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9A Unit6

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9A Unit6

1. He was last seen leaving his office in New Town at about 7 p.m(他最后被看见是在晚上七


2. The victim was attacked with a knife and bled(bleed)to death as a result .(这个受害人是


3. The victim obviously put up a good fight .(很明显,受害人曾奋力搏斗过)

4. He put up a good fight against (介词“反对”“对抗”)his disease .

5. Anyone with information should contact the police on 55501212.(任何知情人士应该拨打…


6. When people breathe, they take in air and send it out through their nose or mouth .(当人们


7. It seemed to me that the robber was quite familiar with the bank .(看起来好像这个抢劫者


8. Tom was charged with robbery .(汤姆被指控犯有抢劫罪)

9. How do you get along with your classmates ?你与你的同班同学相处的怎么样?

10. Eating too much fast food often leads to illness.(吃太多的快餐常常导致疾病)

11. Can you tell me what she does(makes ) for a living ?(你能告诉我她以何谋生?)

12. on the morning of 18 August ,1998

13. rob sb. of sth. make progress (取得进步)


1. You should be more realistic (real )你应该更现实点。

2. The word mourned the loss of a great beauty ,a great actress and a great humanitarian .

3. By showing us the beauty of nature ,Hephurn wanted to remind(remind sb.of sth./ remind

sb. to do ) us that we should protect the environment .赫本通过向我们展示大自然之美来提醒我们应该保护环境。the importance of

4. She began taking ballet lessons at a very young age . She loved dancing and her dream

(hobby ,aim , was to become a successful ballet dancer .She had put most of her effort (努力)into ballet training before she entered the film industry .

5. While (she was ) acting in Monte Carlo Baby ,Hepburn met the famous French writer .

6. While (you are )watching the film you have to keep quite .

7. While(you are ) crossing the road you should be careful .

8. It was a big success (巨大的成功)

9. That event marked the beginning of Hepburn’s successful career.(那件事标志着赫本成功生


10. She won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in this film .因为在这部电影的角色她获得


11. made her final appearance (最后一次出现)

12. Hepburn’s achievements went beyond the film industry .赫本的成就超过了电影事业本身。

13. She was honoured with a number of awards because of her efforts in this area.

14. The President Medal of the united States presented her with the President Medal of Freedom

for her charity work.

15. Ten days later , at the age of 63,Hepburn passed away peacefully in her sleep.

16. Hepburn is remembered for her beauty and her kindness .

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