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第一卷 选择题(60分)


( )21.I am playing_____ piano right now while he is playing___ basketball.

A. the;/ B./;/ C. /;the D. the; the

( )22.Miss read is good __music, She can be good ___children in the music club.

A.at ;at B. with; with C. at; with D. with; at

( )23.____you can ___ our school concert.

A. Maybe, be B. Maybe, be in C. May be, in D. May be, be in

( )24.We ant two good _______our rock brand.

A. music for B. musician in C. music in D. musicians for

( )25.Little Tom can draw_________. His drawings are very______.

A. good, well B. well, good C. good ,good D. well ,well

( )26.Dose he have to practice ______English every day?

A. to speak B. speaking C. to say D. saying

( )27.The teacher is very strict _____his students.

A. with B. in C. for D. to

( )28.He ____his homework _____Sundays.

A. doesn’t ,on B. don’t do ,in C. doesn’t do ,on D. don’t do ,on

( )29.Those students go _____a ropeway ____cross the river to school.

A. on, for B. on ,with C. on ,to D. for ,to

( )30._____ do they run ? -------At six o’clock

A. What B. What time C. Where

( )31.He usually gets up early ______the morning, but he gets up late ______Sunday morning.


A. in, on B. on ,in C. in ,in

( )32. _______it from the radio station?

------It’s about 5 kilometers.

A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How many

( )33.How do you ____school? -------------I take the train,

A. get B. get to C. arrive D. arrive to

( )34.__________ your teacher ____home? ----------Yes , she does.

A. Do; drive B. Does; drive C. Do; drives D. Does; drives

( )35. He has to take a boat ___to work.

A. get B. to get C. got D .gets

( )36.How many Chinese players are there in the 2012 London Olympic (奥运会)

-----About ____________.

A. three hundred B. three hundreds C. three hundreds of D. three hundred ( )37.Mr.Han has a _____son and he is happy.

A. 3 year old B.3-year-old C.3-years-old D.3 years old

( )38.What do you _____this new club?

A. get to B. think of C. live to D. go to

( )39. Daisy has to _____the classroom after school.

A. cleans B. cleaned C. cleaning D. clean

( )40.I often go to bed late because I have ______ homework to do everyday.

A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too

( )41Why do you like penguins(企鹅)? ------- Because they are very _____.

A. cute B. dirty C. lazy D .tall


( )42.----Isn’t she your sister? ----_________.She is me aunt.

A. Yes ,she isn’t B. No, she is C. Yes ,she is D. No, she isn’t ( )43.Chinese people are very ____to others.

A. friendly B. friends C. friend D. friendy

( )44.Elephants can remember the places ___- food and water.

A. with B. for C. in D. at

( )45.----_________do you like dogs? ---- Because they are very interesting.

A. Why B. How C. What D. Where

( )46.Where _____ lions _____?

A. does, form B. do, come form C. is, form D. are ,come form

( )47.What _____animals do you like?

A. else B. other C. others D. other’s

( )48.He works only ________.

A. at the night B. in night C. at the evening D. at night

( )49. Mr. Li is kind _____ us, but sometimes he is kind _____ serious.

A .to; of B. with; to C. of; to D. with; of

( )50. Why do want ____the lions first?

A. seeing B. to look C. to see D. see

( )51. she likes ___to movies ____ her friends .

A. go ,with B. going ,with C. going, and D. to go, and

( )52.Is Kate doing homework? ----No, she isn’t. She _____ a letters.

A. writes B. is writing C. writeing


( )53.—Where ___students usually ____ basketball. ----At school.

A. are ,playing B. are ,play C. do ,play

( )54.Here _____ a photo of my friend.

A. are B. am C. is

( )55.Let’s ____ after school.

A. shopping B. go shopping C. go shop

( )56.—Where __your pen pals from? ----Oh, they are from_________.

A. is .the United Kingdom B. are , Japanese C. are , China

( )57. Tom is good ____football .He is ____ the football team.

A. in ,on B. at ,on C. on , in D. in, in

( )58.I____ to go shopping now. Do you go with me ?

A. want B. wants C. to want D. am waiting

( )59.He is studying ____ a test.

A. with B. for C. on D. of

( )60.I’m ______Helen. Do you know where she is ?

A. looking after B. looking at C. looking at D. looking for ( )61.---Hello! Is that Mr. Wang speaking? ----Yes, ______.

A. Who’ that? B. who are you? C. I’m speaking D. I’m Mr. Wang ( )62.They often go to the zoo _____ vacation.

A. at B. in C. to D. on

( )63.--______is the weather like ______ Changchun? -------It’s cold.

A. What ,about B. What ; in C. How ;about D. How ,about ( )64.What ____ they____ every evening?

A. are ;do B. do ;do C. are ;doing D. does; do 4

( )65.We are tired. We want to be ______.

