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unit 7how much are these pants教案

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Unit 7 how much are these pants?

Teaching plan

Background information : student junior high school student ,grade 1

Text book: Unit 7 how much are these pants?(section A)

Time duration : 45 minutes

Type of lesson : integrated English


A:Knowledge: a. Know the new words of clothes, color and number

b. Learn to use the structure “how much...” to ask the price of clothes c. Learn how to thanks others

B:Skill:a.Speaking skill: learn to ask about the price of clothes and talk about clothing learn how to describe the shopping experience

b. Communication skill: learn how to thanks someone politely

learn to talk about your preference to clothes C:Affect: a. let student learn to consume reasonable

b. let students know thanks someone politely

c. Improve the cooperative spirit through pair work and role playing D:Strategy:a.direct strategies:memory(creating mental linkage)

cognitive strategies(practicing, receiving and sending message) b.indirect:strategies:(affective, social strategies)

E:Culture aim: know the difference between dollar and RMB

Key point and difficulties

A:Key point a.vocabulary: new words about clothes, color and number

b.Learn the basic structure “what color is/are” “how much is/are”

“it is/they are” “can I help you” “what can I do for you ” “what color do you want” “here you are” “thank you”.


a.there are many new words . It is difficult for student to remember.

b.singular& plural form of n.

c.learn to go shopping in English atmosphere

Teaching method:a.Communication language teaching

b.Task-based language teaching


Step procedure:

1.warming up(3min)

Before class, I will let student guess my clothes changes. Then I will talk about my recent shopping experience and let students talk about their shopping experience. I will observe who wear a new clothes and I describe its type, color to let student guess.

2.vocabulary learning and practicing(10min)

a.Teaching new words of clothes : using picture to create mental linkage

b.Teaching new words of color: describe the color of the clothes

c.Practice these words: a.TPR: I point one clothes and let them sar what it is and what is the color of it b.have a game “涂鸦” paint the picture with right color c.listening 1A to review these new words and master its pronunciation

3.singular& plural form of none(5min)

This part is the difficulties of this class, I mainly use phrases to let student know how to use singular& plural form of a none. For example, a yellow hat, a pair of red shoes, a pair of blue pants.

4.Structure learning(10min)

?Learn how to buy clothes and ask the color, price and express thanks(3min) In this section,first I will show student a picture of store with various goods.

A. -- “How much is ... How much are ...” to ask its price.

“It is... They are...” to answer it.

B. --What is the color of it?

?Listening the 1A again to practice these structure(3min)

?Then I will show some picture to use these questions to ask them(贴标签活动)(4min)

Pair work: make a conversation to practice these structure( in this way ,students will know the difference between dollar and RMB)

5. Go shopping (实景对话)(7min)

Clerk: Can I help you ?

Mary: Yes, please. I want a_______?

Clerk: What _____do you want?

Mary : Blue.

Clerk: Here you are .

Mary :_____ ____ is it?

Clerk:20 dollars.

Mary : I will take it. _____ ____.

Clerk: You are welcome.

Listening and filling the blanks. In this part, they will hear 5 short conversation. It will refer to different clothes and different color. By doing so, student can speak this conversation fluently.

6. Pair work and role playing(8min)

Four people form a group: one is salesperson. One is cashier. The others are customers. Practice firstly and then show it in the class.

Summary(2min):(1)grammar “what color is/are” “how much is/are” “it is/they are” “can I help you” “what can I do for you ” “what color do you want” “here you are” “thank you”.

(2) by the lesson, students can learn to consume reasonable and learn to buy clothes themselves

homework:make a survey in your group about his or her clothes color and price

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