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what is the matter 说课稿

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Unit 2 What’s the matter?

Teaching analysis

The topic of this unit is "What's the matter?". In this unit students should learn to talk about your health and learn to give advice. I'll analyze the lesson from five parts. That are:

1.analysis of the teaching material; 2, analysis of students 3. Teaching aids and methods 4 Teaching Procedures 5.blackboard design; 6,homework.

Part One :Analysis of teaching material

1.Content and functions of the textbook;

this unit is revolved around the topic “What's the matter”. Then let student learn to express their health problem and give advice. This topic is related to our daily life, which enable students to use simple words to exchange their views. By cooperating with their classmates, it can enhance their friendship and learn to care about others.

In this class, the main content is the words of body parts and diseases and the structure: what is the matter? I should.....

2.teaching aims

A:knowledge: learn the word of body parts and health disease

Learn the basic structure “what is the matter” and “you should....to” give advice

B ability Speaking: student can express their health problems and give advice

Communication competence

C:moral: a. let student learn to care about others and deepen their friendship

B.let students know the importance of health and do more exercise to keep healthy

C Improve the cooperative spirit through pair work and role playing

3.Key point and difficulties

Key point :1、know the word of body parts and diseases.

2、Master the expressions of giving advice

3、 Learn the basic structure “What’s the matter? I have a……” and give advice by using “You should do ……You shouldn’t do……”


1. there are many new words about body parts and diseases. It is difficult for student to remember.

2.Play the role of a doctor and give reasonable advice

Part Two Analysis of students

As junior grade 2 students, they have learned some basic communicative English. However, it isn’t mother tongue at all, it is necessary to use some pictures, games, PPT to attract their interest and get themselves involved in the class and let the class truly become student-centered. And at the same time, i designed many activities to repeat the key points to let student use it freely and acquire them.

Part Three Teaching methods

According to students’features, i firstly use TPR method to make the class atmosphere alive. Then i use direct method such as pictures,PPT,games to attract their eyes. By using TBLT,CLT and other teaching method to get students involved in the class and familiar with the key points in this class.

Part 4 Teaching Procedures

Step 1 warming up

greeting them to lead in today’s main objective.

Step 2 Reviewing the words about body parts

Using total physical response to attract students attention and strength their memory Step3 Introduce the “what is the matter ” doctor to student

This can deepen students impression about the structure.

Step 4.Learn the new words and phrases

Step5 Presentation of expressions of given advice

In this section, i mainly want students to know the use of “should”

step6. Make a conversation with the format on the PPT

Step7 summary:(1)grammar :what is the matter with sb?

Sb have/has a ...

What should sb do?

They should/should’t do sth

(2) by the lesson, students must have learned the importance of health, so encourage them to exercise more and have a balanced diet.

part5.blackboard design

When introduce the “what is the matter ”doctor, i will draw a picture in right part of the

blackboard. On one hand, it can attract students’ interest. On the other hand, student will deepen their impression on the structure. The rest part of the black board is mainly about the key points in this unit. All contents on the blackboard should be clear and logical.


tell you parents or friends what you have learned in the class, and tell them what should they do when they have some health problems. By this way, students can learn to care about others and know the importance of health.

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