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Unit 5

Do you have a soccer ball?
Section B Period 1 (1a-1d)

A chant
I have, you have, they have.

She has, he has, Mary has.
Do I, do you, do they?

Does she, does he, does Mary?
I don’t, you don’t, they don’t.

She doesn’t, he doesn’t, Mary doesn’t.

difficult /’d?f?k?lt/
9687462329783 +782357682 ×778698563433 =

Haha! It’s difficult.



Haha! It’s fun.


Woo! It’s interesting.



Ah! It’s relaxing.


Hm. It’s boring.

New Words
1. interesting adj. 2. fun adj. 3. relaxing adj. 4. difficult 5. boring 6. watch TV adj. adj. 有趣的,令人感兴趣的 有趣的,令人愉快的 轻松的 困难的 无聊的,令人生厌的 看电视

1a Match the words with the pictures.
1. interesting ______ 2. boring ______ 3. fun c d e a ______4. difficult _______ 5. relaxing ______ b

1b Listen and check ( you hear in 1a.

) the words that

1.interesting ______ 2. boring ______ 3. fun ______ 4. difficult _______ 5. relaxing ______

1c Listen again. What does Paul say about these activities?
play computer games play volleyball watch TV (1) ( interesting (2) ( difficult (3) ( boring ) ) )

play basketball

(4) (



I think it’s…

1d You are Paul. Your partner is Paul’s friend Jenny. Talk about the activities in 1c.

A: Let’s play volleyball. B: That sounds good.

play volleyball

A: Let’s play … B: That sounds …

play soccer

play basketball

A: Let’s … B: That sounds …

draw pictures

A: Let’s … B: That sounds …


A: Let’s … B: That sounds …

play computer games

Do other exercises in this part.

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