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《目标》M1M2答案七年级上册 人教版

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《目标》M1 U1
一. 1. your teacher 2. our friend 3. Class 4 Grade 7 4. 你呢? 5. 见到你很高兴 6. 我来自于英国 7. 你也是英国人吗? 三. 1. What’s your name? 2. Nice to meet you, too. 3. I’m 12 years old. 4. No, I’m not. 5. Yes, I am.

四. (一) 1. is 2. is 3. are 4. are 5. am 6. is 7. is 8. are 四. (二) 1. He is 12 years old. 2. She is my friend. 3. Nice to meet you. Where are you from? 4. He is from England.

《目标》M1 U2
一. 1. 中国的首都 2. 一个小城市 3. 名字 4. 姓 5. 王辉是我的好朋友,但他不在我的班里。 6.很高兴见到你们所有人。 二. 1. Daming’s English name is David. 2. Daming is from Beijing. 3. Lingling is Daming’s friend. 4. Daming is twelve years old. 5. Wanghui is from Shanghai. 6. Tony is from England.

四.(一) 1. My friend is 14 years old. 2. Tom and I are in Class 2. 3. Daming isn’t from Shanghai. 4. Is Helen from America? (二) 1. He is from America. 2. He is a teacher. 3. No, he isn’t. 4. She is a Chinese teacher.

一.BCCABCAA 《目标》M1综合 二. 1. I am your teacher. 2. She is my friend. 3. My name is Li Daming. 4. He is from Shanghai. 5. Her English name is Lucy. 6. –Are you from America? --No, I’m not. 7. –Are they your good friend? --Yes, they are. 8. –What class is Wang Dong in? --He is in Class Three.


《目标》M2 U1
一. 1. on the left 2. on the right 3. next to 4. in front of 5.your parents 6.her aunt 7.托尼的家庭 8.我爸爸的姐姐(妹妹) 二. 1. They are talking about Daming’s family. 2. Tony’s family is big. 3. Linda is Tony’s sister. 4. They are on the left in the photo. 5. Wanghui is from Shanghai. 6. Tony has two cousins.

三. 1. Is this your family? 2. Are they your parents? 3. Who is this 4. No, she isn’t. 5. Yes, they are. 四. 1. There are four people 2. This is a photo 3. are on the left 4. Those are my cousins 5. Who is that girl

《目标》M2 U2
一. 1. a bus driver 2. an English teacher 3. a manager of a hotel 4. at a school 5. at a police station 6.Tony’s father 7.托尼的家庭 8.美国的老师们 二. 1. an actor 2. at a theatre 3. English 4. Daming’s mother and Lingling’s mother are nurses. 5. There are two Chinese students in the text.

四. 1. is a doctor / at a hospital 2. Is that your aunt 3. Daming’s father is a policeman/ at a police station 4. These are Lingling’s parents 5. Those are my aunt’s son and daughter

一. ABBCC ACA 二. 1. Is this 2. Are those 3. My mother’s parents are on the left 4. Lingling’s mother is a nurse 5. That’s Daming’s uncle, and he is a bus driver 四. BCCBC ABBCA

五. 1. Maria is from Canada. 2. She is 13 years old. 3. Her parents are teachers. 4. She likes reading. 5. There are 5 people in Maria’s family.

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