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2012年阜宁九年级英语期中试卷及答案 2

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第I卷 (选择题80分)


第一部分 听对话回答问题。


1.What would the boy like to do this weekend?

A. B.

2.What is the girl’s favourite subject? C.

A. B. C.

3.What is the animal sign of the girl?

A. B. C.

4.What does the girl want to be?

A. B. C.

5.What will Jenny do first?

A.Wash the clothes. B.Visit pandas. C.Do her homework.

6.What did the boy wear?

A.A red jumper. B.A red sweater. C.Blue jeans.

7.How much does one glass of lemonade cost?

A.$20. B.$3. C.$8.

8.What do the speakers think of Timmy?

A.He is generous. B.He is selfish. C.He is humorous.

9.What does the boy advise the girl to do?

A.To do some exercises. B.To listen to some light music.

C.To have a good sleep.

10.What does the woman advise the man to wear?

A.A pair of black shoes. B.A pair of green shoes. C.A pair of red shoes.

第二部分 听对话和短文回答问题。 你将听到一段对话和两篇短文,各听两遍,听每段对话前,你将有时间阅读相关小题,每小题5秒钟。 听第一段对话,回答第11—12小题。

11.How much is the jacket?

A.57 yuan. B.67 yuan. C.77 yuan.

12.What’s the colour of the jacket?

A.Yellow. B.White. C.Green.

13.A.14.A.1 hour B.1.5 hours C.2 hours

15.A.father B.teacher C.mother 听第二篇短文,回答16—20小题。

16.What did Jimmy get on his birthday?

A.A radio. B.A drum(鼓). C.A guitar.

17.Who didn’t hear the noise that Jimmy made?

A.Jimmy’s father. B.Jimmy’s brother. C.Jimmy’s mother.

18.Who do you think the woman is?

A.Jimmy’s teacher. B.Jimmy’s aunt. C.Jimmy’s neighbour. 19.When did the woman go to Jimmy’s house?

A.On Sep 2nd. B.On Sep 5th. C.On Sep 9th.

20.What was in the woman’s hand when she went to Jimmy’s house?

A.A knife. B.A cake. C.A handbag. Ⅱ、单项选择题。(共15题,每题1分,计15分)

21.—Look! There is beautiful rainbow in the sky.

—Take the books for me, I’d like to take a photo ofrainbow before it disappears.

A.a; the B.the; a C.the; the D.a; a

22.—good time we had at the party last night!

— Yes. It was . A.What; so B.How; such C.What a; such an D.How a; so an

23.—It’s meaningful .

—It’s really nice you to think so.

A.for; of B.of ; for C.for; for D.of; of

24.I can’t I can’t English.Can I you the story in Chinese?

A.speak; say; tell B.say; speak; tell C.tell; speak; say D.say; tell; speak

25.—white, Mike?

—Well, I would choose grey. White looks bad a boy with dark skin.

A.in; in B.on; on C.on; in D.in; on

26.What colour can you a warm, sunny day?

A.remind ,by B.remind ; of C.make, with D.show, to

27.she is only a twelve-year-old girl, .

A.Because; so B.Though, but C.Though; / D.If; but

28.—Thank you for your help.

—.I am so glad that I can share some of your worries.

A.It’s my pleasure B.Why not C.With pleasure D.Forget it

29.—Have you that Amy’s a little quiet these days?

—Yes, I wonder what has happened to her.

A.looked B.reminded C.noticed D.revised

30.I wanted to buy a copy of The Youth, but there was .

A.no one B.something C.anyone D.none

31.I’d rather .

A.watch; go B.go watch; go to C.watching; going D.to watch; go

32.A.Do; strict in B.Do; strict with C.Are ; strict with D.Are; strict in

33.I think English every morning.

A.that, keep reading B.it’s, keep reading

C.that, to keep read D.it, to keep reading

34. that she can .

A.hard, hard B.hardly, hardly C.hardly; hard D.hard, hardly

35.I don’t knowwith this problem.It’s too hard.

A.which to do B.when to do C.what to deal D.how to deal


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从下列各题所给的四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 On a snowy evening, a rich lady was standing by the road.She was very worried. had broken down.Just then a poor man named Robert came.He was on his back home from work as usual.

