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World Health Organization

China Children and Teenagers’ Fund


International Committee Of the Red Cross

Chinese Young Volunteers Association

Project Hope
It aims to bring schools into poor areas of China, and to help poor families afford an education for their children.

Pre-reading questions
1.What do you know about Project

2.What can you do for it?

Listen and watch


October 30, 1989 It started on October 30, 1989. In the past sixteen years, Project Hope has 3 billion yuan raised about 3 billion yuan. It has paid for the education of 2.5 million 2.5 million poor students.

It has sent 2.33million students to high 2. million schools. It has built thousands of schools thousands of and libraries. 2 300 It has trained 2300 teachers. But 40 million children from poor 40 need help. million families still

How much money has Project Hope raised? Where is the money from?
Project Hope has raised about 3 billion yuan from people at home and abroad in the past sixteen years. 国内外

What is the money used for? It has paid for the education of 2.5 million poor students and sent 2.3 million students to high schools.

表示花费 1. sb. pay ... for sth. e.g. I paid ten yuan for this book. 2. sb. spend ... on sth. sb. spend ... (in) doing sth. e.g. I spent ten yuan on this book. I spent one hour (in) cleaning my room. 3. sth. cost sb. ... e.g. The book cost me ten yuan. 4. It takes sb. ... to do sth. e.g. It took me one hour to clean my room.

Do you think it is a good program?

a college student

1b. Work alone be start change work pay leave Minmin comes from a poor family. She has received help from Project Hope. Without the help of Project Hope, she couldn’t continue her studies. has changed Project Hope ___________ her life. She has been _______ a college student for two years.

leaving After _______ the college, she will _____ work for Project Hope. Project Hope _______ has paid for the education of millions of poor started students like Minmin since it ________. Are there any children like her around you? What difficulties do they have? Project Hope can help them.

for + 时间段
She has been a college student for two years. Project Hope has paid for the education of millions of poor students like Minmin since it started.

since + 时间点

2a Grammar focus
Present perfect (III)


You have been in New York for a long time. The city has improved a lot since I came here a few years ago. Bobby has been away from the park since 8 o’clock. Bobby has been away from the park for

2b Useful expressions


1. Oh, you will get used to it very soon if you come. 2. As a matter of fact, it’s a wonderful place to live. 3. You must come for a visit. 4. Well, once they find people in need, they decide on suitable ways to help them. 5. The program also provides them with nice houses. 6. With the money, it has built thousands of schools and libraries …

friend fri

endship friendly unfriendly

Word formation
Compounds: film-maker, granddaughter,
football, downstairs

Derivation: impossible, disobey, unhappy,
rewrite, peaceful, homeless,

exciting, dancer, snowy, rapidly

Fill in the blanks. 1. There are many organizations to offer help for the ________ (home) people in China. homeless 2. AIDS is a serious ________(ill). Taking drugs may illness cause it. 3. With the development (develop) of China, children ___________ can get a better education. 4. The mother was angry with her son because he ________ disobeyed (obey) her and went to the party. 5. There are so many mistakes in your composition. I think you should ________ (write) it. rewrite impolite 6. It’s ________ (polite) and cruel to laugh at the disabled children.

1. Collect more information about the
organizations which offer help and make the world better.

2. Choose one of them and discuss what it
has done.

3. Make a short speech.

Sum up
1. aim to do 2. at home and broad

3. pay ... for ...
4. 复习 现在完成时 5. 复习 构词法

1. 完成《同步练习册》
Section D 2. 记忆教材P24,2a和



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