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I.选择最佳答案。(20分)( ) 1. There is _____ “u” in the word “computer”.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 2. Kate with her parents often __________ to a movie on weekends.

A. go B. goes C. going D. to go

( ) 3. John is my son, but I’m not his father. I’m his ______.

A. uncle B. mother C. brother D. aunt

( ) 4. Thanks for ________ me.

A. help B. helps C. to help D. helping

( ) 5. The pants ____ nice, I’ll take______.

A. look; them B. looks; it C. look; it D. looks; them

( ) 6. My son is ____.Today is his _____birthday.

A. twelve; twelve B. twelfth; twelfth

C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelfth

( ) 7. _____ your father like bananas?

A. Has B. Is C. Does D. Do

( ) 8. These green shorts are ____sale ____ $10.

A. on; at B. on; for C. for; of D. in; at

( ) 9. ______ is the first day of a w eek.

A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday D. Friday

( )10. ______ your father _____ with you?

A. Does; strict B. Do; strict C. Is; strict D . Are; strict

( ) 11. — Let’s play ping-pong. —_______ .

A. Yes, please B. Thank you C. No, I don’t D. That sounds good

( ) 12. -________he paint ?-No, he can't

A. Does B. Is C. Do D. can

( ) 13. Bob is ____ eleven-year-old boy.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 14. -----How much are the shoes? ------ ________ 100 dollars.

A. It’s B. These are C. They are D. This is

( ) 15. The books are very _______ . They sell very ______.

A. good; good B. well; well C. well; good D. good; well

( ) 16. Can I join the ______ club?

A. swims B. swimming C. swim D. swiming

( ) 17. He _______ breakfast at home.

A. hasn’t B. haven’t C. doesn’t have D. don’t have

( ) 18. ----Jane, your dress is beautiful(美丽的). ------________.

A. No, it isn’t. B. Really? C. Thank you. D. Yes, it is.

( ) 19.-----What time is it? -------I think it’s ______ 6:00.

A. at B. on C. around D. to

( ) 20. I have _____ soccer ball. _______ soccer ball is on the floor.

A. /; a B. a; / C. the; The D. a; The


Jim 1 from America. Now he is 2 China. He 3 at about 6:30 and eats his breakfast at 7:0 0 in the morning. After breakfast, he says “goodbye” 4 his parents and

leaves (离开)home at 7:30. He usually walks to school. He gets there at 7:55.

He 5 his first class at eight. Morning classes are over at 12:10, and he eats lunch ten minutes later at about 12:20. After lunch he plays 6 his friends. Afternoon classes begin at 1:30. Usually there are two classes in the 7 . School is over at 3:30. Usually he plays games or do 8 things and gets home at about 5:15. He eats supper at 6:00 and then 9 , then he watches TV. He wwW.x kB 1.c Om

10 at around 10:00.

( )1. A. come B. is C. are D. be

( )2. A. in B. at C. on D. of

( )3. A. plays B. gets up C. goes home D. goes to school

( )4. A. with B. for C. and D. to

( )5. A. have B. has C. start D. begin

( )6. A. with B. and C. to D. or

( )7. A. afternoon B. morning C. evening D. night

( )8. A. another B. an other C. other D. others

( )9. A. swim B. goes to bed C. takes D. does his homework

( )10. A . goes to school B. goes to bed C. goes home D. goes to the room

III. 阅读理解(共40分,其中A----D篇每小题1分,E---F篇每小题2分。) 阅读下列短文,选择最佳答案。


One day,a little boy came to a shop and said to the shop assistant(店员): "I want to buy twelve exercise-books of 10 cents(美分)(1 00美分=1美元) and nine pencils of 15 cents, four erasers of 20 cents. How much shall I pay(付款)?"

"If I give you 5 dollars, how much shall I get back?"

"You'll get back 1.65 dollars. Shall I pack(打包) these things for you?"

"No, I don't buy anything" the boy looked at the piece of paper and said politely(礼貌地). "This is my math homework. Can I take the answer away?"


( )1. _______ kinds of things are mentioned by(被提到) the boy.

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

( )2. The boy went to the shop _______.

A. to buy something for his school B. to buy something for his home

C. to see how many things the shop has D. to get an answer

( )3. Nine pencils of 15 cents is ______.

A. $ 1.35 B. $ 1.65 C. $ 0.15 D. 2.15

( )4. The shop assistant asked(要求) the boy to pay _________ after she answered boy.

A. no thing B. $ 3.35 C. $ 1.65 D. $ 5

( )5. The boy bought(买) ________ at last(最后).

A. nothing B. nine pencils

C. twelve exercise-books D. four erasers


Dear Mr. Wang,

Someone comes to the office to see you in the morning, but you and your wife are out.

He comes here at 10am. Because he is very busy, he goes away half an hour later. He tells me that he is your classmate at college(大学). Now he teaches Chinese in a high school(高中) in this city and he lives near the No. 6 Middle School. He is a very tall man with short hair. He wears a pair of glasses. He tells me his telephone number is 33426685. He is often at home at 7:00 pm. So you can call him in the evening.

( )1. The author(作者) writes this note(便条) to ______.

A. Mr. Wang B. Mr. Wang’s wife C. Mr. Wang’s classmate D. me

( )2. Mr. Wang’s cl assmate is __________.

A. a teacher B. a worker C. a farmer D. an actor

( )3. When is Mr. Wang’s classmate often at home?

A. In the morning B. In the afternoon.

C. At 7:00 pm. D. We don’t know.

( )4. How long does Mr. Wang’s classmate stay in the office?

A. Ten hours. B. An hour. C. Two hours. D. Half an hour.

( )5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Mr. Wang and his wife are classmates.

