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homeless people

1. Have you ever seen any homeless people? Where?

2. What can we do to help them?

Read and understand


Listen and answer the questions. 1. What is the famous program called?
Edmonton Community Services.

2. What’s the name of the special program
for street kids?
Kids in the Hall.

Read and answer the questions. 1. What has Edmonton Community Services done?
It has helped homeless people for many years.

2. Why is it famous?
It’s famous for its success in helping homeless people return to a normal life.

3. What does it do for homeless people?
It helps homeless people get jobs and lends money to them.

4. What do homeless people use the money from Edmonton Community Services to do?
They use the money to rent apartments and buy clothes for their children.


Listen and fill in the blanks. The organization has a special program ______ for street kids, called “Kids in the Hall”. It like helps homeless children ______ Zack. “In the Hall” is the ______ of a restaurant in name Edmonton. The food is prepared, cooked and served ______ the street kids. At the by same time, the kids are learning restaurant skills. When they finish their training, it ______ will be easy for them ______ jobs. to find

They must obey strict rules.
disobey other rules

steal things


take drugs


What will happen if they do these things? They can’t stay in the program and have to return to the streets.

The program, “Kids in the Hall”, has given me a good chance to succeed. It will help me live like other kids again.

Does he like the program? What do you think of the program?

Read 1a again and finish the following
tasks. 1. The purpose of this passage is _____.

A. to talk about a boy named Zack
B. to describe the life of street kids C. to talk about an organization that helps homeless people

2. List two other problems of homeless people mentioned in the article.

A. No clothes for children.
B. ________________. No house to live in

C. ______. No job

3. Explain how Edmonton Community Services helps solve these problems. A. Edmonton Community Services lends money to parents so that they can buy clothes for their children. Edmonton Community Services helps rent B. ____________________________________ apartments for homeless people to live in. ____________________________________ The organization helps homeless people C. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ learn some skills to find jobs.

4. If Zack wants to have a happy life, he AC E should _________. He shouldn’t BDF _________. A. try to learn skills B. take drugs C. obey the rules D. stay on the streets E. find a job F. steal things

Edmonton Community Services help, borrow, rent, buy Example A: Edmonton Community Services is famous for its success in helping homeless people return to a normal life. It helps people get jobs. The homeless people can borrow money from it, so that they can re

nt apartments and buy clothes for their children.

Kids in the Hall, learn skills, strict, obey, return to Example B: “Kids in the Hall” helps the street kids learn restaurant skills. But the rules are very strict. They must obey them. If they disobey them, they have to return to the streets.

Talk about the pictures.

homeless people child laborers How can we help them? What do you hope?

cruel wars

provide warm houses enjoy community services receive a good education live a happy life

Written work

The world is becoming better and better. But it still has many problems. Some people are still living a hard life. For example, there’re many homeless people all over the world. They have to live on the streets. Some children have to be laborers for a living, instead of going to school. What’s worse, sometimes cruel wars break out in some areas. I feel sorry for them. I hope society can provide warm houses for these people to live in, and they can enjoy the same community services as others. I hope the world will be peaceful and full of love, and everyone can live a happy life.

Sum up
1. take drugs 2. steal things

3. 理解句子结构:

1. 完成《同步练习册》Section C 2. Finish the written work in 2.

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