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初三英语知识点 初三英语总复习资料

A.Germans,Frenchmans B.Germen,Frenchmans C.German, Frenchmen D.Germans,Frenchmen

7.June 1 is __. A.the Children's Day B.the Childrens' Day C.Children's Day D.Childrens' Day

8.__________people went out to see what had happened.

A.Thousands of B.Three thousand ofC.Thousand of D.Three thousands

9.We have been in the school for______.

A.three and a half month B.three and a half months

C.three month and a half D.three months and half

10.__________English is___________ useful language. A.A, an B./, a C.The, an D. A, /

11.John was given _______ orange bag for his birthday but ______ bag was lost just now.

A.an,a B.a,the C.the,a D.an,the

12.There's ________ old tree near _______ house. A.a,an B.an,the C.a,the D.the,a

13.There is ________ 800-metre-long road behind _________

hospital.A.an,an B.a,a C.an,the D.a,the


①人称代词: 主格: 单数I 、you 、he 、she 、it 复数 we 、you 、they

宾格: 单数me 、you 、him 、her 、it 复数us 、you 、them

⑵物主代词: 形容词性 my 、your 、his 、her 、its 、our 、your 、their

名词性 mine 、yours 、his 、hers 、its 、ours 、yours 、theirs

③反身代词: myself 、yourself 、himself 、herself 、itself 、ourselves 、yourselves 、themselves



如:⑴These books aren't ours. Ours are new. (这里ours=our books)

⑵This is not our room. Ours is over there. (这里ours=our room)

3."of+名词性物主代词"表示所属 如:a sister of his 他的一个妹妹 a friend of mine 我的一个朋友


如:You, she and I all enjoy the music.


enjoy oneself=have a good time (过得很愉快) by oneself=alone (单独、独自)

help oneself to… (随便吃/喝 些...) learn sth. by oneself =teach oneself sth. (自学) 练习题

1.-Whose trousers are these? -_____, I think.

A.They B.Their C.Theirs D.Them

2. Nobody taught___English. He taught____. A.him, himself B.his, himself C.him, by himself D.his, his

(二) 修饰可数名词 many few 表否定意义 a few 表肯定意义

修饰不数名词 much little 表否定意义 a little 表肯定意义 few 和 little 与 quite 或 only 连用时,常加不定冠词 a.如:There are quite a few new books in the library.=

用little, a little, few, a few填空:

1.I often stay at home because I have _______ friends here.

2.Jim,don't go and get some water. There is ______ water in the glass.

3.Though he learned French only ________ weeks. He can speak very well.

4.Lily had _________ bread because she was hungry yesterday.

(三)不定代词: something, anything, nothing.

当形容词修饰这三个不定代词时,常后置。 如:something new

There's __________ in today's newspaper. 中考题

A.important anything B.important something C.anything important D.something important

(四)另外,还要注意代词some, every, all, both, either, another

1.some(一些,某) 一般用于肯定句中 注:some有时也可用于表示请求的疑问句中。

any(任何) 多用于疑问句和否定句

① Will you give me some water? ② Would you like some meat?

③ May I ask some questions? ④ Could I have some apples?

2.every+单数名词 “每一个” 强调共性,作定语,形式上为单数。

each “每一个” 强调个性,作定语、主语、宾语和同位语,常与of连用。

如: Each student was asked to try again. Each of them has a nice skirt.

Every child likes playing games.

3.all “(全部)都” 表示三者或三者以上,作同位语时,一般放在连系、助动词之后,行为动词之前。 none “没有”表示三者或三者以上都不,后常跟介词of

如: We are all from Canada. = All of us are from Canada.

None of us is/are afraid of dogs.(单、复数均可)

4.both “(两者)都” ,作主语时,看作复数;作定语时,后跟名词复数。

either “两者中任何一个” ,作主语时,谓语用第三人称单数;作定语时,后跟名词单数。

neither “(两者)都不”,含有否定意义,用法同either。

如:①They both swim well. =Both of them swim well.

