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unit9 What does he look like单元测试卷

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Unit 9 单元测试卷


( ) 1.The woman _________ long hair is our math teacher.

A. in B. with C. on D. of

( ) 2.Pete stops _________ and goes to bed.

A. watching TV B. watch TV C. to watch TV D. to read

( ) 3.I often write E-mails to my pen pals, but ________ writes me back.

A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody

( ) 4.My aunt is too _________ ,she wants to be slim(苗条的).

A. heavy B. tall C. short D. thin

( ) 5.He is of medium build, but he looks ________ fat, I think.

A. a lot of B. a bit of C. a little D. a little of

( ) 6.Please remember ________the window when you leave.

A .close B .closing C. to closing D. to close

( ) 7.Jenny _________ her mother, and her mother _________ very young.

A. looks like; looks like B. looks like, looks C.looks , looks like D. looks , looks

( ) 8.The pretty girl has __________ hair.

A. long brown B. brown long C. a long brown D. a brown long

( ) 9.What about __________ shopping on Sunday? --- Good idea!

A. go B. goes C. to go D. going

( ) 10. Ruth has _____ curly hair.

A. a B. an C. the D. \

( ) 11. Peter wears ______ today.

A. a glass B. sunglass C. glasses D. glass

( ) 12. ---____does she look like? ---Her mother, I think.

A.What B.Who C. How D. Where

( ) 13. Mike’s brother is tall _____ brown hair.

A. and B. has C. with D. have

( ) 14. Nobody _____ what his name is.

A. know B. knowing C. knows D. are knowing

( ) 15. --What does he _______? --He is tall and has curly hair.

A. look B. like C. look like D. be like

( ) 16.--_______ your brother short? --No, he _______ of medium height.

A. Is; is B. Is; has C. Has; has D. Has; is

( ) 17. You must ________. It's bad for your health.

A. stop smoking B. stop to smoke C. stopped smoking D. stop and smoke

( ) 18. Let me have a look ________ your new schoolbag.

A. after B. like C. at D. the same

( ) 19. Peter stops ______ and goes to bed.

A .watch TV B. watching TV C. to watch TV

( ) 20. Ken looks ______ his father and he _______ taking photos with his father.

A. like, likes B. like, like C. likes, like

( ) 21. The girl _______ glasses is my friend.

A. has B. with C. in D. wears

( ) 22. — Your hair is very beautiful. —_________.

A. No, it isn’t B. Not at all C.Thank you D. You’re welcome

( ) 23. _______ you know Peter? --- He is very short.

A. Do B.Are C.Is D.Does

( ) 24. --- ________________ ---That's Mary.

A. What's she like? B. What does she do? C. Who's that? D. How old is she?

( ) 25. -Why do you like him? --- ________ he looks so serious.

A. So B. Because C. When D. How

( ) 26. My brother likes to ________ black shirts. A. in B. put on

C. put D. wear ( )

( ) 27. Ann is a ______ girl. We all like her.

A. bad B. unfriendly C. terrible D. nice

( ) 28. -What's she ________? -She is shy.

A. likes B. to like C. like D. liking

( ) 29. Mr. Li is the man ________ long hair.

A. with B. and C. from D. for

( ) 30. ---How old is his father? ---He is thirty ________.

A. years B. years old C. old D. year old

( ) 31. Han Mei often draws pictures ________ the blackboard.

A. in B. at C. on D. of

( ) 32. They can ________ a lot of Chinese.

A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak

( ) 33.Do you know the man _____ cool glasses?

A.in B.on C .with D.of

( ) 34.Look! This is Michael Jordan. He is very ____ and he plays basketball best.

A.big B.tall C.height

( ) 35.My bag is too _____. There are lots of books in it.

A.thin B.heavy B tall

( ) 36.Miss ______ has curly, ______ hair.

A. Brown, brown B. Brown, Brown C. brown, brown

( ) 37.Betty ______ gets up early and she is ______ late for school. Teachers all like her.

A.never, always B.never, often C.always, never

( ) 38.My teacher is very young. He ______ short, straight hair.