The lady wondered, “Is the man going to me? He looks very cold and hungry." But to her surprise,

After forty , the car was at last fixed by Robert.The lady wanted to pay him.

“No, that's , madam.” he said, “I was just helping someone in If you really want to pay me back, I hope you see someone in need, you should give him a hand.”

A few minutes later, the lady a very old house by the road.She remembered Robert's words, so she stopped.

The hostess(女主人) warmly asked her .The lady could see that it was a family and that they needed help.When the hostess was making tea in the kitchen, the lady on a table 500 dollars and went away quietly.

Robert came home later than before, thinking how their life was.His wife was pregnant(怀孕) and the baby was to be born the next month but there was not money.His wife went up to him, gave him a kiss and said softly, “Don't worry, dear! Everything's going to be all A stranger has helped us out."

Let's always be ready to help others because helping others is helping ourselves.

36.A.bike B.motorbike C.bus D.car

37.A.step B.way C.road D.life

38.A.help B.save C.kill D.find

39.A.she B.he C.I D.they

40.A.days B.hours C.minutes D.years

41.A.nothing B.something C.everything D.anything

42.A.picture B.rain C.need D.danger

43.A.whatever B.whenever C.however D.whichever

44.A.saw B.heard C.smelt D.felt

45.A.out B.away C.in D.along

46.A.terrible B.sad C.rich D.poor

47.A.dropped B.forgot C.lay D.left

48.A.exciting B.hard C.happy D.interesting

49.A.many B.some C.enough D.few

50.A.right B.wrong C.glad D.well




Tom had once worked in a city office in London, but now he was out of work.He had a large family to support, so he often found himself in difficulty.He often visited Mr.White on Sundays, told him about his troubles, and asked for two or three pounds.

Mr.White, a man with a kind heart, found it difficult to refuse to give the money, though he himself was poor.Tom had already received more than thirty pounds from Mr.White, but he always seemed to be in need of some more.

One day, after telling Mr.White a long story of his troubles, Tom asked for five pounds.Mr.White had heard this sort of thing before, but he listened patiently to the end.Then he said,“I understand your difficulties, Tom.I’d like to help you.But I’m not going to give you five pounds this time.I’ll lend you the money, and you can pay me back next time you see me.”

Tom took the money, but he never appeared again.

51.Tom was now in difficulties because he ____.

A.worked in a city office and was poorly paid

B.was poorly paid and had a large family to support

C.was poorly paid and always spent money carelessly

D.was out of work and had a large family to support

52.Tom went to Mr.White for help ____.

A.twice a week B.often on Sundays

C.always on Sundays D.whenever he needed money

53.Altogether Tom received .

A.at least thirty-five pounds B.just thirty-five pounds

C.less than thirty pounds D.five pounds

54.Jack wants to go to the zoo early next Thursday.The zoo will open at__________.

A.9:00 a.m. B.10:00 a.m. C.4:00 p.m. D.5:00 p.m.

55.If visitors cannot see the animals, the animals may be______.

A.playing B.eating C.acting D.sleeping

56.Jack is eight years old.He goes to the zoo with his 58-year-old grandfather.How much should they

pay for visiting the zoo?

A.$18. B.$22. C.$28. D.$32.

57.What should we do in order not to frighten the animals?

A.We should ride bikes. B.We should keep quiet.

C.We should feed the animals. D.We should keep the zoo clean.


In the past, when people had problems, they went to their families or friends to get advice.Today it is possible to get advice from radio shows, TV programmes and telephone hot lines, too.Most telephone hot lines are completely anonymous—callers do not have to say their names or telephone numbers.Most hot lines are usually free, too, even if the calls are long distance(距离).Other hot lines pay their advisers for their work.Usually the advisers are professionals with years of education and experience, but sometimes, the advisers have only taken a short class before starting to work on the hot line.All the advisers listen to people and help them solve their problems.

58.Today when people have problems, ________.

A.they can only ask their families for help

B.they can only get help from their friends

C.they can get help from telephone hot lines

D.they go to the advisers to get help

59.the hot line for the advice or the phone calls.

A.pay much B.have to pay

C.don’t have to pay D.get money from


A.are usually professionals B.have all taken a short class

C.can solve any problem D.are not all paid

61.How do the hot line advisers work?