②There are trees on both sides of the street. = There are trees on either side of the street. ③Neither of us is going to Beijing next week.

④Neither answer is right.

5. another +单数名词, “另一个”

one … the other “一个……,另一个……”

the other +复数名词 = the others “其他的人或物” (指确定范围内剩下的全部) others “别人”

(五)疑问代词 5个“wh”, 即who, whose, whom, what, which

这里,which是同学们不易掌握的内容,其实,同学们只须记住,对作定语的内容提问,常用which. 例如: I like the red shirt. ___________ ___________ do you like ?



6.Can you come with us ?(we)

7.These skirts are hers . Yours are over there.(she)

8.Please take care of yourselves , boys and girls.(you)

9.I don't think this is my frisby, though it looks like mine .(I) 

10.Look at those books. Are they yours?(that)


11.Is there anything interesting in the newspaper? 

12.She asked us to help each other.

13.The old man can neither read nor write. 

14.Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. 

15.Please help yourself to some fish, Lucy.


16、A: The children played happily in the zoo yesterday.

B: The children enjoyed themselves in the zoo yesterday. 

17、A: He doesn't like mutton, and she doesn't, either.

B: Neither he nor she likes mutton.

18、A: All the American people don't like sandwiches.

B: Not all the American people like sandwiches. 

19、A: They don't often hear the twins sing the song in the school.

B: Neither of the twins is often heard to sing the song in the school.[ZK)]


(C)20、-Can you speak Chinese, Peter?-Yes, but only .

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few 

(A)21、-Do you like Jane's new skirt?

-Yes, very much. I'll ask mum to buy for me.

A. one B. it C. the other D. a 

(B)22、The color of her skirt is different from of mine.

A. one B. that C. it D. this 

(B)23、Students are usually interested in sports. Some like running, some like swimming. games.

A. the others B. others C. the other D. other 

(A)24、-I'll give the boys to eat.

-Oh, I know, fish and chips.

A. something English B. English somethingC. anything English D. English anything 

(D)25、-Shall I help you with the heavy box?

-No, thanks, I can do it .

A. me B. my C. mine D. myself 

(D)26、-What time shall we meet this afternoon,3:00 or 4:00?

-I don't mind. time is OK.

A. Neither B. Each C. Any D. Either 

(C)27、-My bag is full, what about ?

- is full, too.

A. you, Yours B. his, He C. yours, Mine D. hers, She 

(D)28、-I've had enough bread, Would you like ?

-No, thanks.

A. a few more B. one more C. another more D. some more 

(A)29、There are many trees on sides of the river.

A. both B. either C. neither D. each

(A)1、He has two bikes, one is new, is old.

A. the other B. other C. the others D. others 

(C)2、Without the sun, could grow in the world.

A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything 

(B)3、 of them is going to play basketball with you this afternoon.

A. All B. Neither C. Some D. Both 

(B)4、-Can you tell me what a panda looks like?

like ball

-Look! This is a picture of .

A. it B. one C. two D. some 

(B)5、There are not many pears here, but you can take if you want to.

A. few B. a few C. a little D. little

二、形容词 副词

大多数的形容词、副词都有三个等级: 原级:比较级: 比较...,更...一些 最高级: 最...

(A)1.构成:(规则情况)情况 变 化 方 法 例 词

单音节词和少数双音节词: 一般情况 加er, est clever-cleverer-cleverest

以字母e结尾 加r, st nice-nicer-nicest

重读闭音节、末尾只有一个辅音字母时 双写加er, est big-bigger-biggest

以辅音字母加y结尾 变y为i加er, est early-earlier-earliest

部分双音节和多音节词 在词前加more, most slowly-more slowly-most slowly

2.不规则变化,须熟记: good/well-better-best many/much-more-most far-farther-farthest bad/badly/ill-worse-worst little-less-least


1.as … as … 和...一样(中间用原级)

2.not as(so) … as 和...不一样(中间用原级)

3… than …. ..比...(用比较级)

4.有范围修饰的用最高级 如:in, of, among或用从句修饰的

eg.⑴Winter is the coldest season of the year. ⑵This is the best film that I have ever seen .

