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新外研版 七年级上Module7Unit1

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Unit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer?

Guess: What does the boy do with his computer?
watches TV plays games on the computer Maybe he writes emails does his homework listens to music looks for information

New words : print 打印 finally 最后 first 首先 document 文件 use 使用 click 点击 next 其次 save 保存 box 方框 then 然后 again 再一次






We use k__________to type. eyboard
keyboard screen



If omputer p_______computer, . wewe must is very to click want m_______to print use the We use theto rinter useful. C_________ s_________ on And use the ouse We witch onnect we must c_________ them. switch the computer first. the document.


1.2.Listen and number the words as you hear them, and then label them. 2 1 3 keyboard □ mouse □ screen □




3.Complete the sentences with the word and expression from the box.
connect turn on

1. First, ________ the screen to the connect computer. 2. Next, ________ the keyboard and the connect mouse to the computer. 3. Finally, ________ the computer. turn on =switch on

Listen and answer: What does Lingling want to learn? She wants to learn how to write her homework on the computer.

Now number the instructions as you hear them.
a) Write your homework.
b) Print your document. 2 5 1 3 4

c) Open a new document.
d) Save the document. e) Put some paper in.

5.Answer the questions.
1. How do you open a new document?

You click the “new document”. _______________________________
2. Where do you write your homework? _______________________________ You write it in the new document. 3. How do you save the document? ___________________________ You click “save”. 4. Where do you write its name? ___________________________ You write it in the box. 5. How do you print the document? You click “print” and ___________________________

Lingling: How do I write my homework on the computer? Can I learn? Betty: Sure! First, open a new document. Click the mouse on “new document”. Lingling: What’s the mouse? Is this it? Betty: Yes. Lingling: Where do I click on “new document”? Listen and read Betty: On the left of the screen… there! Lingling:OK,what’s next? Betty:Next, you write your homework in the new document. Use the keyboard. Lingling: What do I do next? How do I save the document? Betty: You click “save”, and write a name for it. Lingling: Where do I write the name? Betty: Write it in the box. OK, then click “save” again. Lingling: OK. Finally, how do I print my document? Betty: Click “print” and “OK”. Lingling: What about some paper? Betty: Oh yes, of course! You put the paper in there first!

How do you write your homework on the computer? First…


What do you do next?

Next ,

There are five people in my family.

How do you save the document? Then,click…


save the document

Where do you write the name?

My fa


write the name in the box

How do you print it? Finally ,


print the document

Try to retell the instructions according to the pictures.

Open a new document. Click the mouse on “new document”.It’s on the left of the screen.

Use the keyboard to write your homework.

Click “save”, and write a name for it. Write the name in the box.

Click “print” and “OK”, you can print your document. And you should put the paper in

Read the dialogue and find out the steps in pairs:

open a new document,use the mouse and click “new document”. write homework in the new document. save the document. click “save” again.

Next Next
Then Finally

print it.

Is this it?
What’s next? Of course!

Remember to use words like
first, next and finally when

you talk about a sequence of
activities. Notice where the comma goes.

6.Complete the sentences with the words from the box.






learn 1. I want to _______ how to print a document. Save 2. ______ your document and write a name for it. paper 3. Put some _______ in there to print your document. print 4. Click “_______” and “OK”. Finally 5. _______, turn the computer off.

7.Find the words from the box in the conversation. Write the words they go with.
open print save use write

Open a new document 1. use __________________________ the mouse/ the keyboard 2. write __________________________ the homework/ a name for a __________________________ document 3. save __________________________ the document 4. print __________________________ the document

Listen and repeat.

finally home

first open



特殊疑问句 = 特殊疑问词(What, Where, When, Which, Who, How …) + 一般疑问句 1. How do you open a new document? (How 怎样) 2. Where do you write your homework? (Where 什么地方)

3. How do you save the document? (How 怎样)

4. Where do you write its name? (Where 什么地方) 5. What do you do next? (What 什么) 6. How do you print it? (How 怎样) 7. When do you get up every day? (When 什么时候) 8. Who is you English teacher? (Who 谁)

B. 根据课文内容,完成下列句子。
1. First, ________ the monitor to computer. connect

2. Then, __________ the computer. turn on

open Use 3. Next _____ a new document. ____ the mouse and click ______ “new document”. write 4. Next use the keyboard to _____ a composition ____ in the new document. write 5. Then you click “save”, and _____ a name in _____ click the box for it. OK, then _____ “save” again. 6. Finally, _____ “print” and “OK”. click

选择填空: (A __ your father write anything__ the computer? )1. A. Does, on B. Do, for C. Does, at ( )2.--- How can I use the computer? --- First , ____the C monitor to the computer. Finally __the computer. A. switch on, connect B. open, check C. connect, switch on C ( )3. --___ do you use a computer ?-- I use it every day. A. How many B. How long C. How ( ) 4

. The students in your class ______ their best A to work hard ____his computer. A. do , on B. does, at C. does, on ( )5.--____ do I do next? - -Double click the document. B A. How B. What C. When


1.我怎么保存文档呢? save the document How do I ________________________ ? 2.请打开灯,天太暗了. turn on\switch on Please __________________the light, it’s too dark 3.最后,把它接到电脑上. connect to Finally _____________, _________it _____the computer. 4.你可以打开一个新文件. open the document You can _____________________.

C. 综合填空:

Hello, I’m Mike. I’m from America. I’m a middle

tudent school s_______ (1) like you. I have a computer. I use it
every day. Because we do our homework on our omputers
c_________ (2). Do you know how we write our homework on the computer? It’s very easy. F____ (3), use the mouse, irst lick

ext c_____ (4) “newpen document” and o____ (5) a new
document. N____ (6), you write your homework in the new se

document. U___ (7) theave keyboard, you click “s____ (8)”
and write a name for it in the box. T____ (9)click “save” hen inally again. F_____ (10), click “print” and “OK”.






First open a new document, then write a passage about how to use the computer, and what do you like to do with the computer,next save it ,finally send it tosjtx2008@qq.com , I will be very glad.

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