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选择题Ⅰ. 基础选择(15分):

( ) 1.-Thank you very much. -_________

A. Welcome! B. You are welcome C. Sure D. Of course

( )2.These apples are _____. _____ are in _____ bag.

A. my. You, You B. My, Yours, your C. mine, Your, Yours D. mine, Yours, your

( )3.Would you like _____ your mother cook supper?

A. helping B. to help C. help D. helping

( )4.Let Tom _____ right away.

A. go home B. to go home C. goes home D. goes to home

( )5.My friend Billy lives _______ China.

A. with B. from C. under D. in

( )6.I have a pet, ______ name is Polly.

A. it’s B. it C. its D. My

( )7.-_______ ? -He’s a doctor.

A . What is his name B. What does he look like

C. What does he do D. What does he like

( )8.We would like some meat and fruit _____ lunch.

A. to B. in C. of D. for

( )9.Would you please _____ her _____ me back?

A. ask, to call B. ask, call C. to ask, call D. to ask, to call

( )10.-___________________.-Nice to see you, too.

A. Nice to see you. B. How are you?

C. How do you do! D. See you later

( )11. A: Thank you, Kangkang. B:___________ .

A. Not at all. B. Of course. C. I think so. D . Don't say that

( )12.-Michael works _______ a farm. His sister works ____ a factory.

A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on, in

( )13.-____the man? -He is Kate’s father.

A. What’s.B. Who’s C.Whose’sD.How’s

( )14.-What color is it? -It’sorange. It’sorange pen.

A. a, an B.an, an C. an,×D. ×, an

( )15.Linda’s aunt and uncle _______ workers.

A. are all B. are both C. both are D. is both


A: What’s your name?B: 1_________ name’s Jenny.

A: 2_________ Lucy. 3__________ are you? B: I’m 4________ .

A: Is 5_________ your brother? B: Yes.6 _________name is Ben.

A: Do you like 7__________ tennis? B: Yes, that sounds8___________ .

A: Do you 9___________ a tennis racket(网球拍)? B: No, I don’t. I only have a computer game. A: Well. Let’s 10 ___________--computer games.

( ) 1. A. My B. I C. Your D. Her

( ) 2. A. My name B. I’m C. I D. She’s

( )3. A. What B. Where C. Who D. How

( )4. A. good B. small C. fine D. lost

( )5. A. she B. this C. this girl D. him

( )6. A. His B. Her C. My D. its

( )7. A. play B. plays C. to play D. to plays

( )8. A. bad B. difficult C. boring D. interesting

( ) 9. A. like B. have C. likes D. has

( )10. A. plays B. to play C. play D. Playing


(A) I am Mary. I am English. I am fourteen. I am a middle school student. I am at Beijing No. 5Middle School. I have a good friend in our school. Her name is Kate. She is fourteen, too. She is American. We are in the same grade, but we are not in the same class. I am in Class Two, and she is in Class Six. We have the same Chinese teacher. Her name is Miss Wang. She is a good teacher. We all like her. Kate’s parents are English teachers in China. She has a brother. His name is Bob. He is eleven. He is a student, too.

1.Kate is Mary’s good ________.

A.student B. friend C.teacher D.classmate

2. Mary and Kate are in the _____ school.

A.different B.No.3 C.same D.high

3. Kate is _________girl.

A.English B.Chinese C. Japanese D.American

4.Miss Wang is their _____ teacher.

A.Chinese B.Japanese C.English D.American

5.There are ________ people in Kate’s family.

A.two B.three C.four D.five

(B) 72 Newton Drive London SW6 3rd October Dear David, How are you? I’m fine. I’m in London,at the International(国际的)School of English. I’m in Class 3 with eight students. They’re from different countries—Spain(西班牙), Japan, Argentina(阿根廷), Switzerland 瑞士)and Thailand(泰国). Our teacher’s name is Henry Briscall. He’s very nice. He’s a very good teacher. I’m living with an English family. Mr and Mrs Brown have three children. Thomas is fourteen, Catherine is twelve, and Andrew is seven. They are all very friendly, but it isn’t easy tounderstand(懂) them! London is very big and very interesting. The weather is good—cold but sunny—and the parks are beautiful! Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James’Park are all in the city centre(中心). English food is OK, but the coffee is horrible(可怕)! Write to me soon. Love, Paul 根据上文内容选出正确答案。

( )6. The letter is from .

