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English Fast Reading Competition

Shool:_____________ Class:_____________ Name:_______________ Mark:_______

( One )

Ben and Jim are twin brothers. They are nine. They are pupils. They study in Yuxin Primary School. They are in the same class. Everyday they go to school and come back together. Their teacher, Mrs. Green, says to the pupils,“please write a composition ?My Mother?.”

Jim is a good boy. He writes the composition at home. But Ben plays football with his friends. The next day Mrs. Green says to the class:“I read your compositions today. But two of yours are just the same. ” Ben stands up and says:“Jim and I are twins. We have the same mother. ” 用T或F快速判断:(每小题2分)

( ) 1. They are twins, so they have the same mother.

( ) 2. They are brothers so they have the same parents.

( ) 3. They are twins, so they are good pupils.

( ) 4. They have the same mother, so their compositions are the same.

( ) 5. Ben is elder than Jim, and Jim is stronger than Ben.


1. Jim and Ben are________.

2. Jim and Ben are in____________________ Primary School.

3. The title of the composition is “___________________“.

4._____________is a good student, he writes the composition.

5. Ben does not _________________with his friends.

( Two )

A rich man wants to give his mother a birthday present, but what will be the best one? One day he finds a amazing bird in the market, it can talk in twelve languages and sing ten famous operas. Immediately he buys the bird and sends it to his mother. It costs him $ 50,000.

The next day he phones to his mother: “What do you think of the bird, mother?”

“Oh ,it?s very delicious.” His mother answers.


( ) 1. The rich man sends his mother a bird for birthday.

( ) 2. The bird is very clever.

( ) 3. The bird can sing and dance.

( ) 4. The bird is very expensive.

( ) 5. The rich man?s mother eats the bird.


( ) 1.The rich man sends __________ a birthday present.

A: his wife B: his mother C: the bird

( ) 2. The bird can __________.

A: talk in twelve languages B: sing two famous operas C: dance

( ) 3. The bird is very________.


A: cheap B: cute C: expensive

( ) 4. His mother thinks ___________.

A: the bird is clever B: the bird is delicious C: the bird is very funny

( ) 5. The rich man paid _________for the bird.

A: 50,000 B: 5,000 C: 500

( Three )

Mr. White was the owner of a small newspaper .He always tried to bring his readers the latest news.

One day, he received an excited telephone call from someone. Mr. White was told that there was a sudden flood somewhere in the north and several people had disappeared .Mr. White quickly wrote it down .That evening the story was printed in his newspaper .Mr. White was glad to see that no other paper had known the news.

But the next day ,another person telephoned him and told him he was tricked .So in the next day?s paper he wrote :“We were the first and only newspaper to report yesterday that the village in the northern mountain was caught in a flood .Today we are proud to tell you that we again the first newspaper to bring our readers the news that yesterday?s story was not true.”.


( ) 1. At first Mr. White thought_____________.

A .the news the first telephone caller told him to be false

B .that the first telephone caller was telling him the truth

C .what the first telephone caller told him was wrong

D .that he himself was the last person to hear the news

( ) 2.Mr White was glad_________.

A .to see other people had known the news

B .that no other paper had printed his article

C .that people liked his newspaper very much

D .because no other paper but his had printed the news

( ) 3.It was clear that______________.

A .Mr. White was fooled

B .the telephone caller was tricked

C .the readers liked to read the latest news

D .his newspaper was full of jokes.

( ) 4.Why did Mr. White make statement in the next day?s newspaper? Because________.

A .he felt it necessary to do so

B .he wanted to bring his readers the latest news

C .he thought himself to be tricked

D .he wanted to cheat his readers

( ) 5.From the passage above ,we can learn that______________.

A .Mr. White?s newspaper was the best

B .Mr. White was fit for his job

C .Mr. White always printed the latest news

D .Mr. White was unfit for his work


( Four )

Margie and Paul were very close friends, but there were times they didn?t get along at all. Paul was a wonderful man, but there were certain things about him that drove Margie unhappy. He had a large sense of humor (幽默), but he was badly conceited (自高自大) and often drunk too much. Margie was not an easy person to get along with, either. She was very critical, self-centered (自私自利的), and hard to please.