A.They do what the callers tell them to do. B.They go to the callers to help them.

C.They give advice to the callers by phone. D.They ask people to come to see him.



When I left school five years ago, I said to myself, No more learning for me.Now I can enjoy myself in the evening.” But about a year ago the boss said, “We’re going to get a computer in the near future.” What does he mean? I simply don’t know.Anyway, I decided to go to evening classes.I’m quite an expert(专家) on computers now and you know, I actually enjoy studying. Eve

I haven’t much interest in studying.To be honest, I don’t like reading very much, except for magazines and that sort of thing.Just reading, that is, to kill the time.But I do enjoy watching TV.Not that I watch everything.In fact, I choose my programmes very carefully.I’m particularly interested in current affairs(时事).In some ways I think I learn more in this way than I did at school.


I’m a very different sort of person-I simply love doing things.That’s why I enjoy sports so much.I mean, actually playing.I hardly ever watch it on TV, but I do read quite a bit about it.I’m even interested in the history of sports.I don’t have much time for anything else, except that I quite like dancing.Some people say I’m not very good at it, though.


I should say I have great interest in studying.I’d rather do this than anything else.Since I left school.I’ve taken courses in all sorts of things.I go to the city library once a week, but I much prefer evening classes because it’s more fun that way.My latest “craze(狂热)”-if you can call it that -is foreign languages.I’m learning two, not one!

62.According to what they say, which of the following is NOT TRUE?

A.Ben was pleased to leave school.

B.Eve does not spend much time in reading.

C.Ted spends a lot of time watching his favorite sport on TV.

D.Joan is learning languages in the evening school.

63.Among the four people, _____ are considered to have made good use of time in studying.

A.Ben and Eve B.Eve and Ted

C.Ted and Joan D.Ben and Joan

64.In the future, we can infer(推断) that ________.

A.Joan may speak one of foreign languages well.

B.Eve will study computers

C.Ben is interested in current affairs.

D.Joan prefers going to the city libraries.

65.The sentence “That’s that!” means ________.

A.Ben thinks he never need to learn

B.Ben wants to learn that

C.Ben would like to go on studying

D.Ben will learn from others

第II卷 非选择题 (60分)



In May,1976,Jane was a nine-year-old girl and lived in North Wales.One day,on her way home from school,she saw a silver(银色的) object(物体) in a field not far from her home.The object looked like a big saucer.

Jane was very scared(害怕).She stayed in the tall grass and watched the door of the strange object open.She saw two aliens(外星人) wearing silver suits get out.Then they used something to examine the ground.They were short and had pink eyes.After about thirty minutes,the two aliens went back into the object.Then it took off.

When Jane got home,she told her mother about this unusual experience,but her family decided to keep quiet about it.They didn’t want others to laugh at their daughter.

However,18 months later,Jane told her story to UFO scientists.They found out that Jane told the truth.


A.根据句意、中文提示写出单词,完成句子。(15分) 76.Can you spend some time (解释)the project to us in detail?

77.You can ask Tom for help when you have difficulty making a 决定).

78.If you want your dog to be happy.You should (匀出)at least half an hour to play with

it every day.

79.Can you see any (蝴蝶)among the flowers?

80.Our teachers are very good.They always make their classes (活泼的)and interesting.

81.Jack is very busy.Has he (回答)to your last e-mail?

82.Our English teacher often 划分)us into groups of four to organize class activities.

83.—Who __________(发现)America? —Columbus.

84.What an .

85.Millie is always (satisfy) with a small success.

86.It’s not good for you to stay alone sadly.You need someone to share your____(happy).

87.Kitty doesn’t (choose)but to call her friend, Lily for


88.I don’t think their suggestions are .

89.Don’t keep your worries to (you) , Jim and Tom.

90.The project was finished (success) on time by them.


Teenagers live very busy lives now and often forget to think about their diets and exercise.The truth is, fit.

During your teenage years, it is important to give your body the energy it needs. need about 2,200 calories a day and boys need a bit —doctors suggest 2,800 for teenage boys. rice, bread, vegetables and fruit.You also need to drink a lot of water, 6 to 8 glasses a day.water will improve your skin and give you healthy hair.

is something that can help to make you look good, feel good and be healthy.Experts(专

家at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week. you

.It can even help you sleep better

when you study!



