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八年级上英语 Unit 6 I'm going to study computer science.

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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.


1、be going to 的用法

(1)“be going to+动词原形”表示将来的打算、计划或安排。常与表示将来的时间状语tomorrow,next year,next week等连用或由when 引导的时间状语连用。be 随主语有is, am, are 的变化,going to后接动词原形。

(2)如果表示计划去某地,可直接用be going to+地点。

Eg: Next week he is going to Shanghai on business.

(3)表示位置移动的动词如:go,come,leave,arrive, move, return等用现在进行时表将来。

Eg: The new year is coming. 新年快到了!

The plane is flying.


when:当、、、、、、时候;引导时间状语从句。在含有 when引导的时间状语从句的主重复合句中,如果主句和从句的动作都发生在将来,主句用一般将来时,从句用一般现在时。

Eg: She wants to be a dancer when she grows up.

He is going to have a holiday when he finishes his work.



1、厨师 2、电脑工程师

3、开始做、学着做 4、与、、、、、、有关

5、与、、、、、有共同点 6、太、、、、、、而不能7、保证、确保 8、听起来很有趣

9、在、、、、、的开始 10、不同种类的

11、write down

17. try one’




3、(针对画线部分提问) 4. They are going to go to the party tomorrow.(变成否定句)


(三) 、完形填空(每小题一分,共15分)

Different people have different happiness(幸福). Happiness is for everyone. You don’

swimming pools or those who have nice cars and lots of money and so on. Because those who have big houses may often feel _(3)_and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads in their _(4)_ time. In fact, happiness is always

you if you put your heart into it. When you are trouble at school, your friends will help you; when you study hard at your lesson, your parents are always taking care of your life and your success, your friends will say congratulations to you; when you do help you to correct it; and when you do something good to others , you happy, too. All these are your happiness. Happiness is not the same as money. It is your feeling of your When you are poor, you can also say you are very happy, because you have something else that can’t be bought with money. When you come across difficulties, you can sayyou are very happy, because you have more chance to challenge(挑战)an not always say you are poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes, “Life a revolving (旋转的) door. When it closes, it also opens.” you take every chance you get, lucky person.

1. A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. ugly D. uglier

2. A. What B. How C. Why D. When

3. A. alone B. lonely C. happy D. lucky

4. A. busy B. free C.busier D. freer

5. A. around B. in C.about D. like

6. A. in B. out C.inside D. outside

7. A. health B. healthy C.luck D. lucky

8. A. something good B. something wrong C.anything good D. anything wrong

9. A. look B. smell C.feel D. sound 10 A. hand B. foot C.mouth D. heart

11. A. loud B. Loudly C. angry D. angrily

12. A. But B. So C. As D. Such

13. A. is like B. is as C. like D. as

14. A. Or B. But C. If D. And

15. A. can B. can be C. must D. must be



Dear Julia,

With this mail I would like to thank you and the whole Peking University crew(全体人员) for the “ Doing Business(生意) in China ”program. I had a great time in Beijing both in and out of class.

A 2-week program(项目) is not enough to understand Chinese culture and business

behavior thoroughly(彻底地), but I must say that the program was perfect for giving us an introduction to do business in China. Thanks a lot.

After leaving Beijing I had another five great days in Hangzhou and Suzhou. During my last day in China I bought a T-shirt that has the words “ I love China ” on it. I really love China. I hope to come back soon for travel or business.

I wish you good luck with your future job. I also welcome you to New York any time. Yours, Mary

1. How long did the program last?

A. For a week. B. For 5 days. C. For 2 months. D. For 14 days.

2. Mary wrote the thank-you letter for________.

A. Julia’s help with her lessons in Peking University

B. being shown around Chinese interesting places

C. Julia’s help with Chinese culture

D. the “ Doing Business in China” program

3. Which cities did Mary visit?

①Beijing ②Hangzhou ③Guangzhou ④Suzhou

A.①③④ B.①②④ C.②③④ D.①②③

4.Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage?

A. Mary stayed in China for 19 days.

B. Mary had a wonderful time in Beijing.

C. Mary didn’t learn much in the program.

D. Julia is probably is a Peking University student.

5. Where does Mary come from?

A. Canada. B. Australia. C. The US. D. England.

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