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Unit 11-12

一 单选

( ) 1.--Did you go to the countryside yesterday? --____. I went to the park.

A. Yes, I do B. No, I don't C. Yes, I did D. No, I didn't

( ) 2.--How about your visit to the City Zoo, David?

--There aren't ____ tigers, but there are ____ cute pandas.

A.some; any B.some; some C.any; any D.any; some

( ) 3.--I heard that you your favourite actor jet Li last week. --Yeah, and I was

so ____ to get his autograph.

A.saw; angry B.met; sad C.met; lucky D.watches; quiet

( ) 4.Going for a drive on weekends sounds really ____ Can I go with you?

A.boring B.interesting C.bored D.interested

( ) 5.--How was your day off on the beach? --Very good. We had fun ____.

All of us had a great time in the camp.

A.walk B.camp C.walking D.camping

( ) 6.He didn't finish the work in the middle of the month, but he finished the

work ____ it. A.at the end of B.in the first half C.in early May

D.in the beginning

( ) 7.Tony ____ an MP4 in the flower show. He was surprised to get the prize.

A.had B.took C.won D.bought

( ) 8.--What did Tom do last Friday night? --He did nothing. He just ____ on

the street. A.ran after a dog B.played football C.went shopping

( ) 9.--What did you do last night, Li Lei?

--I ____ some news about the football match on TV.

A.heard B.listened C.read D.watched

( ) 10.Were there ____________ sharks(鲨鱼)?

A.some B.any C.a lot

( ) 11.—Were you at home yesterday? —____________.

A.Yes,I were. B.Yes,I am. C.Yes,I was.

( ) 12.— Did they take any photos? —____________.

A.No,they didn't B.No,they did C.No,they aren't

( ) 13.My mother ____________ some cakes for us last night.

A.makes B.maked C.made

( ) 14. What _______he do on his last school trip?

A. Does B. did C. is D. was

( ) 15. Aunt Zhao often ____ photos_____ her daughter.

A. makes, of B. does, for C. takes , for D. takes, of

( ) 16. It rained ________ last Sunday. They had to stay at home.

A. all the day B. all days C. the all day D. all day

( ) 17. I ________ pizza for lunch. It was terrible.

A. had B. watched C. bought D. saw

( ) 18. After two hours’ work, I felt _____tired.

A. kinds of B. kind of C. a kind of D. a kind

( ) 19. _____ my opinion, to have a trip is good for our health.

A. For B. In C. To D. With

( ) 20. We had great fun _____our bicycles to the beach last Sunday.

A. to ride B. riding C. ride D. rode

( ) 21. -- How was your last vacation for Beijing? --___________.

A. It’s good. B. They are boring C. It was interesting. D.It was far away.

( ) 22.--______there any pandas in the zoo last year? --No, there _____, but there ____some now.

A. Are, aren’t, are B. Were, wasn’t, are C. Were,weren’t, is D.Were, weren’t,are

( )23. He finished________ the composition(作文) early last night.

A. write B. writing C. to write D. wrote

( ) 24. Tony often helps his parents _________the garden after school.

A. watches B. clean C. tidying D. to see

( )25.Peter _____a famous actor this morning, but he didn’t _______his autograph(亲笔签名).

A. meets,gets B .met ,got C. met ,get D. meet,get

( ) 26. ―Did you go to the zoo yesterday? —________.

A. Yes, I didn't B. No, I didn't C. Yes, I was D. No, I did

( ) 27. There is a shop ________ the street.

A. by the end of B. in the end C. at the end of D. on the end

( ) 28. ―My mother was ill in bed yesterday. ―________

A. Why? B. Sure. C. Is she better now? D. I'm sorry to hear that. ( )( )29—Where ________ he go on vacation? —He went to the mountains.

A.is B.does C.has D.did

( ) 30.These clothes look ______ and sell ________.

A.well; well B.good; well C. well good D. good good

( ) 31.After lunch they ________ to the Gift Shop where they ________ lots of gifts . A.go; buy B.go; bought C.went; buy D.went; bought

( ) 32.It’s too late. Please stop ______and go home.