101.Amy 精力足够充沛能成一个领导。

Amy to .


Tony at home to yesterday evening.




Jim always


can make









Dear Daniel,

I am sorry to hear that you quarrelled with your parents about playing mobile phone games.

I hope my suggestions are of great value to you.






16-20 BACBA


21-25 ACABD 26-30 BCACD 31-35 ACDDD


36—40 DBABC 41—45 ACBAC 46—50 DDBCA


51-55 DBAAD 56-60 CBCCA 61-65 CCDAA


66.field 67.object 68.grass 69.watching 70.Getting/Coming 71.home

72.story/experience 73. After 74.、scientists 75.true

Ⅵ、词汇.(共25题,每题1分,计25分) X|k |b| 1 . c|o |m



81. replied

86. unhappiness 77. decision 82. divides 87. choice 78. spare 79. butterflies 84. impatient 89. yourselves 80. lively 85. satisfied 83. discovered 88. valuable 6-10 BBABA 11-15 ACACB

90. successfully


91. keep 92. girls 93. more

97. spend 94. from 95. enough 99. relaxed 96. Exercise/ Exercising

100. attention


A. 翻译下列句子。(共5题,每题2分,计10分) 103.It’s B. 书面表达(共1题,计15分)(略)

98. When / While


第一部分:听对话回答问题 1. W: Let’s go shopping this weekend.

M: I would rather go swimming than go shopping.

2. M: Which do you prefer, English or Maths?

W: I think PE is more interesting than Maths and English.

3. M: You were born in the Year of the Pig, right?

W: No. I was born in the Year of the Dog. Like a dog, I’m a true friend.

4. W: My dream is to be a doctor in the future.

M: Then you must work hard.

5. M: Let’s go to the zoo and visit pandas, Jenny!

W: Sounds interesting. But I have to finish my homework first.

6. M: Can you describe the boy you saw just now?

W: He was wearing a red sweater and black jeans. He seemed to be active.

7. W: Here is 20 dollars, and give me four glasses of lemonade, please.

M: Ok. Four glasses of lemonade and here is eight dollars back to you.

8. W: Timmy is a Leo. He is a good friend. People born under this sign are never selfish. M: I agree with you.

9. W: I’ll have an exam tomorrow. I feel very nervous.

M: Listen to some light music and it will make you relaxed.

10.M: Do I look OK for my job interview?

W: You look great, except for the green shoes. Put on the black pair. They look much better. 第二部分 听对话和短文回答问题。 听对话,回答第11—12小题。

M: Is that a new jacket?

W: Yes. Isn’t nice? It was really cheap.

M: It’s great. Green looks good on you.

W: Thanks. They also had a yellow one. The price of that was 67 yuan. It would cost me 10 yuan more, so I bought this cheap one.

M: You made a good choice. Green is your colour.

Q11.How much is the jacket?

Q12.What’s the colour of the jacket? 听第一篇短文,回答第13—15小题。

Peter is a Grade 9 student. He is crazy about playing basketball. He often plays basketball with his friends after school. He spends about two hours on it every day. This term, because he spent too much time playing basketball, he didn’t do well in his Maths exams. His teacher told him, ‘It’s good to have hobbies, but it’s also important to study hard.’ 听第二篇短文,回答第16—20小题。

It was Jimmy’s birthday on 2nd September. He got a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them was a beautiful big drum.

Of course, Jimmy liked his drum very much. He made a terrible noise with it, but his mother did not mid. His father worked all day long, and when he got home in the evening, Jimmy was usually in bed, so he did not hear the noise.

But one of his neighbours did not like the noise at all. Three days later, she took a knife and went to Jimmy’s house while he was beating his drum, She said to him, ‘Hello, Jimmy! Do you know there’s something very nice inside your drum? Here’s a knife. Cut the drum open and let’s find it.’ Q16.What did Timmy get on his birthday?

Q17.Who didn’t hear the noise that Jimmy made?

Q18.Who do you think the woman is?

Q19.When did the woman go to Jimmy’s house?

Q20.What was in the woman’s hand when she went to Jimmy’s house?

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