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( )1. A. A-U-N-T B. He’s a son. C. I’m my parents’ son.. ( )2. A. Yes, she is. B. Yes, he is. C. No, I’m not.

( )3. A. Yes, he is B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, and those are her friends. ( )4. A. It’s a photo. B. Yes, it’s a ring. C. She’s my sister. ( )5. A. Thanks. B. Excuse me. C. Good day.


( )6. Mike is Bob’s _____. A. friend B. cousin C. father ( )7. The boy is _____ brother. A. Dave’s B. Alan’s C. Tom’s ( )8. This is Helen’s _____. A. eraser B. picture C. pen ( )9. Susan is Mary’s_____. A. daughter B. sister C. mother ( )10. What color is Dave’s quilt? A. Red B. Orange C. Green Ⅲ. 听长对话,选择正确答案。 每段对话读两遍。

听一段对话,回答第11-12小题。你将有10秒钟的时间阅读下面的内容。 ( )11. Who is Jim’s father?

A. Dave Brown B. Edward Brown C. Tom Brown ( )12. Who is Mary?

A. Jim’s sister B. Jim’s aunt C. Jim’s mother


( )13. The man in the middle is Emma’s ______. A. father B. brother C. uncle ( )14. The girl is Emma’s ______. A. aunt B. sister C. cousin ( )15. The man behind Emma is her ______. A. grandfather B. father C. uncle


Hello! This is Tom’s 16.__________ tree. His father is Mr. Read and 17.___________ mother is Mrs. Read. Those are his 18.__________. Alice is his 19.____________. Tim is Tom’s uncle and aunt’s 20._________. He’s Tom’s cousin.

笔试部分 (80分)

V. 单项选择(每小题1分,共20分)

( )1. Tina想给爸爸买一件中号的T恤,他应该选择______型号的。 A. S B. XL C. M D. L

( )2. 下列字母中含有相同因素的一组是________. A. M, K B. B, G C. J, G D. H, G ( )3. ——What’s this? ——______ apple.

A. It’s a B. This is an C. It’s an D. It’s ( )4.. ----Who’s that girl? ----________.

A. Yes, it’s Helen. B. No, it’s not Nancy. C. It’s a key. D. She’s Kate.

( )5. .---- What’s your name? ----_____________.

A. He’s Leo Read. B. My name’s Michael. C. That’s John. D. Yes, it’s Paula. ( )6. . ----What’s this, Frank? -----________.

A. It’s a “f ”. B. It’s an “f ”. C. This is a “f ” . D. This is “f ”. ( )7.----______ your teacher? ---She is fine.

A. How are B. How is C. How old is D. What’s

( )8.一What color is her jacket? 一It’s _______. It’s _________ jacket.

A.an orange; an orange B.orange; a orange C.orange; the orange D. orange; an orange ( ) 9. — — It’s a backpack.

A. What color is it? B. How are you? C. What’s this in English? D. Is this your backpack ( ) 10. His name is Jim Smith. Smith is his name.

A. English B. first C. last D. last ( )11. ---What’s that? ---It’s ____ pen. ______ pen is yellow. A. a; The B. an; The C. a; an D. An; a

( )12. Our English teacher is Jenny Miller. We can call her __________.

A. Mr. Miller B. Ms. Jenny C. Ms. Miller D. Ms. Kate Miller ( )13. ----Is Gao Feng your brother? ----Yes, ___________. A. it is. B. he’s C. he isn’t D. he is ( ) 14. _________ is a nice girl. _________ name is Lucy.

A. She; Her B. He; He’s C. It; It’s D. Her; She’s ( ) 15. ----Is ______________his pencil in the box?---Yes, it is. A. that B. her C. what D. it’s

( ) 16. -----What is your__________?-----_______ 8978798732

A. telephone; It’s B. number; It C. phone number; It’s D. number phone; It’s ( ) 17. _____, Miss Gao. What's this in English?

