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姓名: __________


C. interested, boring D. interested, boring

( ) 2. ____do you play tennis? I play three times a week. A. What B. How C. How often D. What's

( ) 3. What's __________ with you?

A. matter B. the wrong C. wrong D. up ( ) 4. You shouldn't ____ anything for 24 hours. A. eat B. ate C. eating D. to eat 一、 词语释义,选出与句中画线部分意义最接近的解释.(每小题1分,共10分)

?? _?___??___?___??级:?班?? ? ?? 封_ ___ ??__? ___ ? _:_??号? 考?? ? ??中学?镇 密? 永北?:??名 ?校?

?( A. with my English B. to my English

C. in English D. for English ( A. I think B. May C. Maybe D. May be

( A. many B. much C. a lots D. a lot

( A. look for B. look up C. look D. look after ( A. play yourself B. feel happy C. enjoy yourself D. happy yourself


A. hates B. is afraid of C. is afraid to D. likes (

A. in your spare time B. in time C. in your time D. on time (

A. left B. went to C. will go to D. will go

( ) 9. I’ A. looking for B. watching C. visiting D. looking at

( ) 10. — Lily, your English is pretty good.

— A. like it B. don’t like it

C. my teacher teaches me D. teach myself 二、单项选择填空.(每小题1分,共30分)

( ) 1. The book is ____. Few of the teachers are ____ in it.

A. boring, interested B. boring, interesting

( ) 5. There is ____ with him.

A. anything serious B. nothing serious C. serious something D. serious anything ( ) 6. She always eats ____ food.

A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too ( ) 7. What's she ____ for vacation ?

A. does B. do C. did D. doing ( ) 8. ____ is he staying? For a week.

A. How far B. How often C. How long D. How soon ( ) 9. "I just finished ____ my last movie. "She says.

A. to make B. makeing C. making D. makes ( ) 10. She's leaving __ Shanghai next week. A. to B. for C. at D. on

( ) 11. — I am fond of ________ to folk music. What about you? — I prefer classical music.

A. listen B. listening C. to listen D. listen to ( ) 12. I often help my mother ________ at home.

A. cooks B. cooking C. with D. cook

( ) 13. Little Tom was always late for school, so Miss Wang was angry _____ him.

A. with B. to C. for D. at ( ) 14. English is very _______ and I’m very _______ in it.

A. interested; interesting B. interesting; interesting

C. interested; interested D. interesting; interested

( ) 15. After watching the football game, I was ________ excited to get to sleep.

A. very B. too C. so D. much ( ) 16. Keep quiet, kids! I have _________ to tell you.

A. important something B. something important


C. important anything D. anything important ( ) 17. — I’m going to listen to pop music at the concert.

— ________ exciting!

A. What a B. What C. How D. How a ( ) 18. — Do you like jazz?

— ________ Sometimes I listen to it. But I have a lot of rock music.

A. I don’t mind it B. I like it very much C. I hate it D. I don’t like it at all

( ) 19. Attention! ________ too much is bad for your eyes.

A. Watch TV B. Watches TV C. Watching TV D. Watched TV ( ) 20. Everyone has his or her hobby, because they can ______ them happiness.

A. get B. take C. have D. bring

( ) 21. My little dog likes eating bread and meat, and he doesn’t mind _______ they’re good or not.

A. what B. whether C. which D. if ( ) 22. — Do you like collecting stamps?

— No, but I like collecting things such _______ coins, toys and cars.

A. as B. for C. in D. with

( ) 23. I was doing my homework _______ the telephone rang yesterday. A. where B. then C. while D. and then ( ) 24. There is going to _________ a sports meet next week. A. have B. hold C. has D. be ( ) 25. You look so tired. You _________ have a good rest. A. can B. should C. will D. may ( ) 26. Pop music often _______ and ________ quickly.

A. come; go B. comes; go C. come; goes D. comes; goes ( ) 27. _______ go out and do some outdoor activities?

A. Why not B. Why don’t C. Why no D. Why isn’t ( ) 28. My bike is broken. Can you ________ me your bike? A. borrow B. keep C. lend D. lent

( ) 29. — What ________ you _______ at this time yesterday?

