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目标检测答案-M5七年级上册 英语

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一. 1. in the morning 2. on Friday 3. on Monday afternoon 4. at seven o’clock 5. have English 6.talk with 7.my favourite subject 8.be good for

《目标》M5 U1

二. 1. At twenty past ten. 2. No, they don’t. 3. Betty’s favourite subject is history because she is good at it.

三. 1. What day is it today? 2. What are your lessons? 3. What’s your favourite subject? 4. What time is it now? 四. 1.What lessons do you have? 2. When is 3. Do you have two lessons 4. we don’t have music 5. talk with his friends

《目标》M5 U2
一. 1. on weekdays 2. start work 3. start lessons 4. have a break 5. go to bed 6.do one’s homework 7. 在食堂 8. 紧邻,在…旁边 二. 1. He is thirteen. 2. No, it isn’t. 3. They go to the playground and play football. 4. They have two lessons. 5. They go home at half past three.

四. 1. have dinner 2. play football 3. do my homework 4. watch TV 5. drink juice or water 6. is next to

一. CABB CBAC 二. 1. at half past four 2. go to the park 3. do the housework 4. play games 5. don’t have 三. DCAB

四. BCBCA 五. 1. Yes, they do. 2. Students can learn many things and it helps us know more. At the same time, we make many good friends. 3. School life is important in everybody’s success. 4. Small, Sweet and Simple. 5. The writer thinks his/ her school was the best, is the best and will always be the best.

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