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A. Yes, I am B. No, you’re not C. Yes, you are D. Yes, I am not ( ) 3. —Is this ______basketball? —No. It's _____ basketball.

A. you;my B. my;you C. your;his D. your;him ( ) 4. —What are those?

— ______ are their books.

A. That B. They’re C. They D. Those ( ) 5. Please ______ these things to your brother. He is at school. A. bring B. look C. take D. have ( ) 6. —______ are my keys?

—They are on the sofa.

A. What B. Where C. Why D. How ( ) 7. —Do you like English?

—Yes, it's________. .

A. boring B. interesting C. difficult D. good ( ) 8. —What’s this in English, Miss Zhang?

—It’s ______ eraser.

A. an B. the C. a D. my ( ) 9. —Do you have a tennis racket?

—______. But I have a baseball bat.

A. Yes, I do B. No, I don’t C. Yes, you do D. Yes, I have ( ) 10.—What do you have ______ breakfast? —I eat eggs and hamburgers.

A. in B. for C. on D. to ( ) 11. — Where is your ruler?

—_______ in the pencil case.

A. They are B. It’s C. This is D. That is ( ) 12. — Is that man his uncle? —________.

A. Yes, he is B. Yes, it is C. No, she isn’t D. No, she isn’t ( ) 13. —_______ are your pens?

—_______ black.

A. What; It’s B. What color; They’re C. Where; Them D. Where, They ( ) 14. He can sing lots of songs ________ English. A. in B. with C. on D. to


1. 请拨685-6026找玛莉。

Please ________ Mary ________ 685-6026.

2. 我爸爸有三个哥哥和一个姐姐。

My father ________ ________ brothers and one ________.

3. —我的钥匙在哪儿?

—________ ________ my keys? —对不起,我不知道。 —Sorry, I ________ ________.

4. 咱们打篮球吧! ________ us ________ ________.

5. “手表”这个单词怎么拼写?

________ do you ________ the word “watch”? 二、用所给词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1. Mark __________(work) in a hospital. But he isn’t a doctor, he

_______(be) a nurse.

2. Tom ___________ (study) in a school. _________(him) is a student. 3. My parents _________(work) on a farm. They are __________ (farm). 4. He _________(drive) a bus. He is a _________ (drive).

5. Mr Wang _______ (teach) in a Middle school. He is a_________(teach). 三、单项选择题.(20分)

( ) 1. Mum, ______ my teacher Mr. Wang.

A. she is B. this is C. here is D. that is ( ) 2. — Are you Mr. Li?

( ) 15. Gina likes tomatoes for lunch and _______ for dessert. A. broccoli B. hamburgers C. ice cream D. bread ( ) 16. Mary likes rice _________.

A. a lot of B. a lot C. lot D. lots ( ) 17. We have lots of _________ every day.

A. milks B. vegetable C. waters D. fruit ( ) 18. Do you have ________ lunch at school.

A. the B. a C. an D. ×

( ) 19. The girl is very young. Her grandma ________ her at home. A. looks at B. looks after C. look for D. look after ( ) 20. — What would you like to have, Kate? — I’d like _______ bread, please.

A. a B. an C. some D. any 四、 按要求完成句子。(每题两分,共10分) 1. These are pencils. (改为单数句) ________ ________ ________ ________. 2. He plays sports every day. (改为一般疑问句) ________ ________ ________ sports every day?

3. The card is in the drawer. The book is in the drawer. (合并为一个句子) The card ________ the book ________ in the drawer. 4. Are they your father and mother? (改为同义句) Are they your ________?

5. She has a white tennis racket. (对划线部分提问) _______ ________ she ________?

五. 从B栏中找出与A 栏各句相匹配的答语。(10分)


( ) 1. How are you? A. No, she doesn’t. ( ) 2. Good morning! B. Fine, thanks.

( ) 3. Do you have a ball? C. It’s an alarm clock. ( ) 4. What’s your name? D. Amy.

( ) 5. What color are the pens? E. Nice to meet you, too!

( ) 6. Nice to meet you! F. Good morning! _ ( ) 7. Is this a green pen? G. Yes, I do.