A. relaxing B. relaxed C. relax

( )66.Look, the children _____ in the pool.\

A. swimming B. swim C. are swimming

( )67.Miss Li ____ working in her office. She is______ home now.

A. doesn’t ,in B. are ,at C. isn’t, at

( )68.It’s a ______day. Let’s _____ a walk.

A. cloudy ; going B. sunny; take C. windy ; to take

( )69.Mr.Wang’s son can _____ the violin. Listen! He ____ it now.

A. play ; is playing B. plays ; playing C. is playing ,play ( )70. There ____many people here _____vacation.

A. have , in B. is ,at C. are, on

( )71.______,where is the park, please?

A. Hello B. Excuse me C. Sorry D. Hi

( )72.There _____ a pen and two pencils in the pencil case.

A. is B. are C. have D. be

( )73. Walk along the street and take the _____ crossing on the left.

A. five B. fives C. fifth D.fiveth

( )74.What can you see _____ the right?

A on B. to C. at D. in

( )75.______ do you have PE lessons? -----Three times a week.

A. How long B. How soon C. How many D. How often ( )76. _____ is it from your home to school?

A. How far B. How long C. How soon D. How often 5

( )77.He is ill today, so he ___- stay at home.

A. must B. can C. may D. has to

( )78.Come on ,___ you will be late.

A. and B. but C. or D. so

( )79.It’s easy ____ chess.

A. play B. to play C. or D. so

( )80.Either you or he ____ a shower first.

A. take B. takes C. to take D. taking



Richard looks out of his window. There is a boy at the other side of the

street. The boy takes some hamburgers out of a bag and begins eating them.

There is a very thin (瘦的) dog in the street, too.

The boy says to it, “Come here, good dog, I’ll giveyou some hamburgers.” The dog is hungry and goes to the boy, but the boy es not give it any hamburgers. He kicks (踢) the dog. The dog runs away and the boy laughs (大笑).

Richard comes out of his house and says to the boy, “Good boy, come here, I’ll give you some money.” The boy is happy and jumps with joy (高



When the boy comes near, Richard doesn’t give him any coins, he hits (打) the boy with his stick (杖).

The boy cries (哭) and says, “Why do you hit me? I don’t ask you for any money.”

“No, ” Richard says, “The dog does not ask you for any hamburgers, but you kick it.”

( )81. Richard looks at the boy ________________ the window.

A. in B. through C. to D with

( )82. Which is NOT right?

A. The dog is thin B. The boy is hungry

C. The dog is hungry D. The boy is eating some hamburgers

( )83. The dog runs away because _____________________.

A. The boy kicks it B. The boy gives it some hamburgers

C. The boy laughs D. it kicks the boy

( )84. Why does the boy come to Richard?

A. He wants Richard to hit him


B. He wants to give Richard some hamburgers

C. He wants some money

D. He likes Richard very much

( )85. Mr. Richard gives the boy __________________.

A. some money B. a stick C. a lesson D. a dog


It is almost Molly’s birthday, and she wants only one thing. She wants Dad to be home for her birthday. Molly’s father is a taxi driver. His taxi has a name. Its name is The King of the Road.

Dad wakes Molly up on her birthday. "Good morning, Princess(公主) Molly!” he says. "The sun is shining. It’s a great day for a trip."

"Where are you going today, Dad?” Molly asks. She feels sad that her father is taking a trip on her

birthday. Can’t he stay with Molly?

"You mean where we are going," Dad says. "We are going for a ride in The King of the Road! Our first stop will be the meal. We will have a special birthday breakfast!"

"Wow!” Molly says, "Where will we go after that?"

"( )86. Why is this day special for Molly?


A. It is her first day to school. B. She is going to watch the Olympic Games.

C. It is her birthday. D. Her father has to go for work.

( )87. How does her dad’s trip idea make Molly feel at first?

A. Sad. B. Boring. C. Exciting. D. Relaxing.

( )88. What is the name of molly’s father’s taxi?

A. Princess Molly. B. Victoria, my love.

C. Strong Man. D. The King of the Road.

( )89. "That’s up to you," Dad says with a smile. What does the underlined part mean in Chinese?

A.由你决定. B.我也不知道. C.等妈妈回来再说. D.出发啦.

( )90. Which is TRUE from the passage?

A. Molly and her father will go to the cinema.

B. Molly’s father will have a nice breakfast with her.

C. Molly’s father makes a big cake for her.

D. Molly likes to drive her car very much.


It’s Sunday. It’s fine. Tom does not go to school today. But he is not at home. He’s now sitting(坐) on a Chinese bus. He is going to the movie house. All his

classmates(同学) will go to see a movie this afternoon. His teacher Mr Wang will go there, too. They will meet at 2:00 p.m. at the gate(门口) of the movie house. 9

An old man gets on(上车) the bus. Tom stands up and says(说) to the old man,

“Come and sit here, please.” The old man goes over and sits down. He says, “Thank you very much, my boy. You are a good student.” Tom answers, “You’re welcome.”

