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8B unit3迎接中考

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8B unit3—unit4

1. think ( make ,find ) it + adj.+ to do

2. I hope a lot of pop stars can be invited(邀请) to the show .

3. I hope our charity show will be a big success . decide ---decision

4. make money by selling goods or services. (通过卖货物和提供服务挣钱)

5. There is a new railway station and it has been in service (==been in use 投入使用)

since 2002 .

6. Everyone was very generous and we had a lot of support from local business .I hope

more events like this will be organized to raise money for charity and I think more people should be invited to take part in them

7. It was my job to introduce each star. I also had many other duties .It was hard

work but I was happy to do it .

8. We can advertise(做广告)on the Internet. We should give out leaflets to ask people to

donate money. Let’s sell books to raise money.

9. Spring Bud Project helps poor young girls return to school. Project Green Hope helps

protect rivers and lakes in China.

10. I have been chosen to be the host of a charity show . You must practise a lot if you want to be

a good host . prepare…for … 为。。。做准备====get ready to do

11. They are making a poster and preparing a speech for the show. 安排

12. audience(观众)+ is/ are 都行 ,curtain 幕,帷幕 , arrange(vt.)--arrangement (n.)

13. career 职业,生涯

14. The goal of the game is to travel around the world to learn the history of each place

and then use this knowledge to open the treasure box .

15. The treasure box is hidden(hide—hid—hidden 藏) somewhere in the Arctic .

16. What will computers be like in the future ? 其中like(介词 像 unlike )

17. Many topics are covered (被涉及)in the course ,including food and drink….. 18. I’m going to order(订购) a package online . Do you want me to order(订购) one for you

too ? 其中order 既可以是动词“订购”也可以是名词“所订购的东西和在餐馆点的饭菜”

19. go on short tours of …进行。。。的短途旅行 guide—导游,指南

20. a total of ….总共。。。。。。 simple--___________(adv.) wide---___________(adv.)

21. Did you connect the keyboard to the computer properly?你把键盘正确地连到电脑了

22. connect……to….. on the screen 在屏幕上

23. And it is designed especially for the students . ( design 设计)

24. The game starts with (以。。。开始)the main character (人物)having dinner 。

25. What do you usually use your computer for? == Why do you use your computer ?

26. what.. for === why one way ticket单程票 / round ticket 往返票

27. The places you have visited are marked in bright purple .你参观过的地方被用明亮的紫色


28. This CD-ROM helps you learn English by testing(通过测试) your knowledge of …

29. These words were written on it .

30. A cloud with questions on it will come down and carry you off to a place you have

never visited before .

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