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Unit 7 How much are these pants?

第一课时 Section A 1a—2c



1. 首先回顾一下one—nine 的数词,写写看吧。


2. 通过预习写出下列衣物的英文名称。

T-恤衫 袜子短裙鞋子 包裤子 帽子 毛衣 短裤


1. 根据提示完成单词。

and white.


(5) The T-shirt is (长的).

2. 改正下列各句的错误。用横线划出句中错误的单词,把改正后的单词写在句后的横线上。

(1) How much is these pants? (2) How much are these sock? (3) How much are this shorts?

It’s 4 dollars?

3. 连词成句

is, this, much, how, hat ?

the, sweater, red, much, is, how ? is, it, dollars, 7 .

pants, these, how, are, much, black ? these, dollars, are, 6, shorts, blue . (一定要注意首字母的大写和句末的标点符号)

Unit 7 How much are these pants?

第二课时 Section A 3a—4



(1) Can I help you? ______________________________________

(2) What color do you want? ______________________________________

(3) Here you are. ______________________________________

(4) I’ll take it. ______________________________________

(5) You’re welcome. ______________________________________

(6) How much is it? _______________________________________


1. 选择题

(1)—How much are these black socks?


A. It’s 10 yuan B. It’s 10 yuans C. They’re 10 yuans D. They’re 10 yuan

(2) —Can I helpyou?


A. You’re welcome B. Yes, please. C. I’m sorry. D. Here you are.

(3) — color do you want?


A. Which B. How much C. What D. Where

(4) The socks are very cheap? I’ll them.

A. give B. bring C. like D. take

2. 按要求做题。

(1) It’s 9 dollars. (改为复数)

___________9 dollars. 划线部分提问)

is the hat? 划线部分提问)

are the pants?

(4) Thank you. (写出至少两种答语)



1. 根据上下文从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。

A: .

B: Yes, please. I want to buy a sweater.

A: . What about this one?

B: I don’t like black. Do you have any other colors?

A: Other colors ? B: Can I have a look at the yellow one?

A: Yes, please.

B: .

A: 20 dollars.

B: OK. ’s the money.

A: Thanks.

(1) __________ (2) _________(3)________ (4)__________ (5)_________

) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Sales assistant(售货员) Customer(顾客)

Can I help you? 要我帮忙吗?

What can I do for you? 我能为你做点什么?

Anything I can do for you? 需要我帮忙吗?

Do you need some help? 请问你需要帮忙吗?

Yes, please. I want a\some…… 是的,我想要……

No, thanks. I just have a look. 不,谢谢了。我只是随便看看。 购买中

Let’s look at…… 我们一起来看看。

What color do you like? 你喜欢什么颜色?

What size do you want? 你要多大尺寸的?

I like white and red. 我喜欢白色和红色。

I want size 21. 我想要21号的。

How much is it? 多少钱?


OK. I will take it. 好吧,我买了。

Here is the money. 给你钱。

It’s a little expensive. 还是有点贵。

Unit 7 How much are these pants?


1. 快速说出下列的数字,并用英文把他们写下来。

2. 通过预习,试着阅读并写出下面的数字。



thirteen-nineteen表示“十几”,在个位数后加“teen”, 注意十三、十五和 十八:thirteen, fifteen, eighteen.

twenty-ninety 表示“几十”,在个位数后加“ty”. 要注意有几个数字的拼写有变化:二十(twenty) 三十(thirty) 四十(forty) 五十(fifty) 八十(eighty)

21-29直到91-99表示“几十几”,在“几十”后边加个位数,中间用连字符 “-” 连起来。如:33为thirty-three. 1. 快速写出下面的数字。

2. 英汉互译

(1) I like that blue sweater. (2) I don’t like red. .

(3) How much is the green sweater? (4) 你喜欢这件绿色的毛衣吗? (5) 这条短裤多少钱? (6) 这些红色的袜子多少钱? 四、拓展提高

今天是Mary 的生日。她的好朋友要为她买一些礼物。全班分成两组,一组扮演售货员,出售学习用具,服装,食物等东西。另一组扮演Mary的好朋友,买礼物。买完以后,报告你所买的什么礼物以及多少钱。


Unit 7 How much are these pants?