A. David B. Paul C. Paula’s classmate D. Not A, B or C

( )7. The writer’s (作者的) class has .

A. many students B. nine students C. eight students D. eight girls

( )8. The writer lives (住) .

A. at school B. in a hotel C. with her classmates D. at Mr Brown’s home

( )9. Hyde Park is .

A. in a school B. in London C. in Japan D. small

( )10. The letter is NOT about . A. the writer’s classmates B. the writer’s teacher

C. the writer’s dinner D. London

非选择Ⅳ. 按要求改写句子(10分)

1.Lucy has a friend.

(改为一般疑问句)_______Lucy ________ a friend?

2. I’d like some meat.(就划线部分提问) _______ ______ _______ like?

3. Does he live in England?(肯定回答) _______, ______ _______.

4. He likes his pet very much.(改为否定句)He _________ ________his pet ______ _______.

5.It's a new bus. (改为复数形式) _________ new__________?

Ⅴ.词形变换:选择方框里的词,并用其适当形式填空,每词只用一次。(10分) box farm drive China glass watch sing she knife class

1. Mary has two red___ ___. 2. This pen isn’t yours. I think it’s _________.

3. Mr Wang is a good . He works on a farm . 4. How many does she have every day ?

5. Miss Li is a teacher. He teaches us Chinese . 6.Do you have any ____ in your school bag?

7.I often have two ____ of milk and some bread for breakfast. 8. Mr Wang often TV on Saturday evening .

9. Wanglin's mother is a doctor and his father is a . 10. I 'd like some songs with you.


Jack: Can I (1)_______ (2)___________? Woman: Yes, please. I want some football socks. Jack: (3)______ (4)_______do you want? Woman:White. How much(5)_______ (6)_______? Jack: Ten yuan . Woman: I will take (7)_________. Jack: (8)________you(9)_____________. Woman: (10)_________you very much. Jack: You are welcome.


Mr. White____(be) an English man. He teaches English. His English class is very interesting. He ____(like) us and we like him, too. Mr. White _____(have) two children—Tom and Lucy. Tom ____(be) seven and _____(he) sister Lucy is four. Tom _____(go) to school but Lucy _____(not go) to school . Mr. White likes to wear a T-shirt and jeans(牛仔裤). Football is _____(he)favorite sport. After school we have a basketball match. Mr. White often _____(watch) and joins (加入) us. He ______(play) basketball just (只是) for fun.


下面是王海的作息时间表,根据他的时间表写一段小短文,请以第三人称“he”(友情提示:别忘了动词+s )介绍王海的一天。(15分)

Time Work 6:00 起床6:10 跑步6:30 读英语7:00 吃早餐7:30 上学8:00--12:00 上四节课(have.. from.. to.. ) 4:00p.m. 回家6:00p.m. 吃晚饭7:00p.m. 看电视或做作业10:00p.m. 睡觉



Ⅰ完形填空(10分)1-5 ABDCB 6-10 ACDBC Ⅲ.阅读理解(20分):(A) 1-5 BCDAB (B) 6-10 BCDBB Ⅳ. 按要求改写句子

1.Does have 2.What would you 3.Yes,he does 4.doesn't......at all 5.They're buses

Ⅴ.词形变换:1. boxes 2. hers 3. farmer 4. classes 5. Chinese 6.knives 7. glasses8. watches 9. driver 10. to sing

Ⅵ.口语交际:1.help 2.you 3.What 4.color 5.they 6.are 7.them 8.here 9.are 10.Thank Ⅶ.综合填空:

1.is 2. likes 3. has 4. is 5. His

6. goes 7. doesn't go. 8. his 9.watches 10.plays


Wanghai gets up at 6:00. He runs at 6:10. He reads English at 6:30. He eats / has breakfast at 7:00.He goes to school at 7:30.He has four classes from 8:00 to 12:00.He goes / gets home at 4:00 pm. He eats / has dinner at 6:00 pm. He watches TV or does his homework at 7:00pm.He goes to bed at 10:00pm.

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