B. Mr. Wang’s classmate is short.

C. Mr. Wang goes out with Mrs. Wang in the morning.

D. Mr. Wang’s classmate meets Mr. Wang in the morning


Joan is an American girl. She lives in China now. She is in my class. Her parents work in us English well. We all like his class. On Sundays, Joan goes to the People's Park with

her father and mother. Sometimes she goes shopping with her mot her. They like the Chinese food very much. It's a happy family.

( ) 1. Joan is from ________.

A. China B. Japan C. the U.S.A. D. Canada

( ) 2. How many people are there in Joan’s family?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Five. D. Six.

( ) 3. Joan's ________ is an English teacher.

A. father B. mother C. brother D. father and mother

( )4. How often does Joan go to the shop?

A. Often. B. Never. C. Every Sunday. D. Sometimes.

( )5.What can we know from the passage(段落)?

A. Joan's mother is a good doctor.

B. There are three people in her family.

C. They like to eat the Chinese food a lot.

D. The family are all in China.



Old Henry lived on a clean street in Green C ity. Every weekend, Alan and his friends played soccer in the street. The children were too noisy (吵闹的)for the old man to have a good rest.

One day, Old Henry told the children that he would give them $ 10 each weekend to watch them play soccer in the street. He said, “I am so glad when seeing you play soccer

happily.” Alan and his friends were surprised to hear Old Henry’s words.

The first weekend after that, the boys went to play soccer near the old man’s house, and went away happily with 10 dollars. The second weekend they also got 10 dollars. The third weekend, Old Henry said he spent his money on his grandson’s school things. So he only gave the children 4 dollars. The next weekend, Old Henry said he had a cold and he spent his money on medicine(药). He only gave them 1 dollar. After that, Alan and his friends didn’t play soccer in that street any more.

( )1. Alan likes playing soccer.

( )2. Alan and his friends cleaned the street every weekend.

( )3. Old Henry’s grandson is a student.

( )4. Old Henry gave 26 dollars in all (总共) to the children.

( )5. In fact, Old Henry didn’t want the children to play soccer near his house. E

It’s April 13th. It’s Mary’s birthday. (A) She and her mother go to a big city by bus. They see many clothes stor es and hotels there. They come to a clothes store first. (B) Mary’s mother buys a red skirt for Mary. Then they go to a food store. (C) There they buy some chicken hamburgers. Then they go to Green Hotel. They go to see Mary’s uncle. (D)他在这个旅馆工作。Green Hotel is a big hotel with 120 rooms. Each room is very nice. Mary has a good time in the hotel.


1. 写出划线部分(A)处的同义句

She and her mother _____________________________to a big city.

2. 将划线部分(B)处译为汉语


3. 将划线部分(C)处改为否定句

There they __________ buy ___________ chicken hamburgers.

4. 将划线部分(D)处译为英语


5. 根据短文内容回答问题

How many ro oms are there in Green Hotel?


B)填入适当的词语或句子完成对话(10分)(每空2分) A: 1????________________________________?

B: Yes, please. 2_____________________ a pair of shoes. A: 3________________________ do you want?

B: Black.

A: What about this pair?www.X kb1 .coM

B: They look nice. 4____________________________________? A: They are thirty dollars.

B: I’ll 5____________________. Thank you.

A: You are welcome.

V. 用括号内单词的适当形式填空。(10分)(每空1分)

1. I don’t like ___ _______________ ( comedy).

2. Do you want _____________ (go) to a movie?

3. Mary _____________________(not do) homework today.

4. Thursday is the ____________________(five) day of a week.

5. They often go out _________________(eat) with Mr. Green.

6. Can you help kids with _____________________(swim)?

7. We want two good ________________________(music).

8. Liu Xiang is a great _____________________(run) star.

9. ____________ your friend _______________ (like) soccer?

10. ________________ (she) favorite color is white.

Ⅵ. 翻译句子(15分,1—7题每题1分,8—11题每题2分。)

1. 我的姑姑喜欢看电视。

My aunt _____________________________ TV.

2. 你想了解中国历史吗?

Do you want to learn about ____________________________?

3. 你会下棋吗?

Can you __________________________________?

4. 我喜欢健康食品。

I like __________________________________.

5. 我最喜爱的水果是苹果.

_______________________________________ is apples.

6. 你几点上学?

__________________________ do you go to school?

7. 这是我的全家福.

This is ____________________________ ____________.

8. 这裤子多少钱?


9. 谢谢你的来信。


10. 我的生日是8月31日。


11. 你喜欢哪种电影?


Ⅶ. 书面表达(15分)

假设Sally是你的好朋友,请根据下面表格提示,以My good friend为题,写一篇80词左右的短文,介绍一下Sally,可适当发挥。(15分)

Name Age Birthday club Likes Family members

Sally 14 November,29th music;

English books; tennis;

strawberries; hamburgers father(doctor )

mother(English teacher )

brother, (student )







4. He works in the hotel. 5. There are 120 room s.

F). 1. I have bread and milk for breakfast.

2. No, I’m not.

3. At around twelve, I come home for lunch.

4. After school, I do my homework and play with other children.

5. He goes to bed at midnight.

IV. 补全对话新

A) E F G B C

B) 1. Can I help you?/ What can I do for you?

2. I want/ I’d like 3. What color

4. How much are they? 5. take them

V. 用括号内单词的适当形式填空。

1. comedies 2. to go 3. doesn’t do 4.fifth 5. to eat

6. swimming 7. musicians 8. running 9. Does; like 10. Her

VI. 翻译句子。

8. How much are the pants? /What’s the price of the pants?

9. Thanks for your letter. / Thanks for writing to me.

10. My birthday is August 31st.

11. What kind of movies do you like?

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