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武汉新起点教育培训中心 英语组


第 一 部 分 冠 词

1.Is there ____“s”in the end of the word?

A.an B.a C.the D. /

2.Mr. Wang is ____honest man.

A.an B.a C.the D. /

3.He is ____university student.

A.a B.an C.the D. /

4. ____ book is very useful. I bought it from____unknown little town.

A.A, a B.The, a C.The, the D.The, an

5.___girl in ___Grade three is ____tallest in our school.

A.The, the, the B.A, a, a C.The, ×, the D.A, ×, a

6.____moon moves around____earth,and they both are smaller than ____sun.

A.The, an, a B.A, the, the C.×, ×, × D.The, the, the

7. She was playing ____piano then.

A.a B./ C.the D.an

8.____young should care for ____old.

A.The, a B.The, the C.A, a D.A, the

9.The city lies on ____Yangtzi River.

A.the B.a C./ D.an

10.He doesn’t have ____lunch at home.

A.a B.the C./ D.that

第 二 部 分 名 词

1.Is there ____on that plate? There are ____under that tree. a.some chicken b.any chicken c.some chickens d.any chickens

2.We need two ____to repair the table.

a.block of woods b.blocks of wood c.block of wood d.blocks of woods

3.We know ____doesn’t runl so fast as light(光).

a.sound b.sounds c.a sound d.the sound

4.There are sixty ____in our school.

a.woman teacher b.women teachers

C.woman teachers d.women teacher

5.Miss Smith is a friend of_____.

学生的进步 家长的满意 我们的追求

武汉新起点教育培训中心 英语组

a.Mary’s mother’s b.Mary’s mother c.mother’s of Mary d.Mary mother’s

第 三 部 分 数 词

1.He always wanted to have ___of books and he has recently bought four ____.

a.hundred,hundred b.hundreds,hundred

c.hundreds,hundreds d.hundred,hundreds

2.The People’s Republic of China was founded ____,1949. a.in October 1 b.on October 1st c.in October 1st

d.October 1

3friday is the ____day of the week.

a.five b.fiveth c.fifth d.fivth

4._____of the students in our school are from the countryside. a.Two-three b.Two-third c.Two-thirds d.Second-thirds

第 四 部 分 代 词

1.This dictionary is hers, that one is ____.

a.myself b.my c.me d.mine

2.____has happened and ____did it?

a.Who,who b.What,who c.What ,what d.Who,what

3.____is the best season of the year?

a.When b.What c.Which d.What time

4.Did you enjoy ___at the party last Saturday?

a.youself b.you c.yourselves d.youselves

5.I have two brothers, and ____of them is a worker.

a.both b.all c.either d.every

第 五 部 分 介 词

1.Christmas Day is ______December 25.

a.at b.on c.in d.by

2.There are some tall trees _____our house.

a.in the front of b.in front of c.in the front d.at the back

3.What’s the matter_____you?

a.with b.to c.about d.for

4.I’m sure you’ll get on well ____them.

a.of b.with c.about d.by

第 六 部 分 主 谓 一 致

1.What he says___important.

学生的进步 家长的满意 我们的追求

武汉新起点教育培训中心 英语组

a.are b.am c.is d.be

2.The class ____football while I was going over their compositions.

a.is playing b.plays c.are playing d.were playing

3.His family ___watching TV now.

a.is b.are c.be d.were

4.Not only you but also he ____wrong.

a.are b.were c.is d.am

5.Mathematics ____very interesting .We all like it. a.are b.were c.am d.is

第 七 部 分 连 词

1.Tom was very hungry, ____ he ate all the cakes.

a.and b.but c.so d.o

2.Think hard, ___you’ll get a good idea.

a.but b.and c.or d.so

3.____he had a lot of work to do ,____he often helped these old men.

a.Though, but b.Though, still c.Though, /

d.Although, but

4.Not only I but also she ____ playing football.

a.like b.likes c.to like

5.You may ___do it yourself ____leave it to me.

a.either?or b.not only?but also c.neither?nor d.both?and

第 八 部 分 形 容 词

1.Joan is just ____ as Kate.

a.so careful b.as careful c.careful d.more careful

2.John runs ___ than Tom.