第四课时 Section B 3a—Self Check


(1)你最喜欢的商店或超市是什么? (2)在商店或超市里你可以买些什么? (3)那里的东西价格怎么样?服务怎么样? (4)你喜欢它的原因是什么? 4. 下面是一篇介绍自己最喜欢的服装商店,阅读并重点理解掌握其中的重要词汇和句子。 My is Meili Clothes Store. It many clothes. I can sweaters, T-shirts, hats, pants, skirt, socks, shorts……要点解疑:

favorite 最喜爱的 clothes store 服装店 sell 卖,出售 buy 买,买入

sale 买卖,销售,廉价出售 price 价格,价钱 low 低的

have a look 看一看


Huaxing Clothes Store Sale!

Come and buy your Huaxing’s great sale! Do you like sweaters? We have

--only 25 yuan! Do you need bags red, green, ! Anybody can afford our prices!

at Huaxing Clothes Store!


at 表示从事、价格和地点。

in 表示“服饰”后接表颜色的词,表示“穿......颜色的”

for 表对象,意为“适用于”;表交换,意为“报酬”;表目的,意为“对于”。

for yourself 你亲自



Come to Mr Cool’s Clothes Ctore! We sell pants for only 30 yuan. Do you like…


一、(单项选择: (20分)

( )1. This is _________ alarm clock.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )2. This ______ is too small. Do you have a ______ one?

A. shorts; big B. shirt; small C. short; small D. shirt; big

( )3. ---How much ______ these carrots? ---- 2 Yuan.

A. is; It’s B. are; They’re C. are; It’s D. is; They’re

( )4. Do you have two ________?

A. tennis racket B. tennis rackets C. tennis’ racket D. tennis’ rackets

( )5. He _________ his homework at school.

A. doesn’t do B. don’t does C. isn’t do D. does not

( )6. ________this your guitar?

A. Am B. Is C. Are D. Do

( ) 7. Let’s _________ now.

A. go to home B. to go home C. go home D. to go to

( ) 8. How much are these shoes? _________ twenty dollars.

A. Are B. There C. They’re D. Their

( ) 9. My father usually________ sports _________the morning.

A. do; in B. does; in C. do; on D. does; at

( )10. ________you play the violin?

A. Are B. Can C. Is D. When

( )11 ---This is my sister Ann.

---Is _____ a student?

A. she B. he C. her D. his

( )12. I ________ two baseballs and my friend ________five baseballs.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; have D. has; has

( ) 13. ---Is that your book?

---Yes, ________.

A. it is B. it isn’t C. it’s D. this is

( )14. Miss Wei often helps us ________ our English.

A. at B. in C. of D. with

( )15. I want __________ the music club.

A. join B. to join C. joins D. be join

( )16.There are many things .

A.sale B.on sale C.sell D.on sell

( )17.We have socks ______ all colors only 20 dollars.

A.at; for B.in; of C.in; for D.at; of

( )18.What’s under the desk? ________.

A.It’s a football B.I can see a set of keys C. They are red box D.There’s a cat

( )19.---What is the ________ of your ________. ----It’s 50 dollars.

A.price; shorts B.dollars , sweater C.dollars; shorts D.price; sweater ( )20.These T-shirts _____ only 10 dollars. Do you want .

A.are; them B.is; them C.do; them D.do; it



-Can I _____ _____ _______ ______ your family photo? -Sure, ______ _____ _____.

22.这些绿色的短裤只卖25美元。 The green shorts ______ _______ _______25 dollar。

23.我们有一些适合女孩穿的毛衣。 We have _______ ________ ________.

24.我们有一些物美价廉衣服。 _____ ______.



I like ______ _______ ________ socks? _______ _______ are they?


27、Can I help you?(同义句) can I do

28、How much is the hat? (同义句) the _______ the hat?

29、划线提问) he ?

30、Mary’s pants are划线提问) Mary’s pants?

31、He has hamburgers and pears for lunch.(否定句)

He _______ _______ hamburgers ____ pears for lunch.

32、I often sell school things to the boy. (同义句)

The boy often ________ school things ________ me.

33、划线提问) ______ ________ is the blue sweater?

34、He does his homework every night.(变一般疑问句)

______ he _____ his homework every night?


36. green, they, coats, have .

37. do, you, to , what, want, buy 38. hat,his,have,sister,does,red,a 39. sells,store, which, vegetables ?

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