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Unit 7 how much are these pants 学案

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Unit 7 how much are these pants?

Learning plan

Grade Subject Task Teacher

Learning objective: 1.learn the new words of clothes, color and number in this unit

2.Learn to ask price and talk about clothing

3.Learn how to thanks others

4.learn to buy clothes themselves and consume reasonable

Key point and difficulties ?Key words : how much, pants, sock, shirt, T-shirt, shorts, sweater, shoes, skirt,

shoes, color, black, white, blue, yellow, red, green, sale, dollar

Key sentence: “what color is/are” “how much is/are”“it is/they are”

?“can I help you” “what can I do for you ” “what color do you want” “here you are” “thank you”.

?Difficulties: singular& plural form of n.

learn to go shopping in English atmosphere

Learning strategies guide: a. Create mental linkage to remember the new words

b.talk with your classmate about your shopping experience

Learning steps:

Pre--class preparation

1.first review the number from one to ten

2.Talk with your partner about your recent shopping experience, about your

clothes,mainly its color and price.

3.Preview the passage and new words in this unit.

In-class practice

1.vocabulary practice

T 毛衣 短袜

短裤 男衬衫颜色黑色红色 黄色

蓝色 白色

2.singular& plural form of none

Plural form:

3.Go shopping (实景对话)模板

Clerk: Can I help you ?

Mary: Yes, please. I want a_______?

Clerk: What _____do you want?

Mary : Blue.

Clerk: Here you are .

Mary :_____ ____ is it?

Clerk:20 dollars.

Mary : I will take it. _____ ____.

Clerk: You are welcome.

4.gammer focus:

(1)how much 用于询问物品的价格,翻译为多少,同时还可以用于对不可数名词的数量提问。如:How much ice cream do you have ? 你有多少冰激凌啊?

(2)how much 后边的系动词有两个,分别是is (后接单数名词)和are(后接复数名词),回答的时候也有单数(It’s....)和复数(They’re .....)之分。 如:How much is the hat ? It’s six dollars . 这顶帽子多少钱?6美元。

How much are these pants ? They’re nine dollars .这条裤子多少钱?9美元。

(3). Can I help you ? 我能帮助你吗?

这句话直译为我能帮助你吗?在不同的场所可以有不同的含义,如: 在餐馆里服务员说:“Can I help you ?”意思就是你吃些什么啊?

在商店里售货员说:“Can I help you ?”意思就是你买些什么啊?

在书店里售书员说:“Can I help you ?”意思就是你要买什么书?

这个句子的肯定回答通常是Yes ,please .否定回答为No ,thanks .

(4)dollar 美元,它和yuan(元,人民币),pound(英镑)都是货币单位,yuan没有复数形式,而dollar和pound有复数形式。

(5).I’ll take it/them . 我买它/他们了。

(6)Here you are . 给你。

(7) You’re welcome . 不客气,不用谢。

(3) after class exercises

1. 根据提示完成单词。

and white.



(1) How much is these pants? (2) How much are these sock? (3) How much are this shorts? It’s 4 dollars? 3. 连词成句

is, this, much, how, hat the, sweater, red, much, is, how ? is, it, dollars, 7 .

pants, these, how, are, much, black these, dollars, are, 6, shorts, blue .

4.. 根据上下句提示,完成小对话。

(1) A: ?

B: Yes, please. I want a sweater?

(2) A: do you want?

B: Green.

(3) A: is it?

B: 8 yuan.

(4) A: I’ll take it. Thank you!


5.调查make a survey in your group about his or her clothes color and price


如:My partner’s name is Jim. His T-shirt is 15 yuan. His …

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