5.比较级+and+比较级 意为“越来越….eg: wetter and wetter more and more beautiful

6. The+比较级,the+比较级 越…...就越…... eg:The more, the better. 越多越好


2.可用much, a little, even, still等修饰比较级。

3.在比较级中为了避免重复,在than后常用one,that,those等词来替代前面提到过的名词。 eg:The weather here is warmer than that of Shanghai.


1.He is taller than any other student in his class. =He is the tallest (student)in his class.

2.This film is less interesting than that one. =This film isn't as interesting as that one.

=That film is more interesting than this one.


76.Thank you for (邀请)me to your birthday party.

77.This pair of jeans (适合) me well. It is not too large or too small.

78. As we all know Yao Ming is one of the famous basketball (运动员) in the world.

79.Tomorrow is my father’s (四十) birthday, I want to buy a present for him.

80. —Can you see many tall trees (在……之间) the hills?

—Yes, I can.

81. We can borrow books from the l_________ in our school.

82. The old photo often r__________ me of my childhood and my playmates.

83. Halloween is my favourite f__________.

84. I feel sad when I think of my cat’s d .

85. This computer is too e_________. I want to but a cheaper one.

86. The only (different) between the twins is that the elder brother is a bit taller.

87.The Great Wall attracts thousands of (visit ) every year.

88.Mr Wang runs his business very (success)

89.He was worried about the (safe)of his children.

90.The (high )you climb, the more beautiful view you will see.


Only Mother Love is true love. It gives everybody everything all 91 life. When you are still a baby, Mother takes good care of you as possible. In your walking hours she always holds you in her arms. When you are 92 , she stops her work right now to look after you day and night and 93 herself. When you are growing up day by day, she feels very happy. When you are 94 enough to school, Mother still looks after you all the time. On cold winter days, she always 95 you to put on more clothes. She always stands in the wind 96 for you back from school. When you hurry to leave home. for school with little breakfast, she always feels 97 about you at home, She usually knows about your 98 and spends much money on your school things. When you do well at school, you will see the brightest smile on her face.

Mother is 99 ready to give everything she has to her children, not to receive. What true love that is in the 100 ! We will remember Mother Love for ever!

91. 92. 93. 94. 95.

96. 97. 98. 99. 100.

四、词汇运用 (本大题共10分,每小题1分)

(A) 根据句意,在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出括号内所给单词的适当形式。

41. I haven’t_______________ believed what he said. (complete)

42. Daniel went abroad for further study in his________. Now he has returned home. (twenty)

43.Neither Jim nor Tom sings well .Who sings (bad) , Jim or Tom?

44.He has written down all the _________ names on a piece of paper. (direct)

45.Sick children should be treated with _________.(kind)


46.The teacher’s only _______________ (想法) was for his students.

47. I don’t think it is a good _____________ for you to work in this company.(建议)

48. A lot of countries are all interested in ____ Chinese medicine(进口)

49. I don’t like that my mother always ________ (比较) me with my classmates.

50. Many people are ___________ (反对) smoking in public places.


41. completely 42.twenties 43. worse 44. directors’ 45. kindness

46. thought 47. suggestion 48. importing 49. compares 50. against 答案:

76.inviting 77. fits 78. players 79.fortieth 80. between

81.library 82.reminds 83.festival 84.death 85.expensive

86.difference 87.visitors 88. successfully 89. safety 90. higher 91 .her 92. ill 93. forgets 94 .old 95. tells

96. waiting 97. worried 98. study 99 .always 100. world

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