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1.I found it a bit / a little strange . a bit of + n. 而 a little 直接加n.

2.none 用来回答How many 和 How much 的而 nothing ----what的 no one 只指没有一个人

3.Red is the colour of heat(hot的名词)and represents(代表)power and strong feelings .

4.Daniel was in a bad mood (有复数形式moods ) ,no one could cheer him up.

5.They have a bad / good / great / bad effect on people , especially teenagers.

6.prefer sth. to sth. == like … better than …

7.I think Sandy should use the colour white more . She worries a lot and often gets stressed .

8.Anyone in need of ( ==needs ) physical or mental strength should wear red clothes 任何需要在身体上和精神上需要强大的人都应该穿红色。(读9A第26和27页 )

9.But blue looks good on you ==== You look good in blue .

10. Wearing (being in ) blue clothes or sleeping in a blue room is good for our mind and body because this colour creates(创造 creation ) a feeling of harmony(和谐的) .

11.colour(动词把……染成…的颜色)sth. + 颜色 eg. colour the room orange

12.We live in a world full of colours == We live in a world that is filled with colours

be full of == be filled with

13.We are writing to recommend(推荐) David as the new chairperson of the Students’ Union .We think he will be an excellent chairperson because he has many good personal qualities(个人品质)

14.Not afraid of making a speech to a large group of people.

15. He has joined the Computer club this year because he wants to help himself get more organized

16.He is imaginative enough to come up with new ideas . He is also very generous .

17. correct----incorrect active ---inactive

18. You shouldn’t worry about not having breakfast .

19. be familiar with ….(对……熟悉) be similar to……(和…..相似)(读9A第8和9页) .

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