A.play soccer B.playing soccer C.to play soccer D.played soccer.

( ) 33.What______they_______on their last school trip?

A.did, do B.did, did C.were , do D. do, do

( ) 34. What ____ you usually do on the weekend ?

A. are B. do C. did

( ) 35. Did Lucy ____ the noodles yesterday?

A. cooking B. cook C. cooked

( ) 36. I was very afraid____ the dog.

A. with B. for C. of

( ) 37.I think the school trip was ______ fun.

A.so much B.so many C.too many

( ) 38.Last Sunday,Jack ______ some lovely gifts _______ me.

A.buys,for B.bought, for C. bought,to

( ) 39. ---Who ______ dinner yesterday evening in your family? ---My mother ______.

A. cooks, does B. cooked, did C. cook, is

( ) 40.I am ______ English.

A. interesting in B. interest in C. interested in

( ) 41.Can you tell me how______ a model robot.

A. make B. making C. to make

( ) 42.Look! There are a lot of _______ on the farm.

A. sheep B. panda C. cow

( ) 43.______ interesting book it is!

A. What B. How C. What an

( ) 44.Let’s go ______ in the ______ pool.

A. swim, swimming B. swimming, swimming C. swimmming, swim

( ) 45.He rode a horse and _____ a mountain.

A. climb B. climbed C. climbs D. climbed

二 按要求完成句子

1. He usually goes to school by bus, but today he ________(walk) to school.

2. ________ you ________(have) any eggs for breakfast yesterday?

3. There ________(be) some bread in the box yesterday.

4. Sam ________(be) here half an hour ago.

5. -Where ________ you ________(meet) the famous actor? -I met him in Beijing.

6. There were many v____________ on vacation in our Yueqing.

7. They ________(come ) to China two months ago.

8. Where _________( be ) she last week?

9. The twins __________( be ) at school this morning.

10. _________ he __________ ( tell ) you a story last Sunday?

11. Listen! Sue ____________ (sing) an English song.

12. I will help my mother__________( do) housework tomorrow.

13. They always have fun ___________(talk) to each other.

14. They usually go _________ (boat) in the lake.

15. It’s important _________(not go) near a snake.

16. She stays in the house and watches DVDs. (用yesterday作时间状语改写句子) She ______ in the house and ____ DVDs yesterday.

17. Were there many foreign players in Beijing? (作出肯定回答) Yes, ____.

18. My last Sunday. (就划线部分提问) _________ your family ____ last Sunday?

19.We had a great time on that small island(岛,岛屿) last Sunday. (同义句转换)

We _______ ________ on that small is land last Sunday.

20. I watch TV every evening.(用过去时改写)

I ________TV yesterday evening. 对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ the ________ yesterday?

22. He did his homework last night.(改为否定句)

He __________ _________ his homework last night.

对划线部分提问) _________ __________ you yesterday afternoon?

24. Tina went to the zoo. (改为一般疑问句)

________ Tina ________ to the zoo? 对划线部分提问) ________ did Grace ________?

26. Jake often goes swimming. (以last year为状语改写句子)

Jake often ________ swimming ______ year. 对划线部分提问) ________ ________the science teacher ________ yesterday afternoon?

28.There were some sandwiches on the table.(改为一般疑问句) ________ _________ __________ sandwiches on the table ?

29.He met Tina on his way home.(变为否定句)

He_________ __________ Tina on his way home. 对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ she _______ with?

31.---昨天谁帮助你了? ---汤姆帮了.

--- ______ ______ you yesterday. ---- Tom ______.


________ _________ a set of keys yesterday?


He _______ _______ _______ a test in his room.


We can see some ______ and ______ ______ _______ _______.


I _______ like the last school trip _______ _______.


We are _______ ______ _______ _______ _______.


_______ _______ ________,I have a good time today.


That was a very _______ _______ for me.


He jumped ______ _______ ________,because he was very scared.


I was _______ _______ _______ I went to ______ _______.


When he saw her new room , he _____ _______ _______.


Can you ______ _______ _______?

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