A. Sorry B. All right C. Excuse me D. That's all right. ( ) 18. Look! This is a photo ________ family. A. of I B. in my C. of my D. of mine

( ) 19. _______ my sister, Jane and _______ my parents.

A. She’s ; that’s B. This is; those are C. This is; that’s D. That is; these is ( ) 20. ________ two girls __________ the next picture.

A. This; is in B. These; are of C. These; are in D. That; are VI. 英汉词组互译。(10分)

1、 一床橙色的被子__________________ 6.、NBA 2、 这两个女孩_______________________ 7、UN 3、 我的一张全家福 8、Have a good day! 4、 她的朋友们 9、 5、 在第一幅照片中___________________ 10、 VII. 句型转换。(每空一词,缩写词算一个,共5分) 1、His name is Alan. (改为同义句) _________ _________ Alan.

2、对划线部分提问) ________ ________ phone number? 3、She is Mary Miller.(改为一般疑问句) ________ ________ Mary Miller? 4、Are those your friends?(作否定回答) _______, they _______.

5、对划线部分提问) ________ ________ he?

VIII. 词汇。(20分)

A. 用所给单词的适当形式填空,每次限用一次。

1. Mr. Li, this _______ my mom.

2. Ms. Green _________ a good friend. 3. What color is _________ quilt? 4. What’s this _______ English? 5. Nice ___________ you.

6. ---Please ________ “orange”. --- O-R-A-N-G-E.

7. I want to _________ thanks to Eric.

English ________. She is very _______. We are ________ the same school. We always _________ in the morning,

and go

to school together. She likes Chinese. She can _________ “How are you ” in Chinese. Her parents are in England now. ________ are teachers. C.根据汉语意思完成句子。

1. ____________ (那些) are some pens.

2. My friend is in __________ (中国). 3. She is a girl and her l_____ name is Smith.

4. What’s your t_________ number?

5. This is my f_________ photo. IX. 阅读理解: 阅读下列短文,从每小题所给的选项中,选出最佳答案。(共10小题,共10分) A

根据图示,选择最佳答案. 1.Peter’s last name is ______.

A. Brown B. Green C. Smith D. Barry

2.There are _____ people in Peter’s family.

A. seven B. eight C. nine D. ten 3. Rick is Peter’s ______.

A. uncle B. aunt C. father D. brother 4. Frank is Mary’s ______.

A. brother B. son C. daughter D. father 5. Alice’s cousin is ____.

A. Peter B. Dale C. Cindy D. Helen


Look! I’m Mike. This is a pencil box. It’s orange. It’s my pencil box. What’s in the pencil box? A ruler is in the pencil box. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It is not my pencil. Look! That girl is Lily. It is her pencil. That boy is Jim. I found his green pen in the lost and found case. I call Jim at 7890006. It is his telephone number. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案: 6. The pencil box is _______.

A. orange B. blue C. green D. red 7. I am Mike. That is not my _______.

A. pencil B. pencil box C. ruler D. pencil case 8. ________ has a pencil.

A. Mike B. Lily C. Jim D. Tim 9. ________ found the pen in the lost and found case.

A. Mike B. Lily C. Jim D. Tim 10. The telephone number 789-0006 is ________.

A. Mike’s B. Lily’s C. Jim’s D. Tim’s X. 阅读表达:阅读短文,根据短文内容完成任务。(共5分)

Hi, my name is Jack Smith. I have three photos of my family. My grandparents are in the first photo. Dale Smith is my grandfather and my grandmother is Linda Smith. Who is the man in the next What’s her name? Her name is Alice. She is a lovely girl. We all love her. 1. 完成句子,每空词数不限。(2分) 1).My grandparents’ last name is ______. 2).The man in the next photo is _______. 2. 将划线部分译成汉语。(2分)

__________________________________________ 3. 回答问题。(1分)

Who are in the first photo?

__________________________________________ XI.书面表达(共10分)

假如你是王蕾,请以My Family为题目写一篇作文, 根据下列表格信息介绍你的家人。

My family

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