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unit 6 i'm going to study computer science 习题、导学案和配套 section b

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1. 你长大后,你想做什么? to be What do you want ____ ___ when you grow up __________? 2. 我想成为一名工程师。 be an engineer I want to ____ ___ _________. 3. 你打算如何做? are How _____ you going to ____ that? _____ do 4. 我打算非常努力地学习数学。 going to study math I’m ______ _____ ______ _____ really hard.

5. 你想去哪里工作? ______ ______ you going to work? Where are 6. 我打算搬到上海。 I’m ______ _____ ______ to Shanghai. going to move 7. 你打算从什么时候开始? When _____ you going to start ______ _____? are 8. 我打算读完中学和大学后开始。 I’m going to _____ ______ I _____ high start when finish college school and _______.

a. They’re going to practice every day. b. I’m going to buy a fast car. c. We’re going to take singing lessons. d. She’s going to study education. e. She’s going to study math. f. I’m going to study science. g. He’s going to a cooking school. h. He’s going to take acting lessons.


I .按要求改写下列各句。 1.We are going to play ping-pong on Saturday. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答) —______ _______ going to play ping-pong Are we/you on Saturday? —_______,we __________. No aren’t 2.He's going to tell me all about it.(改为否定句) He _____ ______ going to tell me all about it. is not 3.She is going to work hard at English this term. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ she ______ ______ _______ this What is going to do term?

4.They're going to the Sun Island by bus. (对划线部分提问) ____ ____ they ______ ______ the Sun Island? How are going to 5.The students of Class Three have a field trip on Sunday.(用next Sunday改写) The students of Class Three ___ ______ __ are going to have _____ a field trip next Sunday. 6.Linda has lunch at school on Tuesdays. (用next Tuesday改写) Linda ___ ______ ___ ______lunch at school is going to have next Tuesday.

1.他没有打算住那座小屋 He ____ _______ _______ ____ in the small house. isn’t going to live 2.我们要读这本书。 are going to read We ______ __________ _____ ______ this book. 3.—你爸爸要去钓鱼吗? —不,他要去游泳。 —____ your father ______ __________? Is going fishing —No,he is __________ __________. going swimming

用现在进行时表示将来 当句子涉及确切的计划、明确的意图 和为将来安排好的活动时, 现在进行 时可用于表示将来。

1) come, go, stay, arrive, leave 等词的现在进行 时经常用于表示将来确切的计划。 1. Betty is leaving (leave) for Guangzhou by ________ plane at 3:00 this afternoon. are going 2. The Browns ________ (go) to the North China by train next week. They __________ (stay) in Beijing for a w

eek. are staying They are going (go) to Xi’an. ________ 3. Some friends are coming (come) to Anne’s _________ birthday party this evening.

1.There ____ a talk show on CCTV-4 at nine B this evening. (2007 河北邢台) A. will have B. is going to be C. is going to have D. is having

B 2. There ____ a football game between Italy and Germany tomorrow morning. (2005年武汉) A. has B. is going to be C. will have D. has been

3. ---Why are you in such a hurry, Mike? ---There ____ an NBA basketball game in ten C minutes. (09福州) A. will have B. will be C. is going to be D. are going to be 4. Attention, please. There___ a football game A between China and Korea this evening. A. is going to be B. has been C. has D. will have

一、用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.The boys __________ (go) play soccer this are going to afternoon. going to play 2. _____ you _____________(play) basketball with Are me next week? 3.The actor ___ going to ________(move) New move to is York. 4. He admires actors very much. He’s going to take _____ acting (act) lessons every day. 5. Lucy is not going to stay ________________(not stay) at home next weekend.

二、句型转换。 1.They have a basketball match every Sunday. (用next Sunday 替换 every Sunday ) They____ ______ ___ ____ a basketball match next are going to have Sunday. 2.We are going to have a school trip next week. (就划线部分提问) ____ are What ____ you ______ ____ ___next week? going to do

3.I’m going to see my teacher on Teachers’ Day. (改为一般疑问句,并做肯定回答) --____ ____ going to see _____ teacher on Teachers’ Are you your Day? --Yes, I am.

1.I’m, going to, walk, school, not, to, ____________________________________. I’m not going to walk to school 2. Friday, what, is, do, going, to, next, he ____________________________________? What is he going to do next Friday

课中导学: 要点1:grow up; 要点2:B; 要点3:sure about 当堂检测: 1. cook; 2. doctor; 3. pianist; 4. pilot; 5. engineer 课后巩固: 一、1. to do; 2. scientist; 3. driver; 4. are going to visit; 5. player 二、1. Are, going to; 2. Where is, move; 3. aren’t going; 4. How is, going to; 5. is going to play

当堂检测: 一、 grow up; acting lessons; a cooking school; 赛车手; 歌唱课;足球运动员 二、college; education; medicine; article; send 课后巩固: 一、A; C; D; D 二、1. am going to write; 2. singing; 3. sounds; 4. Education; 5. telling 三、1. isn’t going to; 2. Are, going to; 3. What is, do; 4. Where are you 四、ACAA ? astronaut [′?str?n?:t] 宇航员

配套 Section A 一. 1. doctor 2. programmer 3. pilot 4. sure 5. medicine 二. 1. vilon; violinist 2. cook; cook 3. piano; pianist 4. driver; drives 5. scientist; science 6. colleges; universities 7. actor; acting 8. sounds 9.

education 10. harder 三. 1. grow up; an engineer 2. keeps on practing basketball 3. sure about 4. study education 5. write articles; magazines and newspapers 6. take acting lessons 7. writing stories 8. cooking school 四. 1. does want to be 2. going to be 3. Where 4. they want to be 5. is good at 五. DBAEC

当堂检测: 1. sounds 2. grades 3. resolution 4. foreign 5. team 课后巩固: 一、1. really 2. yesterday’s 3. to ride 4. exercise 5. healthier 二、C B D A D 三、1. What is; do 2. Is; going to 3. isn’t going to 4. How are; going to

课中探究: 要点1:discuss; 要点2:promise; 要点3:D 当堂检测: 1. write down 2. have to do with; 3. take up 4. agree with 5. physical health 课后巩固: 一、1. to play 2. beginning 3. singing 4. to keep 5. weekly 二、1. meaning of 2. improve 3. agree with 4. When are 5. How are you

配套 Section B Ⅰ1. promises 2. physical 3. agree 4. own 5. improve Ⅱ1. beginning 2. meaning 3. week; weekly 4. questions; 5. personal ⅢCBDBD BACAC Ⅳ 1. foreign language 2. get good grades 3. get more exercise 4. make; resolutions 5. discuss these questions 6. wrote down 7. have to do with 8. take up 9. hardly ever 10. making yourself a better person Ⅴ 1. too; to 2. meaning 3. Does; agree 4. a resolution is 5. to do

ⅥCEBGF Ⅶ1.promise 2.beginning 3.improve 4.coming 5.remember 6.have to do 7.common 8.hardly 9.too 10.for Ⅷ

单元测试 ⅠCBBAA CDCBB Ⅱ11. Make sure 12. have to do with 13. learn computer science 14. good at playing 15. Keep on Ⅲ 1. Yes, there is. 2. Most students say they are going to finish their homework first. 3. Most students are going to watch TV with their families. Ⅳ

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