“What school are you in?” the old man asks Tom.

“I am in No. 2 Middle School.” Tom answers.

“No. 2? That’s a good school. My son is a teacher there. He is an English teacher.” The old man says.

“English teacher? Excuse me, grandpa. What’s your son’s name, please?” Tom asks.

“Mr Wang,” says the old man.

“Ah, ah, he is my English teacher.” Just then, the bus stops near the movie house. Tom says goodbye to the old man and gets off(下车) the bus. The old man smiles(微笑) to Tom.

( )91. In the sentence(句子) “the bus stops near the movie house”. “stop” means (意思是)______.

A. 车站 B. 开 C. 关 D. 停

( )92. Which(哪一句) is right?

A. It's Saturday today. B. It's not fine today.

C. Tom goes to school on Sunday. D. Tom is a student of No. 2 Middle School. ( )93. Mr Wang is_____.


A. at home today B. the old man's son

C. the old man's father D. a Chinese teacher

( )94. What do you think of Tom?

A. Tom is a good student. B. Tom is a bad(坏的) student.

C. He does wrong(错) things. D. He is a good teacher. ( )95. Which is right?

A. Tom goes to the movie house on an English car.

B. Only Tom and his teacher go to the movie house to see a movie.

C. They go to the movie house for a meeting(会议).

D. The old man's son is Tom's English teacher D

( )96.We can know that Ting ting and Ling ling are _____.

A. sisters B. classmates C. friends

( )97.Ting ting goes to London to _____

A. Visit B. work C. study


( )98. The word “delicious” in the last Para means “_______”

A. terrible B. nice C. bad

( )99.The weather is _____________ in London.

A. warm and humid B. rainy and hot C. cold and humid

( )100.What does Ting ting think of classmates in London?

A. They are unfriendly. B. They are nice C. They are bad.

第二卷 笔答题 (满分45分)

四.根据情景和首字母填入适当的单词,使短文意思完整(每小题1分,共10分) Near my home there is a big supermarket called “Da Tonghua”. You can buy school t____1 there , such as exercise books, rulers, pens, color pencils, erasers and maps. And you can buy drinks, vegetables, fruit, and all k__2__ of food. Some of them are c 3 but some of them are expensive. The supermarket is

o 4 every day f__5___8:00 a.m.to10:00 p.m. The people in the supermarket are very f 6 .They always have smiles on their faces. They work hard all day. They are h 7 to answer your questions. They help you find w 8 you want. On

Saturdays and S__9___,the supermarket is full of people. They buy a lot of things there. And sometimes they have their m 10 there, such as KFC, Aunt Boiled Dumplings and so on.


1、t____ 2、k____ 3、c 4、o 5、f___ __

6、f 7、h 8、w 9、S__ __ _10、m


In Australia, different people have different ways _______1 (enjoy) themselves. hey also have their own ideas about how _____2(pass) time.

Most children, about 80%, work hard in school because they have to take lots of exams. After school, they don't want to stay at home _____3(read) books any more. Instead they put aside their school bags and go out to play.

Some old people get up early in the morning. Then they go to park____4(read) newspapers. It helps them___5(know) what is happening around the world. In the evening, they like ______6(stay) at home watching TV.

Young people enjoy _____7(have) a relaxing trip on weekends. They usually start on Friday and spend one or two days_____8(play) outside. This makes them _____9(feel) relaxed. Then on Sunday evening, they start their way back

home. Nobody seems to be in a hurry, although a busy week______10(wait)for them again.


When you are in England, you must be very careful in the streets because the traffic drivers on the left. Before you cross the street, ③you must look to the right first and then the left.


In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come back from work, the streets are very busy. The traffic is the most dangerous .

When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, too. Always remember : the traffic goes on the left. Have a look first, or you’ll go the wrong way.

In many English cities, there are big buses with two floors. You can sit on the second floor. ④ From there you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting. 根据短文回答问题:

1. Why must you be very careful in England?


2. When are the street very busy?

__________________________________________________________. 将划线句子翻译成汉语。


4._________________________________________________________ 给文章起一个适当的题目。




假如你是李华,你得知笔友Tony 想去你家乡看你,请给他发一份电子邮件,简要介绍一下你家如何走、家乡的天气情况及接待他的相关事宜,内容包括:


1. 位置:坐出租车从机场到中心街,直走并向右拐,我的家就在超市旁;

2. 天气:夏季晴朗天气居多、炎热,雨后比较凉爽;

3. 活动:带他去看熊猫并说明原因……

注意:1. 短文中不允许出现真实姓名和校名等信息;

2. 全文不少于60词,可适当发挥。

Dear Tony,

I'm glad to know you will come to see me this summer vacation. Here I will tell you the way to my


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