One night after dinner, Margie was so tired of Paul. She turned to him and said, “You know, Paul, frankly (坦白地), if you were my husband I would poison your coffee.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, Margie,” he replied.” If you were my wife, I?d drink it.”


( ) 1. Though Paul was remarkable and admirable, yet he was ________.

(A).extremely polite (B).too proud

(C).sweet-tempered (D).near-sighted

( ) 2. Margie was lady of ________.

(A).god temper (脾气) (B).quick temper

(C).sense of humor (D).politeness

( ) 3. Margie was ________ in herself and her own affairs.

(A).tired very much (B).very critical

(C).afraid indeed (D).interested chiefly

( ) 4. Margie said if she were married to Paul , she would ________.

(A).cool coffee for him (B).be a good wife

(C).be strict with him (D).let him go to heaven

( ) 5. When Paul heard Margie say “If you were my husband …”he ____.

(A).was too excited to speak (B).was wild with joy

(C).expressed the same feeling to her. (D).was willing to drink coffee

( Five )

There was ice on the road ,and the doctor?s car hit a tree and turned over three times .To his surprise he was not hurt ,He got out of the car and walked to the nearest house .He wanted to telephone the garage for help .The door was opened by one of his patients.

“Oh ,doctor ,”she said , “I have only just telephone you ,You must have a very fast car .You have got here very quickly indeed .There has been a very bad accident on the road outside .I saw it through the window .I am sure the driver will need your help.”


( ) 1.Where was the doctor going in his car ?

A .We don?t know B .To a patient?s home.

C .To a garage. D .To his own home

( ) 2.Which of the following was the cause of the accident?

A .Careless driving B .Tree had fallen across the road

C.A slippery road D .There was a thick pig

( ) 3.The doctor went to the house because

A .he knew out of his patients lived there B .he had received a call to there.

C .he wanted to use the telephone . D .he was injured and could walk no further.

( ) 4.Why did the woman patient telephone the doctor?


A .She needed medical treatment B .She believed somebody else needed a doctor.

C .To ask how quickly the doctor could come.

D .To ask whether the doctor was coming on his regular visit.

( ) 5.How did the woman feed on opening the doctor and seeing the doctor?

A .She had been expected the doctor, but was surprised that he had come so quickly.

B .She had not expected the doctor and wondered why he had come.

C .She felt glad that the doctor was not hurt in the accident.

D .She was alarmed at seeing the doctor in a bad state after the accident

( Six )

The changing times have brought about a change in the life of 50-year-old Li Rusong ,who was a primary school teacher for eight years and a middle president for almost 20 years.

Last March ,Li was transferred by the district government to work as a general director of a company newly set up in Chaoyang District .Li could not sleep well for several nights thinking about the sudden change .The decision had been made ,and he had to work in a totally new field .What gave him solace in the sudden change was that he could always feel proud of what he had done in 20 year as a school president.

His half year of practice in the company has made him realize the importance of education even more than before . “I strongly feel that our country can never really develop without knowledge or educated people ,”Li said .He said he would support education and the school ,and if possible ,he would return to work in the school.


( ) 1.When he was about_____,Li Rusong began to teach at a primary school.

A.22 B.20 C.28 D.50

( ) 2.Why do you suppose he couldn?t sleep well for several nights ?Perhaps________

A .he would get his pay raised in the new job

B .he didn?t want to work in the company

C .he worried about whether he could do the new job well

D .it would be hard for him to leave the school suddenly where he worked for 20 years.

( ) 3.After half a year?s work in business ,he realized much better____________.

A .education would need money B .the importance of education

C .more educated people would be needed D .the four modernizations need knowledge

( ) 4.Mr Li is ___________.

A .loyal to the educational cause B .a man who has done a great deal in the education field

C .also a man full of new ideas D .all of above

( ) 5.Which of the following titles best express the passage ?

A .A school President B .General Director of a Company

C.From education to Business D.A Loyal fighter in Educational field


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