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Unit 3 Topic 3


( ) 1. — Please help _________ to some apples, kids. — Thank you.

A. you B. yourself C. yourselves D. your

( ) 2. — I’d like an apple. _________ — I’d like a banana.

A. Would you like it? B. What about you?

C. How is a banana? D. Here you are.

( ) 3. — What do you have _________ breakfast? — I like an egg and some milk.

A. at B. in C. for D. to

( ) 4. — May I take your order? — _________

A. Let me see. B. What about you? C. That’s fine. D. Yes, I am.

( ) 5. May I have some _________? I’m thirsty(渴了) now.

A. bread B. hamburgers C. rice D. juice

( ) 6. — What would you like to drink? — Milk for _________, please.

A. I B. me C. mine D. myself

( ) 7. I like my school. Our teachers are all _________ to us.

A. kind B. kinds C. friend D. glad

( ) 8. — I often play with my classmates after school. — _________

A. I do, too. B. Me, too. C. Me, either. D. I also do.

( ) 9. Would you like _________ chicken? A. one B. two C. some D. three

( ) 10. — Why not _____some water? — _________

A. have…Yes, I do. B. have…Good idea.

C. to have…That’s all right. D. to have… No, I don’t like it.



A:Good evening, kids. B:

C: A:Would you like something to drink? B:Mm. C:No. B:Then why not drink some orange juice? C: Let’s drink some orange juice.

11. _________ 12. _________ 13. _________ 14. _________ 15. _________ Ⅲ.完形填空。(10分)

Hello, girls and boys. My name is David, I’m from Canada. I’m in the U.S.A. now. I like So I often eat a lot food. I have breakfast at home. breakfast, I eat eggs and apples. I milk at all. I have no time to go home for lunch. The lunch is good. I can have foods for lunch. I eat chicken, tomatoes(西红柿) and oranges. Sometimes(有时) I eat salad(色拉) and hamburgers. I have dinner at home my father and mother. Sometimes(有时) we with our friends. We fish, vegetables and fruits(水果).What you? Please tell me.

( ) 16. A. the food B. the drink C. the people D. the students

( ) 17. A. for B. of C. from D. /

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( ) 18. A. As ( ) 19. A. like ( ) 20. A. at home ( ) 21. A. the same ( ) 22. A. to ( ) 23. A. eating ( ) 24. A. have ( ) 25. A. are Ⅳ.阅读理解。(30分)

B. Have

B. not like B. in our school B. same B. and B. eat out B. to eat B. for C. On

C. don’t like C. in the home C. different C. for C. have C. having C. can A

D. For

D. likes D. in school D. the different D. with D. having D. eating D. about

Dear Joan,

How are you? I’m in Beijing now. I study at Yu Lin High School. I like Beijing very much, and I have two good friends here. They are Tom and Wei Hua. Tom is from Canada and Wei Hua is from China. We are in the same class. They often help me with my Chinese. I can speak a little Chinese now. The teachers are kind to me. I like Chinese food here, like Guangdong food, Sichuan food, and Hu’nan food. They are nice. Sometimes we go out to eat. Jiaozi is my favorite food. I often have jiaozi for lunch and have noodles for supper. I have milk and bread for breakfast. What about you?

Yours, Lily

( ) 26. Where is Lily now?

A. In Beijing. B. In Canada. C. In the U.S.A. D. In England.

( ) 27. Where is Wei Hua from?

A. the U.S.A. B. China. C. Japan. D. Shanghai.

( ) 28. Can Lily speak Chinese?

A. Yes, she can. B. No, she can’t. C. Yes, but a little. D. No, she can’t speak it at all.

( ) 29. What’s Lily’s favorite food?

A. Bread. B. Jiaozi. C. Noodles. D. Chicken.

( ) 30. What does Lily have for lunch?

A. Noodles. B. Jiaozi. C. Milk. D. Bread.


In many English homes, people eat four meals(餐) a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. People have breakfast at any time(时间) from seven to nine(从7点至9点) in the morning. They eat porridge(粥), eggs or bread. English people drink tea or milk at breakfast, too.Lunch comes at about 13:00.Afternoon tea(下午茶) is from 16:00 to 17:00. And dinner is at about 19:30. They have soup(汤), then they have meat(肉) or fish with vegetables. After that, they eat something different, like bananas, apples or oranges. But not all English people eat like that, some of them have their dinner at noon(中午). 根据短文内容选择正确答案。

( ) 31. Many English people have __________ meals a day.

A. two B. three C. four

( ) 32. Usually(通常), people in England don’t have __________ for their breakfast.

A. porridge B. eggs C. soup

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( ) 33. People in England have lunch __________.

A. at any time B. at twelve C. at about 13:00 in the afternoon

( ) 34. Usually, people in England have __________ for their dinner.

A. bananas, apples, or oranges

B. soup, bananas, or meat

C. soup, meat or fish with vegetables

( ) 35. In some English homes, dinner comes __________.

A. at noon B. at night C. in the morning



We both like eggs for breakfast. Ray likes oranges for breakfast, but I don’t. We like hamburgers for lunch. I like French fries(炸薯条), but Ray doesn’t. We like chicken for dinner very much. We like salad(沙拉), too. Ray likes ice cream(冰淇淋) for dessert(甜


41. The worker doesn’t go home at noon, and he has ______ in the office.

42. I _______ a glass of milk every morning.

43. I often eat some _______ for dinner, and I don’t like meat.

44. May I take your ?

45. Help ____________ to some chicken, kids.

(B) 根据句意及括号内所给英文或中文提示,完成句子。

46.The old man has many ________(friend) here, they ______ ______ ____ (对…友好)him.

47.I would like two _______(glass) of milk.

48.—Would you like something ________(eat)?

49. What ____you usually _______ _______ _______?(早餐你通常吃什么)

50. I’d like_________(have) an egg and some fish for dinner.


I’m David. now I’m in Chongqing. Because(因为) my parents work here and I study in a school in Chongqing. All the teachers in my school are very to me. I can English and some Chinese. I have breakfast at home. I lunch at school. I have rice and dinner. favorite food is chicken and fish. I’d like to visit the Great Wall. I am glad ________ in China.

51. _________ 52. _________ 53. _________ 54. _________ 55. _________

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