— I was reading a story book.

A. were; doing B. was; doing C. is; doing D. did; do

( ) 30. — Hello! Could I speak to the head teacher Mr. Li? — Ok._______.


A. Hold the line, please B. He isn’t at school C. Come in, please D. who’s that?


If you often have a cold, headache or backache, your health will be a problem. good for our health. Tofu, milk, vegetables are healthy for us. Tofu is a kind of traditional 2 food. We often 3 it in China. Now more and . They also like eating it.

Milk is 6 kind of health food. Every day you should 7 one or two glasses of us strong.

Vegetables are very important. You should eat 9 them. There are vitamin A, B, C, D , E and so on in them.

As we know, it’s important 10 a balanced diet(均衡饮食). We must have the right kinds of food. We should also eat some pork, chicken and beef. We should eat more fruit and vegetables but less meat.

( )1. A. are B. is C. will be ( )2. A. Japanese B. American C. Chinese ( )3. A. eat B. drink C. take ( )4. A. for B. with C. in ( )5. A. too B. also C. as well ( )6. A. the other B. other C. another ( )7. A. drinking B. drink C. take ( )8. A. make B. makes C. keeps ( )9. A. a lot B. plenty of C. much ( )10. A. to make B. to keep C. to take 四、阅读理解.(共15小题,每小题2分,共30分) A Friday, June 20th

After supper I turned on the TV. I remembered there was a soccer game. But I couldn’t find it. I felt sorry and I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the telephone rang and I went to answer it.


“Steve? This is John calling. What are you going to do tomorrow?”

??线????? 名: __________ “No idea. What about you?” “Michael, Maria, Sally and I are going to have a picnic. Would you like to join us?” “Sure. But I’m afraid it will rain. Look! There are many clouds in the sky.” “We’ll have it the day after tomorrow, then.” “OK. Call me when you start on Sunday.” I went to the supermarket and bought some food and drinks. And then I went to 5487-6598 or send an e-mail to sunshine@yahoo.com. Hot Club Do you like to play table tennis? Do you want to play it well? Mr. Zhang is a good teacher. You can come here every Saturday afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30. Telephone: 8665-7868 Address: Room 105, Lantian Hotel Swimmer Wanted Can you swim? Do you like children? Can you teach them to swim on Sundays? Come and join us. Call Joe at 8472-9999 for more information. Summer Job Do you like to talk with people? Do you like to write stories? 姓? ? ?? _?___??___?___??级:?班?? ? ?? 封____??__?___?_:_??号? 考?? ? ??中学?镇密?永北?:??名?校?

