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My Comments On the Lesson

-----Given by Miss Zhou Liju

In my opinion, the lesson given by Miss Zhou Lijun is quite successful. The teaching material of this lesson is Language Structure-----The Attributive Clause in Unit 4. Miss Zhou made her lesson interesting and lively in her own manner of teaching.

The Attributive Clause is one of the most important and difficult grammar items in senior middle school. Many students have difficulty in mastering it. On the whole, Miss Zhou has achieved the desired results.

I think, the main distinguishing features of this lesson are the evident arrangement of ideas and clear purpose, which contains the following three parts: a. Scientific, which reflects the good order and results; b. Efficient, which pays much attention to the sentence structure of communication terms; c. Focuses, which paves the way for the following lesson.

There are six main steps in this lesson:(1)Lead-in; (2)Explanations of sentence structure; (3)Task-giving; (4)Practice; (5) Development and consolidation; (6) Assignment. These steps have their own functions. The first step is warming up. Enjoying a beautiful English song will arouse the students’ interest. The second one is learning the new language structure----the Attributive Clause (the uses and functions of the relative pronouns who, which and that ). The third one is understanding, whose purpose is to help the students smooth away the difficulties in understanding the language structures. The fourth one is practising and memorizing. In this part, the 1

students are asked to play a guessing game. It combines learning with fun, which makes the class more lively and helps the students learn the knowledge in a much easier way. The fifth one is the deeper understanding and usage of the language structure. After enjoying a movie, the students are asked to have a group discussion and then try to make sentences using the attributive clause. These activities make the students use the information they have obtained from what they have learned. And the three English proverbs can also help the students to reinforce not only what they have comprehended and learned, but also the language skills. The last step is a brief summary of the contents of the lesson. And the students are given the tasks they should do after class.

Besides, this lesson is ingeniously designed and rationally arranged. With the aid of CAI, more teaching contents are contained. With the colorful and vivid pictures, the teaching materials can easily attract the students’ attention and arouse their interest. And therefore, the students can master the knowledge in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Also, the relationship between the teacher and the students is quite harmonious. Most students have taken an active part in the class teaching.

And I’d also like to make some suggestions. First, more time should have been set aside for the students to have the group discussion. In that case, more students will have the chance to practise the language. Second, giving the students more opportunity to practise reading and writing will be much better.

In a word, the lesson has been well prepared , the blackboard design is neat and clear and Miss Zhou’s spoken English is also quite clear and fluent. It’s a successful lesson, I think.


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