____ 名:

( ) 8. What’s this in English? H. Yes, it is. ( ) 9. Where’s my baseball? I. They’re green. ( )10. Does your mother watch TV? J. It’s on the sofa. 六、完形填空。(10分)

Paul smith has a big family. grandfather and grandmother in England. His are in China. His father is Jeff smith and his mother is Helen smith. They two children. Paul is their son and Gina in their . Paul is Gina’s and Gina is Paul’s Paul and I good friends. We to the same school Tianjin.


( ) 1. A. He B. Him C. His ( ) 2. A. are B. is C. has

( ) 3. A. father B. mother C. parents ( ) 4. are B. have C. has

( ) 5. A. sister B. aunt C. daughter ( ) 6. A. son B. brother C. uncle ( ) 7. A. daughter B. aunt C. sister

( ) 8. A. am B. is C. are ( ) 9. A. goes B. go C. going ( ) 10. A. at B. on C. in 七、阅读理解。(30分)



My uncle likes sports very much. He loves soccer ball, basketball, baseball, tennis and more. He plays baseball and basketball very well. He likes to watch the sports games on TV. He plays sports every day. He has a small(小的) sports

collection. He has 3 tennis rackets, 2 baseballs, 3 basketballs and a soccer ball. ( ) 1. My uncle doesn’t like sports, but he has a sports collection. ( ) 2. He plays baseball and basketball very well. ( ) 3. He likes to watch the sports collection on TV. ( ) 4. He watches TV and plays sports every day.

( ) 5. His collection is small: 3 tennis rackets, 2 baseballs, 3 basketballs and a

soccer ball.


…Look at this photo of my family. This woman is my mother, she is nice and looks

… … 2


very young. She is a teacher. She works in a school. That man in a black coat is my father. He is a scientist(科学家), He works in an institute(研究院). They are very busy(忙), Look at this boy. It is my little brother. My grandma likes him very much. She is a nurse. My grandpa is that man in a brown coat. My father looks like him. C. Sally, Nick, Jimmy and Sandra

( ) 3. ______ and ______ like math.

A. Helen; Frank B. Sandra; Peter C. Helen; Sandra ( ) 4.______ and ______ like fruit.

He is a driver, Can you see me? I’m behind my brother. I have a happy family.


( ) 1. There are (有)_________ people in my family. A. four B. five D. six

( ) 2. My mother works ________.

A. in a hospital B. in a school C. in an office ( ) 3. My father is a __________.

A. teacher B. doctor C. scientist ( ) 4. My grandma works _________.

A. in a hospital B. in a institute C. in a police station ( ) 5. My grandpa is in a _________ coat.

A. brown B. black C. red


阅读下列电子邮件,然后选择正确答案(10分) Dear Peter,

My name is Frank. I am from America. Here is a picture of my class. We are in Class One, Grade Seven.

You can see my friends in the picture. Jimmy likes to play basketball. He likes to eat apples and French fries. Helen likes math. Her favorite food is hamburgers. Sandra doesn’t like math. But she can speak French. She likes ping-pong. Sally is a black girl. She likes to swim. She likes to eat ice cream. I like math too. Can you find me? I like to eat bananas. Maria likes computer very much. She plays computer games very well. Nick is fun. He can play football. He likes strawberries best. Can you send me a picture of your class? Yours,

Frank ( ) 1. Frank has _______ friends.

A. seven B. six C. five ( ) 2. ______ like sports.

A. Jimmy, Sandra and Sally B. Maria, Nick and Jimmy

A. Nick, Maria; Jimmy B. Nick, Frank; Peter C. Jimmy, Nick; Frank ( ) 5._____ is the e-friend of Frank.

A. Sally B. Sandra C. Peter 八、书面表达。(5分)


1. Jane _____________ my English. (帮助我学习) 2. She _________ like Chinese ______ _______. (根本不)

3. My grandpa _________ (居住) us and ________ (照看) Rose at home. 4. She__________________. (有一个幸福家庭) 5. Would you like __________? (吃的东西)


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