a.more faster b.much faster c.very faster d.too fast

3._____she is , ____she feels.

a.The busy, the happy b.The busier, the happy

c.The busier, the happier d.The buiser, the happiest

4.Tom is ______of the two.

a.younger b.the younger c.the youngest d.youngest

5.Tom is ___ them all .

a.the tallest of b.tallest of c.taller in d.tall in

6.My ____brother is three years _____than I.

a.elder,elder b.older,oldest c.elder,older


学生的进步 家长的满意 我们的追求

武汉新起点教育培训中心 英语组

7.They’re going to build a school for ____.

a.the blind b.blind c.blinds d.the blinds

第 九 部 分 副 词

1.You should do you homework a bit ____ next time.

a.carefully b.more carefully c.most carefully

2.Lin Ying sings ____ of the three girls, doesn’t she? a.well b.better c.best d.good

3.He won’t do it. I won’t do it , _____.

a.too b.either c.also d.so

4.I couldn’t move a step _____.

a.farther b.farthest c.longer d.for

第 十 一 部 分 简 单 句

1.We ____go there by bus.

a.will not to b.isn’t c.won’t d.doesn’t

2.I ____ he is a good student.

a.don’t think b.not think c.isn’t think d.thought

3. ---- ______ one is bigger, a horse or an elephant? ---- An elephant is.

a.Which b.What c.How d.Where

第十五部分 被动语态

1.A new song ____ on the radio.

a.has been taught b.has taught c.is teached d.had taught

2.A new school ____ when I got there.

a.will be built b.had been built c.has been built d.would build

3.He said a new hotel ____ in two weeks.

a.will be built b.would be built c.had built d.was built

4.The ground ____ with leaves. a.covers b.covering c.is covered d.is covering

5.The lady _____ younger than my mother. a.look b.looks c.is looked

第十六部分 时态

1.There is somebody at the door. I ____and open it.

a.am going b.am going to c.will go d.go

学生的进步 家长的满意 我们的追求

武汉新起点教育培训中心 英语组

2.I ____ in Beijing since 1956.

a.will live b.live c.lived d.have lived

3.Mary ___ just ___ off the radio.

a.will,turn b.has,turned c.have,turned d.do,turn

4.Could you lend your pen to me ? I _____ my pen. a.lost b.is lost c.have lost d.will lost

5.He ____ from Beijing for three years.

a.has been away b.has gone c.has left d.has come

6.How many times ___ he ___ the Great Wall?

a.has,gone to b.has,been c.has,been in d.has,been to

7、The boy with the two dogs _____ when the earthquake rocked the city.

A. were sleeping B. is sleeping C. was sleeping

D. are asle

8.By the end of last year he______about 1500 English words.

A. learns B.learned C.was learning D.had learned

9.Listen ! Someone______in the next room .

A.cried B.crying C.is crying D.has cried

10.He told me that he______to see us the next day.

A.comes B. came C. will come D. would come

11.We can’t find him anywhere . Perhaps he______home.

A. is going B. went C. has come D. would come

12.He often______his clothes on Sundays.

A. washing B. washes C. has

washed D. was

13.I’m Chinese. Where______from?

A. do you come B. you are coming C. you come D. are you coming

14.It______ hard when I left my house .

A. is raining B. rains C. was

raining D. will rain

15.I think this question______to answer.

A. easy B. is easy C. was easy D. will easy

16. Don’t talk so loudly . Your father______.

A. sleeps B. is sleeping C.

slept D. had slept

17.His grandfather______for thirty years.

学生的进步 家长的满意 我们的追求

武汉新起点教育培训中心 英语组

A. died B. was dead C. has been dead D. has died

18.He______ that factory since 1958.

A. has left B. has worked in C. has gone from D. has come to

19.Our teacher______to Beijing three times.

A. went B. had gone C. has gone D. has been

20.Next month______twenty five.

A. has my sister B. my sister will be

C. my sister shall have D. my sister is going to be

22. By the end of last term we______English for two years.

A. have studied B. have been studied C. would studied D. had studied

24.When we arrived , the dinner______.

A. already began B. has already begun

C. had already begun D. was just begun

25.The old man said that light______faster than sound.

A. went B. will go C.

travels D. will travel

学生的进步 家长的满意 我们的追求

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