A. have B. has C. haves

( ) 39.My little brother likes ______ chess. He joins chess club.

A.plays B. play C. playing

( ) 40. “Stop _______.” said the teacher, “There is too much noise (噪音) here.”

A. talk B. to talk C. talking

( ) 41. ----Is he heavy? ----No, he is a little __________.

A. tall B. thin C. short D. quiet

( ) 42. —What_ ________ he ________ like? —He’s tall and thin.

A. is; look B. does; looks C. does; look D. is; looks

( ) 43. She always _________a red dress and white shoes.

A. put on B. puts on C. in D.wears

( ) 44. When you leave the room,please remember _________off(关掉)the light.

A. turning B. turns C. to turn D. turned

( ) 45. She’s a singer. She is good at_________.

A. singing B. to sing C. sings D. sang

( ) 46. He is new. Many people _________ him.

A. doesn’t know B. know C. don’t know D. knows

( ) 47. Mrs. Green has _______ hair.

A.black long beautiful B. beautiful black long C.beautiful long black D.a beautiful long black

( ) 48.Do you know the man _______ the funny glasses and ______ White T-shirt.

A.with ,in B.in ,with C.in ,in D.with ,with

( ) 49.Chen Ming, can you ______it in English again?

A.speak B.say C.tell D.talk

( ) 50.Does your brother have curly or straight hair?

A. Yes, he does B. He has long hair C. He has curly hair D. No, he doesn’t

二 按要求完成句子

1. He is tall and he is of m________ build.

2. He is not tall or short .He is of medium h__________.

3. Her hair is not straight, it’s c _________.

4. Michael Jordan is my f_________ basketball star.

5. I’m new here. Nobody k_________ me.

6. She is a pretty girl w________ blonde hair.

7. My father often w_________ glasses.

8. He is not heavy, he is t___________.

9. I have short s____________ black hair.

10. I enjoy_______ (read) books.

11. There are three _______ (people) in my family.

12. He _______ (look) young.

13. It’s time for class, stop _______ (talk)

14. Look! Lucy _______ (wear) a red sweater today,

15. He always wears _______. (glass)

16. Jack, don’t forget _________ (close) the door when you leave the room.

17. There are many _______ along the street, I can go _________ with you on the weekend. (shop)

18. Many children __________ in the river. Let’s go __________ with them now. (swim)

19. Who was the first_______ (人) to swim across the English Channel(英吉利海峡)? 对画线提问)

_________ _________ Mike __________ like?

21. Lily does her homework everyday (否定句)

Lily _________ _________ her homework every day.

22. Lucy and Lily look the same. ( 同义句)

Lucy _________ ___________ Lily.

23. I like reading and listening to music. (变否定句)

I ________ ________ reading _________ listening to music.

24. Kate comes from America. (变一般疑问句)

________ Kate ________ from America? 就划线部分提问)

________ ______does your father have lunch? 对划线部分提问)

_________ does she _________ _________?

26. He does his homework at night.(用now改写)

He _______ _______his homework now. 对划线部分提问)

_______ ______ your mother ________ ______?

28.Cathy is not tall or short. (改为同义句)

Cathy is _______ ________ ________.

29. Is that your aunt? (肯定回答)

______, it ______.

30. She wears funny glasses.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ she funny glasses?

31. What is your favourite book? (改为同义句)

What books do you ______ ______?

32. Is he doing his homework now? (用every day 改写句子)

_______ he his homework every day?

33. Sandy is watching TV at home now.

Sandy ________ _________ at home every day.

34.你哥哥长什么样? 他高个子,短直发.

---__________ does your brother ________ like?

---He is tall and has short________ ________.


She always _______ a pair of ________.


My T-shirt is ___________ ___________ large.


Amy isn’t fat or thin, she is __________ __________ __________.


My father likes ________ and _______chess.


Do you _______ the person ________ glasses?


She is very good-looking with __________ _________ _________hair.


They tell Joe______ the criminal _______ _______.


The police _______ the picture _______ newspaper and _______ _______ ________ _______ him.


Many people don’t always _______ _________the same way so they may ______ the same person ________.

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