He ____ the Reading Club and now he ____ it for two years.

A is joining, has been B has joined, has been in

C has joined, has joined D is joining, has been in

( )10. He is not as good as he ____.

A used to B is used to C used to be D was used to

( )11. This kind of T-shirt looks ____ and sells ____.

A nice, well B nice, nice C well, well D nice, good


( )12. ___ weekdays, we must go to school, but ___ weekends, we can play games, watch TV

and so on.

A On, on B On, at C At, at D At, on

二. 词汇

1. The boy lives near the sea and often goes _____________________. (驾驶帆船航行)

2. My uncle is going _____________ (到国外) for his holiday this summer.

3. You should ____________ (核实) your answers before you hand in your homework.

4. When I visited Suzhou, I _____________ (take) lots of photos.

5. My father isn’t at home, he _____________ (go) to Shanghai.

6. Do you have any ideas about how ____________ (solve) the water problem.

7. He hopes _____________ (fly) to Beijing to meet his friends.

8. I saw a lot of children ___________ (play) games on the playground when I passed there.

9. The man always _____________ (take) off his shoes and threw them on the floor.

10. This is the best building I ___________. (see)

11. —How long __________ Jack _________ Beijing?

—He ________ there for a week. He __________ Beijing twice. (go)

12. Sandy ___________ Beijing two days ago. She __________ for two days. (leave)

13. His grandpa _________ two years ago. That is his grandpa ________ for two years. (die)

14. He _________ the book last week. He __________ this book since a week ago. (buy)

三. 首字母填空

If you don’t use your arms or your legs for some time, they will become weak; when you start using them again, they will gradually(逐渐地) become stronger again. Everybody knows this. Yet many people do not seem to know that it is the s________ with memory. When someone says that he has a poor memory, he really means that he d________ give it enough chance to become stronger.

If a friend says that his arms and legs are weak, we k_________ that it is his own fault. But if he tells us that he has a poor memory, many of us think that his p_________ are to blame, and f_________ of us know that it is just his own fault.

Have you e_________ found some people can’t read or write but they usually have b________ memories? This is b_________ they cannot read or write and they h_________ to remember things; they cannot write them down in a little notebook. They must remember dates, names, songs and stories, so their memory is the whole time being exercised.


So if you want a good memory, l_________ from these people: practise remembering.

四. 阅读理解 When you are next in Hawaii, be sure to stay at the Garden Hotel. Whether you come on business or on holiday, you will find everything as comfortable and as convenient as you would expect in a first-class international hotel.

Every bedroom has its own private bathroom, telephone, wall-to-wall carpeting and colorful, modern materials and furniture in the local style.

In the Mitsui Restaurant, you can choose your meals from as wide a variety of dishes, both Eastern and European, as you will find anywhere in the country. In the Beach Bar, you can drink with your family and friends in air-conditioned comfort, to the music of internationally known musicians. Or you can take your drink outside into the beautiful garden that gives the hotel its name, or to the tables that surround the swimming pool. Throughout the hotel, you will find the service is both friendly and efficient.

The Garden Hotel is right on the beach, only five minutes from Hawaii’s modern shopping center. Here you will find all that money can buy, at prices you can afford.

( ) 1. Every bedroom at the Garden Hotel has ____.

A a colorful, local style telephone

B a bathroom with a carpet from wall to wall

C local style furniture

D comfortable and modern furniture

( ) 2. The Mitsui Restaurant serves ____.

A both Eastern and Western varieties B food from all over the world

C American style food

D local style food

( ) 3. “Service is both friendly and efficient” means ____.

A you can get what you want quickly and pleasantly

B you can serve yourself, your family and your friends

C internationally known musicians will serve you D you can meet your friends there in air-conditioned comfort ( ) 4. The Garden Hotel lies ____. A on the beach not far from Hawaii’s excellent shops


B on the beach where you will find all the money can buy

C close to shops where everything is cheap and justly famous D just off the coast, five minutes from the shop

( ) 5. You will ____ at the Garden Hotel.

A sleep well B eat well

C have fun D all of the above


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