?sleep. Would you like to work for a magazine? Then come and work as a reporter. Please Saturday, June 21st call Kate at 5561-8823. Some noise woke me up. I didn’t know what happened outside. I opened the 根据短文内容选择正确答案. window and found the ground was wet. Bad luck! It was raining heavily. After ( )6.You don’t have to be able to do it if you want to join the Sunshine Rock breakfast, I began to read a novel. At three a soccer game began and I didn’t stop Band. What is it? watching it until it was over. Many times I looked out of the window. I wish the rain A. Playing the guitar B. Singing C. Dancing D. Painting could stop soon. ( )7. Who can teach you to play table tennis? Sunday, June 22nd A. Mike B. Joe C. Mr. Zhang D. Kate I heard someone come into my bedroom. I opened my eyes and found it was Mum. ( )8.If you want to learn to play table tennis, you can go to Lantian Hotel She told me to get up quickly. And now I saw the sun through the window. I was so on______. happy that I ran out with the bag of food and drinks. A. Saturdays B. Sundays C. Mondays D. Fridays My friends waited me at the bus stop. We got off at the foot of the hill and then ( )9.If you want to work as a reporter, you can call________。 we climbed. It isn’t too high and we saw green trees and some flowers by the roads. A. 5487-6598 B. 8665-7868 C. 8472-9999 D. 5561-8823 The water in the small river was clear and some small fish swam in it. ( )10.The ads.(广告) may be from___________。 At ten we got to the top. It’s a beautiful place. We put our bags under a big tree A. a newspaper B. a storybook C. an art book D. a science book and we began to take photos there. C I’m tired now. But I’m still happy. I hope we’ll have another picnic after our summer holiday begins. Mr. White was a quite busy lawyer(律师). He always worked all day. Sometimes 根据短文内容,判断句子正(T)误(F)。 he could not have a rest on Sunday, so he usually forgot the date. ( )1.Four students went for the picnic. Last Saturday, he remembered it was his wife’s birthday. “I often forgot her ( )2.John’s telephone number is 8873686. birthday,” he said to himself. “But not this time.” Then he went to a flower shop and ( )3.The children didn’t go for a picnic on Saturday because it was cloudy. bought some beautiful flowers on his way home. He gave the flowers to Mrs. White ( )4.The children rode bikes to the foot of the hill. and said, “ Happy Birthday! January 15 is your birthday. I don’t forget it.” ( )5.The top of the hill is a beautiful place and they took photos. “Yes. But my birthday was yesterday. It’s January 16 today. Anyway, thank you B all the same,” said Mrs. White. Guitar Player Wanted Are you a lover of music? Can you play the guitar? Can 阅读短文,选出正确答案.(10分) you sing or dance? Welcome to our Sunshine Rock Band. Please call Mike at ( ) 11. Mr. White was a __________ man, so he usually forgot something. 3

A. great B. busy C. happy D. good ( ) 12. Mr. White thought that Saturday was ___________. A. Jan. 13 B. Jan. 14 C. Jan. 15 D. Jan. 16 ( ) 13. Mr. White bought some flowers __________.

A. after he went home B. before he finished his work C. on Sunday D. before he got home

( ) 14. When Mr. White gave his wife the flowers, she __________.

A. was very happy because Mr. White remembered it

B. was not happy because Mr. White forgot that

C. also said“Thank you” D. said nothing

( )1 5. From this passage we know that Mr. White __________.

A. remembered his wife’s birthday, but forgot the date B. forgot his wife’s birthday, but remembered the date C. remembered the date and his wife’s birthday D. forgot the date and his wife’s birthday 五、写作﹙共40分﹚

A、根据句意,用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。﹙每小题1分,共10分﹚ 1. I like collecting stamps and playing soccer, what are your ________(hobby). 2. You must look after yourself and keep ___________ (health). 3. I don’t think this story is __________ (interest). 4. What’s the matter? I have a _________ (stomach). 5. Beethoven was a great German _________ (music). 6. I go shopping ________ a month (one).

7. When I was eight, my father asked a teacher ________ me Chinese.(teach) 8. It is important for us __________ morning exercise (do). 9. Kangkang says he is fond of ___________ (act).

10. I used to enjoy dancing, but now I am _______ in playing the guitar. (interest) B. 根据题意将下列句中汉语部分译成英语,注意使用适当形式.(每小题1分,共10分) 1. At last, he found another 3 boys and they _______________________ a band.(创建) 2. Song Zuying and Tenger ________________________their folk songs.(以?而闻名)


3. — What were your parents doing at this time yesterday?

— My mother was __________________________ and my father was reading the newspaper. (洗盘子)

4. They felt ________ tired ________ work on Monday morning. (太?而不能?) 5. When the cat knocked on the door, the mouse was ______________________. (洗澡) 6. — I think classical music is pleasant.

— I ________________________________________________. (我不同意你的观点) 7. I used to like folk music, but now I enjoy __________________________. (流行音乐) 8. People usually do what they like _______________________________. (在空闲时间) 9. Tom likes watching football games, he is a __________________________. (足球迷) 10. When we are free during the vacations, we usually _________________________ (网上聊天) and paint pictures. C、作文。﹙20分﹚

请以“My hobbies”为题写一篇短文或对话。


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